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Hollow (The Hollow Duet #1)

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D.D. Prince

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The headless horseman of lore in Drowsy Hollow WILL capture Isabella Krane.
Where will he take her and what will he do with her when he gets her there?
Oh yes. This goes there.

*Dark? Yes!
*Dirty? Yes!
*Depraved? *insert evil laugh*

The witch who was supposed to cast the annual protection spell that keeps the legend in storybooks died. Her niece tried to make it… tried to get there in time to keep the evil contained, but she failed. So, she cast a different spell instead.

For the first time, the horseman is pursuing a female. He captures her and instead of being bloodthirsty, he’s feeling a different kind of hunger.

A dark and erotic horror story by DD Prince, previously part of The Horror of Our Love anthology.

Warning: This tale of horror contains violence and a monster who does monstrous things. Read at your own risk

Originally part of The Horror of Our Love anthology – this twisted tale is being expanded into a duet.
Part one ends with a happy-for-now, unless you dare to read the epilogue (you totally want to).
Part two? It’s coming in October.

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The Hollow Duet Series by D.D. Prince

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Every Halloween night for a decade, a lost soul hunted for revenge, thirsty for a kill. You may have heard the story — or one like it.

What you might not know is that it’s not just a story. The reason it has lapsed into lore is because ten years after it began, a witch and her coven sought and found a way to stop the annual carnage. Her coven is responsible for some very important spells that keep things normal to the degree that the average person can afford to be a skeptic. Though, her coven was also partly responsible for the violence in this particular case, it was not via nefarious intentions.

Sometimes, things just go wrong just as sometimes they go inexplicably right.

This particular legend’s genesis was over 200 years ago, and for generations, descendants of that coven have continued to protect the area around Drowsy Hollow, a tiny town that’s barely on the map.

Locals let the truth about what used to happen each Halloween night fade from truth to legend, wanting to forget about the fear. Needing to forget about the carnage. It was that brutal.

It transcended from being a visceral fear of everyone in the small village, to lapsing into local lore that became innocuous to the point that stories are told each Halloween that closely mirror the truth.

Children even go so far as to dress as the hollow husk of that former soul, in a dark cloak that covers their face, carrying a menacing-looking jack-o-lantern stating they’ll do so until coming across a soul that they will take, so they can trade the pumpkin for a head.

But, October 30th, when the last remaining local witch from that coven perished unexpectedly, things went awry.

Her niece, who was supposed to travel to Drowsy Hollow quickly and cast the annual protection spell, was delayed through a series of unusual and inexplicable hurdles that amounted to very bad luck at the worst possible time.

The niece needed to be on site just outside the town of Drowsy Hollow near a specific tree, the oldest in the area, to cast the trusted annual protection spell. Since she could not get there in time, she cast a different spell remotely, to give her the opportunity to whisper commands to the huntsman as he hunted, hoping it would be enough to ensure the horseman took no lives that year.

Instead, not only did the new spell alter the course of events for the evening, it also changed the fabric of life for Isabella Krane, a young schoolteacher who happened to be traveling home alone during the witching hour.

Incidentally, the soul, Isabella, who has entered those grounds, is a direct descendent of the man responsible for the horseman’s death.

Maybe it was a case of a perfect storm.

Or, perhaps, it’s fate, happening the way it is supposed to happen.

The coven was not prepared for what happened that night. No one was.

1 – The Story

I know this will sound crazy; and I’m the most skeptical, grounded, logical person I know, so if you’re reading this, I have to defend myself. This is what happened to me. As crazy as it’ll sound.

If you’re reading this, I didn’t burn these pages for some reason. Maybe I’m dead. Maybe he came back for me like he said he would.

Maybe I’ve been institutionalized for losing my mind.

The following is my recounting of what I remember happening to me. I have decided it might be therapeutic to get it down on paper, out of my head. I’ll probably write the details down and then burn these pages. And then maybe I’ll be able to go on with my life. Or at least put it away in a locked place in my mind, and try to move forward.

I am filled with nausea at the notion of writing all of it down. I’m also filled with nausea for a different reason. A horrifying reason.

Each night when I close my eyes, I pray I’ll dream of something else instead. Or dream of nothing and just sleep.

But, that’s not what happens. Instead, I experience that night again in my dreams, as if it’s happening again. As if it’s now.

It’s been a full four and a half weeks of the same recollections, night after night. And each night when I dream it, it feels like the first time again. All over again. Like I’m in a loop. As the dream begins, I’m clueless about what’s about to happen.

It’s only in the morning when I wake that I realize I’ve had the same dream again.

Each morning when I wake, I’m greeted with reality. And the reality is that they’re not just dreams. They’re recollections of what happened to me on October 31st in Drowsy Hollow.

It didn’t start out as a dream. I know this.

I have the mark on my body that proves it and I may also have a baby in my belly to make it irrefutable.

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