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Immortal Hexes

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Amelia Hutchins

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One vampire.
One witch.
A love that should have survived the ages.
Avery lived by three simple rules. Never be outside after dusk. Never give up fighting to survive. Never give in to the one man who ruled her heart and shattered everything they shared when he walked away from her.
Conner has one mission: to capture the witch who killed his father and make her pay for her crimes. The problem is she’s the only woman he’s ever loved. The same witch whose innocent kiss made his immortal heart quicken with her freely given love. He walked away to save her life, and in return, she took everything from him. She left his world in ruins, and his heart a shattered mess.
Can he ignore the attraction that still burns between them and get justice for those she murdered in cold blood? Or will her past be enough to convince him to forgive her?

Warning: This book is about the struggles of surviving trauma, and learning to live with the emotional and physical scars that come with it. It’s about surviving the odds, and learn to shine from within, no matter what happens. It contains dark situation, and past memories and scars that the heroine has overcome, and lived through to reclaim what she lost. If you’re sensitive to that situation, this book isn’t for you.

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Chapter 1

The Reckoning

Thunder rumbled above the training grounds where students relentlessly practiced calling flames into their palms. My gaze drifted up, lingering on the clouds as I watched lightning strike in the distance, followed by another deafening grumble from the sky in the mountains we hid in. Storms were a dime a dozen here, which was one of the draws to this particular area. The allure of sanctuary within the mountains of the Inland Northwest brought me to this place of turbulent weather offering me peace.

Watching Clara, I frowned as her slim shoulders slumped in defeat, nary a flicker of a flame filling her palm. Out of the bloodlines present this year at the academy, hers was the lowest among them. This school, this training facility, catered to the oldest bloodlines of witches in the world. Most of the students belonged to lines dating back to the original witches. I’d taught the witches and warlocks to wield their darkness, to balance it with the light, for over one hundred and fifty years; long before the ground we stood upon had ever been inhabited by the English.

A few feet from me, Johnny watched Flora as she pulled a large amount of energy into the palm of her hand with a sly smile on her lips. Her father was a high witch, one who sat on the council. Roger had pulled strings to get her into the academy; he’d demanded it, even though her mother was a mundane human. Her mother’s blood had merely watered down Flora’s, making her magic unpredictable. Studying the sweat that beaded her brow, mixed with the lines of concentration on her face, I matched Clara’s frown. I whispered a spell, gaining control of the energy Flora had pulled to her so that when she lost control, no one was harmed.

Two minutes after I’d taken control from her, she screamed out a warning as she whimpered in pain. Her eyes bulged, moving from the now floating energy ball to me, knowing I’d taken control of her magic and now held it for her.

“I had it under control! Why do you continue to mess with me when I am far better than everyone else?” she hissed, staring me down, her pretty blue eyes filling with fire as her ire rose.

“Because you didn’t have it under control,” I replied softly, watching her aura as it turned black with red etching. “The lesson is about control; not to show how powerful one is. We don’t care how much energy you pull up, only that what you bring forth is controlled. Try it again. This time only bring up a flame, and make sure you have absolute control over it.”

“You know who my father is and what he can do to you, right? He doesn’t think of you highly considering your past deeds and why you are here in the first place. You are the whore who slept with a vampire, after all, are you not?” she laughed coldly, her eyes filling with liquid blue flames as she squared her shoulders as the few witchlings she considered friends laughed and waited for my reply.

“Are you asking if it is true? It is. I lost my entire coven and family to the Black Death, and while I lay in an alley dying of it myself, Conner, the son of Grigori Halverson and King of the England Vampires, saved me. He dug me out of the trash and saved my life. For days, I waited and prayed to Hecate to send me help or take my soul, neither of which happened. So I remained with him, drinking his blood to stave off the plague that continued to come back once the blood eased from my system. He saved me, and I loved him for it. Had he not saved me, I’d have perished without getting word to the other covens that not even the strongest bloodlines were immune to the Black Death. His saving me also saved thousands of witches from intervening to save the humans. Had they tried to help them as my coven had done, we would have become extinct, because they would have tried and perished by doing so. Did I fuck him? Yes, but not until years after I lived with him in their hive. I was guarded by him, cherished. He never asked to wield my wild magic for his gain. After five years of living among them, I offered him my virtue, and he alone fucked me.

“Do you know how turbulent the world was in the 1600s? We were at war with their kind, and I was alone within the enemy’s nest. I was abandoned by our kind because to come for me would have been death, which the vampires knew, and yet Conner refused to allow them to exploit me. So, there I stayed, and yes, I fell in love with my enemy, and I gave him everything I had, except my magic. I never wielded a single spell against our kind while I was with them. Others who had befallen a similar fate either turned to the dark arts to escape or were fucked to literal death as the vampires drained them. Tell me, Flora, what would you have done to survive? Would you have fought them, knowing that they would just as soon murder you and end your life, or find one who could help keep you safe from an entire nest of ancient beings that wanted you dead?” I stared her down with the fire of a thousand memories rushing through my mind.