She was the one for me, and always would be.

Hell, she was such a good person that she’d fought for Mackie to be taken to a mental health facility to help him move on with life. To help him see that what he had with Coach Casper was bad.

And as of a few weeks ago when I had checked on him, he’d been doing well.

Not that I particularly cared whether he was or not. But Raleigh did.

As for Coach Casper? Well, she’d lost her teacher’s certification, was now a registered sex offender, and was spending about eight years in jail for her crimes.

“I don’t think any of us would be here without Mr. and Mrs. McDuff. So thanks to the McDuffs for getting us to where we are today!”

The newest graduating class of Gun Barrel High cheered.

We turned to each other and grinned. Them Morgan gave me a high-five.

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