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I’ll Protect You

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Aubrey Wright

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My job was to protect her, not get her pregnant.

My first sight of Allisa was two cheeks as she bent over a box wielding packing tape.
Suddenly there was only one package I wanted her to manhandle.

The fiery beauty had me at, “EXCUSE ME?”
How can such a sassy mouth be so attractive?

She’s moving in next door.
Right when I’m getting ready to leave town.

I have one last job to do before I leave.
How was I supposed to know SHE was that job?

She’s in deep. Maybe too deep to be saved.
But there are rules you can never break.
Rule one: Don’t fall for your client.
Rule two: Screw rule one.

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The woman in apartment 21B, the one right next door to mine, had an ass that should’ve been illegal in all fifty states.

I stood in her doorway, my dick aching to be free of my uniform, one hand braced against the doorjamb and the other gripping the handle of my wheeled suitcase.

Who the fuck are you? The thought popped into my brain, and I didn’t bother keeping it or my desire in check.

She stood in the middle of her living room, her hands on her hips, her tiny skirt a temptation in its own right. Long, blonde hair fell to the center of her back, swaying with every little move she made. Boxes surrounded her, and she shook her head, bending over one ever so slightly, that skirt lifting, lifting, granting me a glimpse of the half-moons of her ass cheeks underneath.

Christ, was she wearing underwear?

Hello! You’ve won this year’s award for the Biggest Perv. Congratu-fucking-lations!

I cleared my throat just before she bent all the way, my other head screaming curses at me for the rational decision not to ogle any more of her goodies than I already had. Apparently, this woman was my new next-door neighbor.

But the goddess hadn’t heard me. She hummed under her breath and shifted the box aside, bending even more, exposing the crest of those curves then the triangle beneath it, captured by white cotton.

Sweet Jesus.

“C’mon, you piece of poop,” she muttered, tugging on a cardboard box. “I have an hour before I have to be back at work. Goddamn, why did I come to this city?” She shook her head, gave a wry chuckle then bent even more. “Money, that’s why. Goals. Hashtag goals. Come on, Aly, get your shit together. You’ve got this.” She checked her watch then continued with the box, shifting it back and forth.

I could see the whole fucking world right now. The oceans, the mouthwatering gap between land masses, and the gentle curve of her slope.

“Ma’am!” I blurted out.

Finally, thankfully, she popped upright and saved me from creaming in my pants like a horny teenager.

She spun on the spot, coloring bright red and presenting the most beautiful face I’d ever seen. She wasn’t doused in makeup, and she was slightly sweaty, but man, there was something about her. Full lips, a nose that was thin, slightly upturned at the end, and bright green eyes like fucking emeralds.

I stared at her, and my jaw dropped.

This never happened to me. Never.

Never, in all my life, had I experienced this level of attraction. Jizz-your-pants attraction. Ain’t I a charmer?

The woman, the neighbor, whoever she was, gave me a matching once-over. She wasn’t jaw-dropped, but she did lick her lips, rolling a perfectly pink tongue over them as her gaze lingered in spots they shouldn’t have.

“Who are you?” she asked, and popped a hip, placing one hand on it. “Some kind of maintenance man?”

I raised an eyebrow. “I look like a maintenance man?”

“Sure,” she replied. “You’re big, burly. Look like you’re handy with a wrench.”

Not the only thing I was handy with.

“So?” she prompted. “I’m judging by the blank expression, I got it wrong. Not the super? Just the friendly neighborhood ogler?”

She had a lot of spunk. I fucking loved that. “I’m your next-door neighbor.” The attraction was insane, but her attitude? Her challenging stare? That both intrigued me and pissed me off. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Good,” she said and winked. “Because you didn’t scare me.”

“Good,” I replied and bit back a retort that would be entirely inappropriate. “So, new to the building, huh?”

“Man, you’re the perceptive type.” She ran fingers through her hair, and her gaze danced up and down my body. “You hungry? Because you seem to be carrying a healthy banana snack in the front of your pants.”

“Banana? Try frankfurter,” I replied. “And bananas aren’t all that healthy. High glycemic index. Not good when the sugar spike finally ends.”

“You’re funny for a peeping tom,” she replied.

“And well endowed?” I asked, chancing it. The banter was good. Maybe she’d take it as a joke.

“Oooh,” she replied, “you really gotta learn to pick your moments.”

“I picked this one perfectly. I met you, didn’t I?”


“I thought so.”

She didn’t reply but exhaled, and the pout of her lips was yet another temptation.

I wasn’t prepared for this. This distraction. I had places to be. Things to do. A city to leave.

“Look,” I said, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to welcome you to the building. I assume you’re 21B?” I jerked a thumb toward the brass numbers on the door. “Unless you’ve just broken in to steal 21B’s stuff.”

“Yeah, I am,” she said. “21B, I mean. Not stealing their stuff.”

Still, I didn’t leave. I stood there, my dick aching to be free, and watched her every movement. The soft rise and fall of her chest beneath her cotton blouse.