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Ali Parker

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We’re finally waking up from the nightmare.

The Lost Breeds have been through Hell and back, and finally, life is slowing the fuck down.

In the stillness, I realize that something is missing.

All the other guys in the MC have women in their corner to kiss their wounds and help them heal.

It’s my damn turn.

I see her on a busy New York City street and know without a doubt—she’s the one.

She’s everything a man like me dreams of.

But she’s out of my league.

Wayyyy out of it.

A billionaire by birth.

Lucky for her, I’m willing to be whatever she needs, what keeps her up late at night and drags her from sleep with yearning.

This girl has no clue what’s about to hit her.

Me. Full force with the desire to be deeply connected and fully devoted for the first time ever.

Things are changing too fast to keep up.

She’ll be my rock when it all falls apart.

And she doesn’t even know me yet.

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Chapter 1


Owen flinched as a shrieking toddler blew past us in Axel’s living room. The beer in his red solo cup sloshed dangerously close to the edge, threatening to spill over onto the hardwood floors.

“Watch it,” I warned, shooting a cautious glance around the jam-packed house in search of Axel’s other half. “Ellie will have your head if she catches you spilling on her new floors.”

Owen grumbled and resumed his position of leaning casually against the arm of the sofa. “Ugh. Kids. Must they all have started popping them out? Insufferable little—”

“Watch it,” I cautioned again as Dani passed us, with her and Ryder’s little one passed out against her shoulder.

Dani smiled at us as she passed. “Gentlemen, need anything from the kitchen after I put Jason to sleep?”

Owen shook his head, holding up his nearly full beer. “All good here. Thanks though, Dani.”

“I’m all right,” I said.

Dani looked at my drink-free hands and arched an eyebrow. “Not partaking in the celebrations this evening, Liam?”

“Gotta drive.”

“I’m sure Axel wouldn’t mind if you crashed on the sofa.”

I grimaced. “Nah, I’m good. I’d wake up with Hanna’s finger up my nose or some shit.”

Dani threw her head back and laughed, then remembered she had a sleeping eight-month-old cradled against her chest. She fell quiet and scowled at me. “Don’t make me laugh. Jason’s been in a terrible sleeping pattern. Awake at five in the morning every day and waking up every hour. It’s exhausting. Between all the wakeup calls, and the diapers, and the formula, and the pumping, and—”

“I get it, Dani,” I said, trying to sound compassionate but firm.

Owen was right. These kids were taking over every aspect of our lives.

It was hard to feel like a badass biker when I was constantly surrounded by dirty diapers and soggy animal crackers.

I couldn’t count how many times one of their well-intentioned children tricked me into eating a deceivingly mushy snack.

I could hurl just thinking about it.

Dani gave me an understanding nod as she tucked a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear. “Sorry. Sometimes, I forget who I’m talking to.”

Owen chuckled beside me. “You mean, you forget we’re not all parents yet?”

“Keyword is yet.” Dani winked.

Owen waved her off. “Get out of here with that talk. There are no babies in my future.”

“And Evangeline is on the same page?” Dani cocked her head to the side.

I knuckled Owen’s shoulder. “Yeah, come on, man. We both know you’re not the decision maker anymore. Owen the Great is no longer the captain of his ship, am I right?”

Dani snickered.

Owen rolled his eyes and tilted his head back to polish off the half a beer in his red solo cup. “Laugh all you want, fuckers. I do what I want, when I want. So does my Angel.”

“And when she decides she wants babies?” Dani asked, while absently rubbing Jason’s back. Her little man was dressed in a striped onesie, which, knowing her, likely said something offensive but hilarious on the front. Something along the lines of, I’m cute enough to shit myself and get away with it, or I love boobs.

Owen sighed. “You just want to hear me say it.”

“Of course, I do.” Dani grinned.

Owen looked back and forth between Dani and me. “If she wants babies, then fucking hell, we’ll have babies.”

“See?” I asked, waggling my eyebrows at Dani. “Evangeline is the captain of that ship now.”

“Fuck off, pipsqueak.” Owen pushed at my chest, sending me back a step.

Baby Jason nuzzled himself in closer to the groove of Dani’s shoulder. She excused herself quietly and slipped away to put him down in one of the cribs in the kids’ rooms, leaving Owen and me to wander into the kitchen together so he could get another beer.

The place was pretty packed for Hanna’s birthday. She was turning five. I hadn’t been around for her very early days, but I found Axel’s daughter to be quite the charmer—and the troublemaker. She was constantly getting in over her head and taking risks. She was going to be an adrenaline seeker through and through.

Every time I warned Axel about it, he’d tell me to sit down and shut up. He had enough to worry about without obsessing over thoughts of her wanting a motorcycle or a really fast car one day. He was lucky he and Ellie had come together when they did and his little girl took to his woman like white on rice. Ellie was the apple of Hanna’s eye—and Axel’s.

I never left it alone, of course. Watching him squirm about how much harder it was going to get as his children grew up was too much fun.

While Owen helped himself to another beer out of the cooler on the kitchen island, I topped off a red solo cup with water from the dispenser in the fridge. Then I turned to stand shoulder to shoulder with him while we surveyed the child-infested house.