If she wants to be a little bitch, then I’ll give her a reason to. It wasn’t hard to find out what I needed to know. A look online showed me that her mother and stepdad were in New York for business reasons. The pic that graced social media had them dining at an expensive hotel a few hours ago. And a look at Becky’s Facebook assured me she was not at home—she was back in Collins. She may have deleted me as a friend, but she keeps all her shit public. It’s like she wants me to get jealous that she allows men to hang all over her. Like I fucking care who she spreads her legs for. That time has passed.

“You know I’ve always got your back,” Cole starts, “but I’m curious. What exactly are you trying to accomplish by playing with her?”

“I don’t know,” I say honestly, running a hand down my face. “Just wanna let her know where she stands.” Demi needed to be thrown off her high horse she rides with a smug smile. I think leaving her pussy wet and her wrists restrained in her bed is a good start.

I liked the way her voice shook when she thought I was there to hurt her. The fear I heard when she asked what I wanted. It matched the same fear Becky had when she found out I knew all her secrets. I held all the cards and had all the power.

She needs to remember that I do.

She thought I was Seth at first, and that pissed me off. Knowing that she had allowed me to touch her when she was clearly unavailable makes her just like her cheating, lying sister. But still, I can’t help but wonder, is that how they do it? He dresses up as a burglar and sneaks into her room before taking advantage of her? She plays the role of victim, fighting him off, but she eventually gives up and lets him win?

I could totally get into that.


Don’t think that way. She is off-limits. Untouchable. I just wanted to scare her. I wasn’t going to force myself on her because I’m not a rapist. But I wanted her to know that I was the one who made that decision, not her. I had told myself it was nothing sexual. To get in, scare the shit out of her, and get the fuck out. But shit, she got turned on. More so than when she was at Silence last night. I wasn’t even planning on touching her in any way, but when she moaned, I went hard. Then she lifted her hips, silently begging me for more. I fingered her again—as though she belonged to me—when I had no right to touch her.

Why didn’t she stop me?

She’s messing with my mind more than Becky ever has. Why am I allowing her to do this? I’m supposed to be the one in charge, but am I playing her game? Or is she playing mine?

Something tells me that Demi is a much better player than Becky could ever be. And that thought turns me on even more.

“You okay?” Cole asks, giving me a glance before looking back at the road.

I grunt. “Yep.” She got my warning. She’ll stay away, and I’ll go back to my plan of seducing Becky. She has to fall in love with me all over again so I can break her fucking black heart. Demi can’t get in the way of that. I won’t let her.


“Where did you guys go last night?” Austin asks, stepping out on the patio with Lilly. She sheds her little towel with fairy wings on it to showcase a pink bathing suit.

I have come to find I like the Texas weather much more than Oregon. It’s the middle of October and still nice enough to swim. Even though the pool is heated, it’s not needed yet. The temp doesn’t drop until the sun goes down.

“Uncle Deke,” she screeches when she sees I’m already in the pool and runs, jumping in. I pull her head up from under the water and put her on my shoulders. Her little feet kick water up in my face as she splashes.

“We had to take care of something,” I answer Austin.

She pulls her shirt up and over her head, her green eyes glaring down at me. “What did you need to take care of?”

My eyes fall to her scar from where Kellan shot her, but I don’t answer.

She looks at Cole who sits on the third step staring up at her. He’s leaned back, his elbows resting on the second step. His blue eyes run up her body slowly as if he’d rather have her naked and alone at the moment.

“Cole?” she urges.

His eyes make their way up to hers, but he says nothing.

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