Lethal Heat (Bonds of Steele Omegaverse #4) Read Online Alex Lidell, May Dawson

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Series: May Dawson

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My match-making mother tortured my omega sisters in pursuit of her kind of happily-ever-afters and generous dowries. So when my heat starts abruptly, I know the posh hell that’s coming. My marriage is arranged. Without me.
Too bad for mum, I take after my crime-savvy sister. I won’t ever be some pack’s omega, some alphas’ obedient little wife. I’d rather fake it as a beta–and take my chances outside the gilded cage.
With fake beta identity documents, heat suppressants and my pet snake, I disappear into the night. An enterprising girl like me can make it on my own. But when Grey Akiva, the head of Akiva Security, catches me stealing, he can’t resist turning into my brutal white knight.
Determined to save me from a life of crime, the sexy former SEAL gives me a choice: a year at Akiva Academy–aka his brutal military school for mercenary assholes–or jail. Worse yet, he recruits his two SEAL besties to help out. The twins Khyler and Benedict are gorgeous, maddening, and my new roommates.

Will my omega nature make me cave to these three alluring, dangerous men trying to reform me, or will I beat them on their own playing field? The game is on.




I was about to take the thugs at the poker table for all they were worth, when I felt the first strange prickle across my skin. I was focused entirely on the game–cheating is hard work, especially when you’re cheating with people who will murder you if they catch you–so at first, I just scratched absently at the sudden itching across my chest.

The man sitting across from me stared at me, his nostrils flaring as if he could smell my deception. His gaze dropped to his cards, just for a second, before they bounced back up to my face. Tattoos spread up his neck, and sweat slid down his shiny face from his hairline. Someone couldn’t afford this game. I loved those kind of players.

I smiled sweetly back at him as I tossed my chips down. “Call.”

The man on my right cleared his throat as he shifted uncomfortably. He dropped his cigarette in the ashtray and reached down to adjust himself.

Awfully rude in front of a lady, if you asked me.

All three of them were staring at me instead of their cards. I glanced around impatiently.

“Cherry vanilla,” one of them muttered. The words were soft and not meant for me, but they sent a shiver of fear through my body. Cherry vanilla was the perfume that ran in my family - the omega perfume. The one I wasn’t supposed to have gotten for another year according to my primary care doctor. And with Mother being Mother, keeping track of when her daughters were expected to manifest was priority number one in life.

I’d stupidly trusted all that. I thought I had a lot more time.

Yeah. It was happening. I was starting my pre-heat.

I needed to get out of here. Caution and greed waged a brief war, though, when the money was piled in front of me on the burgundy velvet tabletop. Especially since I’d need the funds a whole lot earlier now.

The guy beside me couldn’t stop staring at my chest, even though there wasn’t much to said chest and I was wearing a Lucky Charms t-shirt. Maybe I could work this to my advantage. They were so very distracted and so very rich and so very stupid; I didn’t believe in wasting opportunities.

The round of calls and folds went around the table. I silently willed the big spender across from me to raise; I’d been playing an exaggeratedly cautious game, and spinning a subtle story about how some unseen boyfriend had introduced me to poker, so if I raised I might scare them off. Right on time, without taking his eyes off me, he raised. I let my gaze linger on him, as if I were interested.

“All in.” The guy next to him pushed his money into the center. He flashed me a cocky smile.

God, if my heat made poker players stupid, I’d have to find a way of using it in the future. Future being the key word. Priority one was to get out of the house before Mother figured out I was starting to manifest and executed the marriage contract she’d drawn up. She wouldn’t even tell me which pack she intended to sell me off to. She was smart that way.

The thought of my wedding took some of the shine off this poker game, but still. We went around the table again with each player calling or folding. Tension seemed to hang in the air, thick and citrus-scented, as if their desire was going to choke me.

Then we lay our hands on the table. I frowned at everyone else’s hands, trying to make it look as if I were doing math awkwardly in my head. “So… I won?”