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Hot Nerd

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Flora Ferrari

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Don’t let the smile confuse you…I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to her. As an editor in a publishing house, I have to be friendly with my clients and authors, but when I first lay eyes on my woman…Despina Jenkins…”friendly” is the last thing on my mind. In fact, there’s only one thing…making her mine. And I won’t stop until I claim her as my own. Forever.

He’s like no man I’ve ever seen before…I’ve never fallen in love, but this older man who is about to become my boss has captured my eye. Luke is strong, handsome, the best kind of nerd…I want him with every fiber of my being…but my brother would kill me if he knew I was in love with his best friend.

*Hot Nerd is a short, standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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The second I lay eyes on her, I’m a changed man. As I enter the reception area of Bloomenthal Publishing House, my eyes immediately lock on the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. She’s not looking my way, talking to the receptionist. The angle of her hips shows off her shapely ass and slim hips in her suit pants. Her auburn hair falls down her back in waves and her face is pale and innocent. She speaks softly

Is she Despina Jenkins? The woman whose novel captured my attention just this week? I was expecting some middle-aged woman with no fashion-sense and a boring monotone voice. Instead, I’m greeted by this beautiful creature, clutching a paper copy of her manuscript to her chest and looking nervous as hell.

My cock rises in my trousers. I clench my fists, suddenly angry at the injustice of the fact that she isn’t mine. But she soon will be. I must have her. I don’t care that we’re going to be working together. I don’t care that she’s half my age. The moment my eyes found her beautiful body, I knew I’ll never be the same again. I’ve never felt this strange urge within me before, the raw desire to rip her clothes off and have her right here, right now. I shrink back toward a little so that I can keep watching her unnoticed. She’s perfect in every way possible. Her innocence is alluring to me. Her body could’ve been sculpted by God himself to be the most attractive being ever to live. And knowing she’s a creative genius as well is the cherry on top of the cake. I feel a growl rising in my throat. She’s brought out the primal instinct within me to fuck her, to possess her, to fill her with my babies and be with her forever. I’ve never been like this before, and yet I’m standing here, my dick hard in the middle of my workplace, ready to throw everything away just to touch her once.

What the fuck is happening to me?

I have five minutes before my appointment with Despina. I planned to speak with my receptionist, but instead, I head back to my office. I need to calm myself down before I speak to her, or there’s no telling what I might do to her. I walk in and see my office in a new light. Every table in here looks like an opportune place to bend her over and fuck her. Every chair seems like the perfect place to have her straddle and ride me. Every crowded surface seems like it could be swept clean in a moment of passion so I can explore her body in its full splendor. I sit down in my chair, my chest rising and falling hard and sexual thoughts crowding my brain. I know I need to remain professional, but with each passing moment, it becomes harder to remain calm and collected.

I’m already fantasizing over the smallest things. When I shake her hand, her soft skin against mine will be like a taste of heaven. When I tell her that she’ll be working with me, her excited smile will make my cock harden with pleasure. I don’t ever want her to leave here. Not without me at least.

A soft knock sounds on my office door. She’s arrived. I stand up, clearing my throat and hoping she won’t spot my cock pushing against my pants.

“Come in,” I say gruffly. When she enters the room timidly, our eyes lock. Her lips part in surprise. Maybe I’m not what she was expecting either. Her gaze is soft and gentle, just like the rest of her. So why am I filled with such aggressively sexual thoughts and such sexually charged desires to rip the clothes off of her body and to run my teeth and tongue over every inch of her skin? I don’t want to make love or be gentle or slow. I want fast-paced, mind-blowing sex with this timid young thing standing in front of me.

She looks familiar to me for some reason, but when she reaches out to shake my hand, I know I have to remain professional so I close my large hand around her tiny one. We shake hands and I savor the feeling of her trembling at my touch.

“I’m Luke Bloomenthal,” I growl, unable to stop the gruffness in my own voice.

“I’m Despina,” she replies softly. “It’s great to meet you…Luke.”


Luke…his name sounds good on my lips. I swear I’ve met this man before, but it feels like I’m looking at him for the first time and falling in love. I blink several times, half expecting this chiseled man to disappear and be replaced with a boring old guy, but it doesn’t happen. This wasn’t the man I was expecting to meet today to discuss the future of my novel, but I’m glad it’s him.

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