Becky Holt is a mystery. She doesn’t have many friends, if any, yet she’s popular, if that makes sense. All the girls hate her, and the boys want to fuck her.

I pick up my pace when I see she’s headed straight for me. I should say her name or place my hands out—anything to prevent what I know is coming—but I don’t. Instead, I let her run right into me, knocking herself down.

“Are you okay?” I ask, looking down at her sitting on her ass that’s now covered in dirt.

The dust fills the air around her, and she coughs. “What …?” She looks up at me, blinking from the sun shining in her face. She lifts her hand to her forehead to shade her ocean blue eyes.

“I didn’t see you there,” I lie, giving her a kind smile.

“It’s okay.” She sighs heavily.

“Here. Let me help you up.” I offer her a hand for assistance.

She takes it, and I yank her to her feet. I use more force than necessary, causing her chest to hit mine. Her breathing picks up when her blue eyes meet mine.

I’ve had a crush on Becky for a while now. I’ve known her all my life, and we’ve grown up together. My parents always invite hers to their Christmas parties and birthday celebrations on their yachts. Collins, Oregon, isn’t a big town, but the wealthy only party with the wealthy. No matter how much I’ve wanted her, I have never touched her. Never pursued her.

The ass in our school is too easily given, so why chase a bitch down for it?

“Thanks,” she mumbles and pushes away from me.

“What are you doing out here?” I ask, placing my hands in my jeans pockets as my eyes drop to her tits. They look bigger than usual today. I’ve undressed enough girls to know they either stuff their shit or they spend too much money on bras to make what little they have look three times bigger. As if we’re not going to notice the difference once you’re naked.

We do.

“Waiting on my sister to be done with practice.” She dusts off her skinny jeans.

“Want some company?”

She tilts her head to the side, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth as she contemplates my question. Since a pair of black Aviators shades my eyes, she can’t see the way I’m looking her up and down. I linger on her thighs and wonder just how hard it will be to get her to spread them for me. “Yeah …”


She spins around at the sound of her name. Demi Holt, her little sister, comes up to join us dressed in a pair of black spandex shorts that barely covers her pussy, a bright pink sports bra, and tennis shoes. That’s it. If I was their father, I wouldn’t let her leave the house looking like that, let alone parade around the school. Even if it is Sunday. She has her long, bleach blond hair up in a high ponytail with a black ribbon tied into a big bow around it. She’s a walking Barbie doll. A total high school cheerleader cliché.

Demi places her hands on her narrow hips, her already flat stomach sucking in, making her ribs even more pronounced as she takes a deep breath. She glares up at her sister, and I don’t miss the thin layer of sweat that covers her chest and face because the sun makes her glisten. “I’m done and ready to go.” Then, without another word, she stomps off toward the parking lot.

Becky looks at me. “Sorry, I’ve got to go.”

Not yet, baby.

Stepping forward, I smile down at her. “Shame,” I say, and her breathing picks up at my closeness.

Becky isn’t a virgin, not by any means. Boys talk in the locker rooms. On campus. At parties. And she’s already had quite a few of them. They all said she wasn’t that good of a fuck, but what her cunt lacks, she makes up with her mouth. I’m up for testing that rumor.

She doesn’t say anything, but her blue eyes stay on mine as if I hold her in a trance. “I wanted to spend some time with you.” I reach up and take a strand of her blond hair and twirl it around my finger. “Alone.”

Her breath hitches, and I know I have her right where I want her. It’s sad, really, how easily these girls believe our bullshit. Leaning down, I trail my lips along her jawline, just letting them graze her delicate skin. I slowly give her a chance to push me away, but she won’t. No one turns down Deke Biggs. The ones I fuck consider themselves lucky to catch my attention. They just never keep it long.

When I reach her lips, my free hand slides into her soft hair, and I tilt her head back, pulling away just enough to look down at her. “Guess a kiss will have to be enough for now.” Then I press my lips to hers.

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