Lance Him Sweetly (Forsaken Few – The Omegas of Club Despair #3) Read Online Lilo Quie

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The omegas of Club Despair have lived just like the name suggests, in utter despair, for generations. Things for Lance are about to change.

Life hasn’t been easy for omega Lance. And every time things start looking up, they tumble right back down again. He’s ecstatic that covenmates have found their mates and gone on to build families. He wants only the best for them, but Lance would be lying if he said it wasn’t lonely—so very lonely. And then, suddenly, everything changes when a shy demon intervenes and asks him to be his. Everything Lance longed for could be his, with one exception—Oren’s offer comes with an expiration date.
Alpha demon Oren is next in line to be the Alpha of the grims. Unfortunately, with that comes a side of arranged mating, something Oren wants no part of. He has until the solstice to find a grim mate and take his place as alpha. If only he weren’t in love with Lance, an omega his kind would never accept. Their time is limited, but it will be worth the heartache. Or so he keeps telling himself.


Chapter One


Heat shimmered in the air, tiny rivulets of magic dancing in the streetlight off of sunbaked blacktops, still hot from the day, fighting against the cold desert air swooping in. Lance leaned over the roof’s lip, staring out at the world while his feet idly kicked around the recycled crushed white ceramic that coated the roof to deflect the daytime heat. The warm crumbles brought sensation to his feet that broke him out of certain memories.

Cold, wet, stone floors. The opposite of his painful memories.

Far off in the distance, pitiable yips from wild coyotes and the pack enjoying the full moon, even from so many miles away, peppered the world and Lance sighed, letting loose with a miserable “Awoooo” barely above his speaking voice. Even if he wasn’t a shifter, he still wanted to be invited.

I’m pack, too. Aren’t I? Lance sniffled.

“Maybe if you lift your diaphragm a bit?” A warm and familiar voice piqued Lance’s attention, and he turned, staring at an uninvited Oren perched atop one of the building’s many air-conditioning units.

Lance gasped and scrambled, tripping over his feet until Oren darted forward and caught him in his arms with a soft chuckle.

“I c-couldn’t hear your—”

“Thoughts? Nah. Grim trick. I didn’t want to bother you.” Oren helped Lance to stand and patted over his soft brown locks.

“I’m s-sorry I kissed you back then. I—I heard your thoughts and there wasn’t anything nasty.” Lance kicked at the gravel, sending pebbles skittering.

“Don’t apologize. I’m sorry I ran off. You startled me and I’m fairly hopeless in public situations. Too many people.” Oren stroked over Lance’s head one more time, something mysterious glimmering in his too-dark eyes, something Lance desperately wanted.

“I didn’t know how to thank you.” Lance kicked at the gravel once more and blinked up at Oren. Those depthless black voids held a wonder in them that Lance wanted nothing more than to fall into and drown. Mesmerized, he blinked and found Oren’s face close to his own, their lips barely brushing in a way that sent tingles down Lance’s spine.

“Never feel as if you need to do that to thank someone. It cheapens how precious of a gift your affection is.”

Oh Jesus. Lance closed his eyes for a moment and willed his body to cooperate. A flush of wanton heat coiled in his belly and he stuffed it down. If he tried hard enough, he could suppress anything, so he let the bad thoughts take over for a flash, the deep ones that left him cold and sleepless at night. If that wouldn’t stop his arousal, nothing would.

Shame crept over Lance’s cheeks with hot prickles. “Um. I’m…I’m pretty cheap already.”

Pity melted over Oren’s stoic features and he reached for Lance’s hands. “No. They took things from you, snatched bits and pieces of you, but what you give freely from your heart is precious. Do not reward me with diamonds just because they were once coal.”

“Then…what can I do? I can’t think of what else an alpha wants when they’re nice to me.” Lance stared at the ground.

“Well. What do you do about Timber? Surely he doesn’t want that from you.”

Lance twisted his lips. “He thinks of me like I’m a kid. You probably do, too.”


“Liar. And if you don’t, you can look at my bedroom and change your mind. I still sleep with stuffed animals.” Lance’s eyes stung with the threat of tears. At least it’s not a boner.

“So? Last I looked, there wasn’t a strict age limit on being comfortable. It’s who you are,” Oren said, taking Lance’s hands to walk across the gravel roof, finding an open spot where he pulled Lance down to sit. The welcome distraction threw Lance off his guard. “Wanna watch the stars with me? It’s not the greatest in this part of town, but it’s nice to stare up at the sky and watch the universe go by.”