Little Miss Independent (Club N2 #1) Read Online Cooper McKenzie

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One independent Little. One determined Daddy. Two hearts, fighting for what they need…
When a sweet but stubborn submissive literally falls at his feet in his club, Viking Harrison claims her as his own, determined to put a stop to her self-destructive ways.
Getting the fiercely independent Roque to accept any help at all tests the limits of his patience, and it isn’t long before he’s forced to deal with her the way only a Daddy can: with a sore, red bottom and lots of understanding.
But somebody isn’t happy to see Roque moving on with her life. And her independent streak may turn out to be the reason Viking loses her forever…


Chapter One

“Dominant or submissive?”

It had taken everything Roque Palmeri had in her to walk into the restaurant and through the main dining room to the private dining room in the back where she had learned the local BDSM club was having its monthly vanilla munch. Now this gorgeous woman with a nametag declaring “Hello, I’m Jillian” on it had asked a question she did not have an answer for.

Maybe this had been a mistake.

She was here to find out if she was a dominant or submissive. Or if stepping into the world of a BDSM club would be moving too far out of her comfort zone. She thought attending one of the vanilla gatherings Club N2 offered would help her ease into things. Jillian’s question caused her heart to begin pounding and her mouth to go dry.

Licking her lips, Roque hesitated another few seconds before softly answering, “Ummm, undecided? This is my first time here.”

The woman studied her with an unreadable expression. “Submissive. Definitely submissive,” she said, making a note by Roque’s name then set about putting together a nametag.

Though Roque wanted to ask what the woman saw in her to make such an assumption, there were people behind her waiting their turn to sign in. Taking the nametag Jillian held out, Roque eased around the sign-in table and entered the room.

When the couple behind her brushed by, she stepped to the side, out of the flow of traffic and took a moment to put on her nametag. She noticed Jillian had put a bright red S in the bottom left corner of the tag, and had attached a yellow sticker with the number one on it in the right.

The marks on the nametag outed her as a first timer and a submissive without her having to say a word. She wasn’t sure if that would prove to be a good thing, or not.

Roque eased closer to the wall as she looked around, wondering what she should do now. She’d never been overly outgoing and, in this setting, with these people, she felt even more shy.

Those in line entering behind her seemed to know one another. They gathered around the room in little groups, talking, sharing hugs, and laughing as they chatted. The women seemed more animated than the men, but everyone seemed to know everyone else.

Except her. She knew no one and no one knew her.

As the room continued to fill, she edged along the wall toward the corner. She wondered if Jillian would miss her if she left before anyone else noticed her.

Probably not.

But she couldn’t leave. After reading books about BDSM for the last few years, those fictional glimpses into a world she wanted to experience intrigued her. She needed to stay. She wanted to understand this fascination she had developed.

She had to know why she’d rather be alone with her vibrator, her books, and her daydreams than try to match up and meet with another man of the vanilla variety who couldn’t offer what she’d come to crave in the way of sex. Yet another man who did not understand how a little kink, or maybe more than a little kinky time, could enhance a relationship.

Taking a deep breath, she steeled her determination. She would stay and learn more about this lifestyle that had intrigued and pulled at her since she’d discovered it in her books.

An empathic soul, she often felt everything the female characters in her books went through, the good and the bad. She wanted what they had. She wanted to experience what they did. She wanted a strong, dominant man who only had her best interest at heart to step into her life and take over.

She hoped to find the piece that was missing from her life. She didn’t care if it was a long term, monogamous relationship with an as-yet faceless man, or if she just had a series of weekend scenes at the club. She needed more in her life.

She had been married for three miserable years to a man who had emotionally and verbally abused her. Though more difficult than she thought it might be, she had left Steven the day after he had punched her the first time.