She tilts her head back farther, twisting in my grasp, and her lips find mine. She’s frantic, nipping my lips with her teeth and sucking on my tongue. She twists in my arms, and her nails dig into my neck. My fingers work in and out of her while she bucks her hips. Yanking her head back, she sucks in a deep breath and one of her hands goes to my hard dick. She presses on it through my jeans. I expect her to take it out and start stroking it, but she doesn’t. I add a third finger, and a strangled cry rips though the darkness as her pussy tightens around my fingers. “Fuck, baby. Come for me,” I order, panting myself. “Show me how much you’ve missed me.”

She pulls my lips to hers again, and I feel her body shudder against mine while my thumb massages her clit, and then she’s coming all over my fingers. She whimpers into my mouth, her shaking body clinging to mine, and her nails digging into my skin as I hold her to me. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to make her weak.

I’m just about to undo my pants and fuck her right here inside this haunted house when her hands hit my chest, and she shoves me back. When I reach out, all I feel is wall. “Becky?” I reach to my right. Nothing.

I spin around as a light shines in my eyes, and I blink quickly at the invasion. “Hey, man. Sorry about that. We’re having some electrical difficulties in this building. Everyone has to exit this part of the tour.” It’s the guy from the first scene. The one who was giving the woman in a straitjacket hydrotherapy. His jeans and shirt drip water onto the floor. He smiles at me and gestures to a door behind me with his flashlight, that I hadn’t found earlier.

“Thanks,” I grumble, readjusting my hard dick.

I shove open the door and look across a courtyard to see Austin and Cole talking to Becky and Seth while they stand next to a few vendors.

Cole looks up and spots me walking toward them. “Where the hell have you been?” he asks.

“Got lost.” I look at Becky, and she doesn’t even acknowledge me. Just bows her head and takes a drink of the Coke in her hand.

I smirk. She’s embarrassed. Cute.

“How did you get lost?” Austin asks. “They kicked us out the moment the lights went off.”

“Huh?” I question, looking away from Becky to her.

Austin pops some Sour Patch gummies in her mouth before answering. “The lights went out. I thought it was the blackout attraction.” She frowns, clearly disappointed. “But a guy grabbed Cole and ushered us all out here.”

I look at Becky. Her drink is almost gone. And I frown. How did she …? “How long have you been out here?” My question is directed at her. She gives me her back, turning to face Austin, still ignoring me.

I roll my eyes at her. So, we’re going to pretend I didn’t just get her off in a haunted house.

“Oh, there you are, babe,” Seth calls out.

We all spin around to see Demi coming toward us. Her blond hair is now up in a messy bun on top of her head, but she has a smug smile on her face. Not her usual scowl. It makes me frown.

“Where did you go?” he asks her. “I’ve been worried.”

I look back at Becky, and she still faces away from me. My eyes scan over her jeans and tennis shoes. Then I look over her shirt and notice she’s wearing a jacket. She didn’t have that on a minute ago. Maybe she went to my SUV and got it. But then I realize I have the keys in my pocket.

I start to get a sickening feeling in my stomach. Oh, God no … I look back at Demi.

Her blue eyes meet mine before returning to her boyfriend. “Restroom.” Then she blows a bubble.

“Hey, I asked if you had gum earlier, and you said no.”

Her eyes find mine again. And my entire body goes rigid as fear creeps up my spine.

“I didn’t. Borrowed it from a friend.”

“Have any more?” he asks her.

“Nope. But you can have this one.” She puts her finger in her mouth, twirls it around and pulls it out with the gum on the end. He places her finger in his mouth, and he sucks it off.

I think I’m going to vomit. Was that my gum? Did I kiss and finger Becky or was it fucking Demi?

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This can’t be happening … No! It was Becky. No doubt in my mind. It was Becky! Wasn’t it?

“Mmm, cinnamon,” he says, nodding his head.



THE LOOK ON Deke’s face is priceless. The bastard really had no idea who the fuck I was. How did he not know I wasn’t Becky? I told him earlier that guys only think with their dicks, and I just proved myself right. All he needed was a willing body, and he pounced. It didn’t fucking matter who I was.

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