Yeah—and she’s still way too dramatic about that whole thing. It wasn’t the real police, so I don’t know what she was so upset about.

“You have to let that go.”

“Maybe, but you know what I don’t have to let go? The fact that the security guard wanted you to sign his bike helmet—and that you did sign it while we were both naked.”

“You had a shirt on.”

Charlie rolls her eyes. “Just a shirt, Jackson.”

“Babe, you’re hot.”

If she rolls her eyes one more time, they’re going to get stuck in the back of her head. “My bare ass was sticking to the seat.”

“My balls were sticking to the seat,” I joke.

“I would say your balls are cute, but that would be a lie.” She laughs into her bun.

“My balls are cute—what are you even talking about?”

“Newsflash, babe: no one wants to see your balls, except maybe Tyson and Carlos.”

Yeah, that’s probably true. I’ve seen enough cock and balls in the shower to last me a lifetime, but they’re always whipping that shit out.

“I love it when you say balls,” I tease her.

My girl blushes, the roots of her blonde hair turning pink.



“I have to get to class, you pervert.” She hikes her backpack onto her shoulder and folds up the leftovers of her food, extending the foil package as an offering. “You want the rest of this?”

“You know it.” I take it, bending at the waist to kiss her. “But that’s not all I want.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Nope.” Her eyes close when I brush my lips over her temple. “I want to give you the jockgasms I owe you.”

“Jockgasms, eh? Is that what we’re calling them now?”

“Yup, unless you can come up with something better.”

Charlie goes up on her tippy toes, pulling me down so she can whisper in my ear. “Are you sure you can’t haul me off right now instead of making me wait?”

“You know it’s better if you have to work for it.”

“Fine. My house, nine o’clock—you can jock dirty to me then.”

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