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Knights Lady (Rumblin’ Knights #3)

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Bella Jewel

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I’ve always held my own.
I’m determined.
I’m happy.
I’m strong.
Not right now, though. Right now I’m weak.
Because I screwed up, I screwed up in a way I can’t fix.
I destroyed someone.
I stomped on a heart.
I broke the one rule all women should live by.
There is no coming back from it.
Yet, I can’t seem to find the strength to stop.
Nicolai. That name. It ruins me.
I tried to stay away.
I fought so hard.
I knew what he was. Who he was.
I knew what he had done.
But I can’t seem to stop.
I try and forget how his hands felt against my skin.
How his lips felt on mine.
How his body moved. God, his body.
I’m a terrible person.
A terrible sister.
But take me to hell, if you must, so long as he comes with me.

Get a girl, they say.
Find a woman, Damon.
Settle down.
I have one thing to say to that. Women equal drama.
You know it’s true.
I don’t have time for drama.
Why can’t I be different? Why do I have to follow the trend?
My story doesn’t have to match theirs. Hell, when the time comes I’ll find the right one.
Until then, I’ll stick to friends. Yep. I can do friends.
Lucy. She’s my friend. My best friend, if I’m being honest.
She’s strong.
She’s determined.
She kind of holds my pieces together. And I hers.
In the most non-romantic way I can think of.
She has plenty of her own drama, she keeps us both busy.
She’s like a sister.
No, scratch that.
Lucy, she’s the kind of woman who could run a country.
Hold a family together.
That’s the kind of person she is.
The lady of the house.
That’s our Lucy.
Knights Lady.

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Rumblin’ Knights Series by Bella Jewel

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There, I said it.

I don’t deny this fact—hell, I haven’t even tried to.

I know what I did wrong, what I’m continuing to do wrong.

The worst part? I’m hurting the only person in the world I have left. Shania. My sister. My best friend.

So why the hell do I struggle to stay away?

Even though I know she’s hurting.

Even though I know I have to stop.

I’m still staring down at my phone, at his messages, trying to come up with a way around it. To figure something out. Maybe we can all talk about it? Maybe we can just keep it secret and I can say it’s over? Maybe with time she’ll get over it? Maybe, maybe, maybe.

So many maybes, and yet I know the only real answer is to shut it down and move on.

Why is that proving to be so damned difficult?

There are plenty of fish in the sea, right?

I don’t have to keep talking to my sister’s ex-lover and the father of her child.

No, I certainly don’t.

Yet here I am, still fighting with myself to find a way around it.

Still desperately searching for an answer.

And at the same time, my heart is breaking.

Because I hurt her, and I never wanted to do that.

What I feared the whole time is coming true.

What I dreaded is now a reality.

And I’m stuck right in the middle of it.

How did I get here, you ask?

Well, let me tell you…



“HE’S HAVING FRIENDS over,” Shania murmurs, her hands clutched in her lap, fidgeting every now and then.

I can’t say I blame her.

She must be nervous as all hell.

After all, this is her first night with her son since he got taken from her a few years back. She’s scared, she doesn’t know if she has it in her to do a good job, but I know she does. She’s been to hell and back again. After working as a stripper and falling for the club owner only to find he’s not into her and was just sleeping with her. To top it off, she got pregnant, the relationship between her and the father, Nicolai, went sour, and he took her son.

It took her years to find them.

Now she has, things are going okay. Not great, but okay.

The two of them, they have a rocky past. She despises him, deep down inside, but she’s respecting him for the sake of their son, Tommy. She knows she has to, she knows they need to make it work. To do that, she just has to go along with things. I feel for her; it can’t be easy. She wants to take her son and just disappear forever, but, to be fair, Nicolai has been a great father, and for that reason she knows Tommy doesn’t deserve to be torn from him.

So they have to make it work, this civil partnership.

“It’ll be fine,” I reassure her. “We’ll get Tommy and leave.”

“What if I know some of them? What if Yana is there?”

Ah, Yana. The woman who made Shania’s life hell. The woman who was seeing Nicolai back in their stripping days and made it her mission to get rid of Shania once and for all. She was horrible, to say the very least, and the poor girl went through a lot while she was there. Yana has been trying to weasel her way back into Nicolai’s life again, only this time Shania’s son is part of it.

She wants her nowhere near her son.

I can’t say I blame her.

“I doubt Nicolai would invite Yana knowing how things are between the two of you. Besides, he said there is nothing going on, and he’s made that clear. She’s probably long gone.”

I hope for Shania’s sake she is.

“You’re right, but what if some people from the club are there? I don’t really want to face them.”

I reach over while keeping my eyes on the road and say, “It’ll be fine, I know it will.”

She nods as we round the corner and turn into Nicolai’s driveway. There are many cars around, all parked on the grass and up the street. He’s having a big party it would seem. Makes sense that he’s giving Tommy to Shania for the night. At the very least, he has the sense to be a good father.

I never liked Nicolai, no doubt about it.

The moment I met him, I knew he was no good.

Okay, that’s probably a little dramatic. I knew he was a player. He was one of those men that made your panties wet and your heart beat fast until he fucked you and left. That was Nicolai. Gorgeous, powerful, and a player.

I knew it.

I made sure he knew I knew it.

And that was that.

I didn’t like him. I told Shania I didn’t like him. And I probably tried to interfere a little too much, but what can I say? I knew what path she was going down, I hated that she insisted on stripping to keep us afloat, let alone getting her heartbroken by a player, which is exactly what happened.