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Brenda Ford

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She’s my PA.
It’s so wrong to think of her that way.
But Sara doesn’t make it easy.
With her proactive dresses and her come to bed eyes…
I’m not sure if I can resist her any longer.
I’ve never in my life given into a woman the way I want to give into her.
It’s simply impossible to escape from her, even if I wanted to.
And finally, I caved into my cravings.
But soon she walked away.
And when I learn she’s carrying my baby…
I’ll do anything to bring back my family.
Even if it means following her everywhere.

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Chapter 1 – Ryan

The smiles surrounding me in the conference room are the first good sign that this meeting is going well. This deal is very important for me and the company moving forward, I have a lot riding on it, so the smiles allow me to relax just a little bit. It’s been a stressful few weeks getting us to this point, so to let go of that feels amazing. To know that all of the stress has been worth it and that I will get everything that I have been aiming for.

“I’m so glad that we’re all happy.” I fold my hands together to try and disguise my glee. “I’m sure that this is a deal we can all benefit from moving forward…”

My little speech is distracted by the door to the conference room swinging open and Sara sauntering in, confidently holding on to a tray of coffees like she has been waitressing for her whole life. I love having her as my personal assistant because whatever task is assigned to her, she completely does it to the best of her ability, all while managing to make it look easy.

“I have three coffees, one with sugar…” She glances around the room with an intoxicating twinkle in her eyes, “And two teas as well. Then there is the green tea…”

She knows what drink mine is, but expertly serves everyone else first to help make them feel as welcome as possible. She is a real people person, and everyone warms to her… but these guys are really warming to her, I can see it in their eyes. Their hungry ogling eyes as they take in every inch of her. Sara is to be admired for sure. With her sweet smile, her long, luscious legs, her piercing blue eyes, and then, of course, her eye catching curves. She’s gorgeous and they know it. Now that have even taken to exchanging little knowing glances with one another, probably wondering if she’s single and who might be the one to ask her out…

Oh God. Weirdly, the idea of one of these guys taking her out spikes ice cold jealousy all the way through me. I don’t like it at all. Not that it’s any of my business who takes her out on dates, or who she decides to go out with, of course. As long as her love life has no effect on the business it really doesn’t matter to me at all. Just like everyone else who works for me. I don’t get involved in their personal lives and they don’t get involved in mine.

I avert my eyes away from Sara and scold myself. I’m not about to screw up this deal because of my weird jealousy right now. Sara is my personal assistant, not someone I own. It isn’t like I even want to own a part of her either, just because she’s very beautiful…

Never mix business and pleasure. That’s my main rule. One I have always stuck to. I certainly don’t intend to break it now with the one person who I am closest to in the office, who I rely on the most. There is no way I could do without Sara, so I can’t over complicate it.

Once Sara leaves the room, exiting with a collective sigh behind her, I quickly return the focus of the meeting to work and the deal instead because the last thing I want to do is listen to any of these men actually talking about Sara. I don’t know if I will be able to handle that. Luckily, these men are professional and are happy to get back to work. Thank God…

I huff wearily and head back in to my office with a sense of exhaustion over coming me. I’m pleased with how far things have gone today, but I’m tired now, ready for the day to be over. I just have a few more emails to send before I can be ready to leave for the day.

“How did things go?” Sara asks me while stretching out her long legs underneath her own desk. Her limbs catch my attention, I can’t help myself but look at them. They are sexy as hell. Even if I know that I shouldn’t look at them because it’s wrong, I can’t stop.

“Erm, yeah.” I shake my head and re focus my attention back on my own desk. “It went well. The deal is all done and tied up now. We are heading in the right direction.”

“I take it you would like another coffee then?” she giggles. “Before you start on with your emails. Am I right?” She shoots me a wink as she grabs the mug off my desk.

“You are.” Sara knows my schedule well. She has known me well ever since she first started working here. That familiarity is nice, it makes my days run much smoother. “Thank you.”

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