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Jack Addison vs. Centaur Pimps

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K.A. Merikan

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“Can I get a ride on your back?”
“Only if you get me a drink first.”

Jack Addison’s career as a monster hunter is blossoming, and so is his experience in dealing with all kinds of interesting species. But one creature still remains a mystery to Jack—the feline-like Roux Chat-Bonnes. His fellow venator has been avoiding Jack since their successful werewolf hunt in Bohemia, but a man can only pine for so long, which is why Jack decides to vacation on a Greek island famous for its centaur population.

Eager to get intimately acquainted with one of the hooved beauties, Jack instead uncovers a cruel plot that will change his view of human-centaur relations for good.

Themes: pride, experimenting, centaur, vacation, dreams, self-discovery, tolerance, fame, monster hunting, interspecies relations
Genre: M/M romantic erotica, horror-comedy
Erotic content: Scorching hot, explicit scenes

Length: ~15,000 words (Episode 4 in the serial)

WARNING: This story contains morally ambiguous characters and scenes of sex that might be considered taboo.

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Chapter 1

“My Dear Son,

I hope your voyages are treating you well. Your mother and I have recently returned from our annual vacation in Florida, and with great sadness I must admit we might have to choose a different destination next year. The beaches that used to be our refuge from daily struggles have been overtaken by deep sea creatures who are in the process of building a large underwater city in international waters! A man can’t even go to the beach anymore without being submitted to the sight of tentacles freely wiggling in the sand.

Those abominations don’t know language, as they lack tongues, and even fingers. Instead, they communicate with crude gestures and by drawing pictures in the sand. For whatever reason, the local pactors refuse to use force, since it’s a new species that we can’t yet form quasi-intelligent dialogue with. If you ask me, the authorities have left their balls in their mommas’ homes. They just let those illegals on shore and hide their heads in the sand. The world has gone mad.”

Jack sighed, stretching in his sunbed as the nearby waves gently touched the shore. Maybe he should visit Florida next time he was back in America? He wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with more tentacled creatures. After all, Father didn’t need to know everything. Shaking his head, he read on.

“I am working on these issues though, because somebody has to. Humans have gotten so complacent they forgot that we need to master our world, not crack open more inter-dimensional holes and invite creatures who will never integrate. I am lobbying for the training of more venators so any cracks between worlds may be promptly sealed. I am convinced that it’s the lack of sufficient manpower that causes the issue of new species invading our resorts en masse. And, as numbers of venators rise, so will the sales of Addisons, but I digress.

Most of all, I wish you a good time on vacation in Greece. You sure need it after the feat of slaying the gorgon of Athens. I couldn’t be prouder of you, son. Please, stay safe. I’ve been to Greece before, and those centaurs they have there can be quite a rowdy bunch. Watch out for them.


Your father”

Jack folded the letter before stuffing it into the pocket of his backpack. He would definitely be mindful of centaurs, considering this was an integrated beach, and there were lush tails swinging everywhere.

Hidden in the shade of a large green parasol, Jack slurped his cocktail and lowered his shades, taking in all the large, muscular asses on show. This was his first day here, and he was overwhelmed by the relaxed atmosphere. Granted, he hadn’t met that many centaurs in the old town, where his hotel was located, but there was plenty of them parading along the promenade, their lean legs rising high with each step they took.

One female centaur winked at him, but he made a point of not staring at her naked breasts when he smiled back, because he’d specifically come to the beach to spot the males. In town, the creatures wore poncho-like cloaks to avoid offending the human populace with the sight of their private parts, but at the beach, rules were much looser, and Jack was ready to spot some centaur cock. Would they be more human or horse-like? A mix of both? No one wrote about this in textbooks!

He was momentarily distracted by the sight of a huge male centaur with thick, furry legs approaching two human women, with colorful cocktails in hand. His organ wasn’t visible in its entirety, but the sheath and balls were definitely there. Jack felt himself salivating when one of the women petted the stallion’s calf, urging him to rest between them. It wasn’t something people advertised, but Jack had heard rumors that the Greek towns with large populations of centaurs were a destination for adventurous pleasure-seekers, and that centaurs were keen to meet humans of all shapes and sizes.

Jack sat up in his sunbed at the sight of a centaur with a sleek golden coat and a white tail. Most of all, the human side of him was lovely too—all blond locks and blue eyes. Jack wasn’t even specifically attracted to centaurs, but wasn’t it all just so marvelously curious? Species intermingling, fur under his fingers, cocks of all types, creatures with such a variety of preferences. He was truly in a wonderful, wonderful place.

He was so entranced by the golden centaur that he hadn’t noticed another one sneak up on him. If a centaur the size of a shire horse could even sneak up on anyone. This guy didn’t make Jack smile as widely as his brethren. With a stern face and bushy eyebrows, he didn’t make an amazing first impression. Then again, maybe the centaur wasn’t here to make amorous connections but was selling something? Jack wouldn’t mind some feel-good herbs for the evening.