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Long Lost – Masters & Mercenaries The Forgotten

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Lexi Blake

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A stolen past

The only thing Tucker remembers of his past is pain. Used in a doctor’s evil experiments, his memories and identity were erased, and his freedom taken. He believed his nightmare was over when he was liberated by the men and women of McKay-Taggart, until he heard the name Steven Reasor. The idea that he could have been involved in the terrible experiments that cost his “brothers” everything crushed him. A desperate attempt to force him to remember the truth almost cost him his life. Now his world is in chaos and his only path to finally uncover the truth and atone for his sins leads to Veronica Croft.

A painful present

Veronica “Roni” Croft knew Dr. Steven Reasor was bad for her, but she also saw a side of the man that no one else knew. Even as she began to believe their employer was hiding something sinister, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Their affair was passionate and intense, but also fraught with danger. When he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, she took her first chance to run and never looked back. She has stayed hidden ever since, running from forces she knows are too powerful to overcome. But now the man she believed was dead, the man she mourned, has returned and needs her help.

A dangerous future

As Tucker and Roni unravel the secrets of his past, a dark force rises and threatens to destroy them. Their only chance for survival will require them to join forces with the Lost Boys’ worst enemy. Only together can they finally unlock Tucker’s past. But as Tucker’s memories begin to come back, will it free them both or tear them apart forever?

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Paris, France

What the hell was she doing here? It was one thing to kiss the man, to go on a couple of dates with him, but this was something entirely different.

Veronica Croft stared down at the street below and the question kept running through her head. She was alone in a foreign city with Steven Reasor, the pit bull of the neuro world. He was stunningly handsome—far out of her league—sexy as hell, and scary. People at Kronberg Pharma, where they worked, were scared of Steven, and she was worried it wasn’t simply because he could fire them.

There were rumors about the man who was currently taking a shower after the short plane trip from Munich to Paris. Rumors that frightened her. Rumors that should have had her running away, not going on holiday with him.

Vacation. That’s what they called it in the States. Had she been away from home so long she sounded European? Working alongside Brits and Germans and Swedes and French had taught her a lot, had forced her outside her South Texas roots. The girl she’d been mere years ago wouldn’t have found the courage to leave the safety of her suburban home, much less take a year to work for one of the most innovative companies in the world.

The girl she’d been had also known that when a moth touched the flame, her wings burned away.

“How do you like the place?”

The deep voice sent a shiver down her spine that didn’t have anything to do with fear. His voice fascinated her because she could tell so much about his mood from it. When it went deep and had a rough edge to it, he was angry. When he was bored, he sounded pretentious and intellectual. He sounded like that a lot, like the world wasn’t quite enough for him, and neither was the person he was talking to.

And then there was that voice he seemed to only use on her, the one that made her heart melt.

Don’t believe what they say, Roni. I’m not who they say I am. It’s all for show.

He’d whispered those words in her ear a month ago after he’d pretty much flayed the doctor who’d cornered her at a party. He’d been drunk and gotten handsy, and thanks to Steven Reasor, he was no longer employed.

It had been the first sign that Steven might not be who he seemed to be, and that one incident had brought about the first crack in her barely-there armor.

Her mom always said she was too open. She trusted too fast and it burned her. She was afraid she was going to get burned again, and she couldn’t seem to help herself.

She turned away from the scene outside where she could see the green of a park and tourists and locals walking by. The smell of espresso wafted up from the café at the bottom of the building. “It’s beautiful. This is a nice neighborhood.”

“This neighborhood is known as the first arrondissement,” he explained. “One of the oldest, wealthiest neighborhoods in Paris. All the best shopping is here, and the Louvre is close by.”

Yes, she’d already figured that out. It was part of the mystery that surrounded him. His place in Munich was fairly utilitarian. She had been surprised by how luxurious this space was. “It’s an amazing apartment, but it makes me wonder how you afford it. Most doctors your age are still struggling to pay off medical school.”

Yeah, there were rumors about that, too. She didn’t believe them. He had a rough exterior, but he wasn’t some kind of criminal.

He could be incredibly sweet when he wanted to be. And god, he was beautiful.

She forced herself to stay cool and not to drool at the man. He’d come in dressed in nothing but a pair of jeans that clung to his hips. They showed off the fact that Steven liked to work out. A lot. She was around doctors all the time. One would think men and women in the medical profession would be in tip-top shape. One would be wrong. But not about Steven. He was six foot two, with a lean frame and broad shoulders. And abs. Lots of sculpted abs. Maybe she could handle the to-die-for body, but his face was damn near perfect, too. It was the face of an angel.

It didn’t fit the man’s reputation at all.

He grinned, a light expression she rarely saw. “It’s not exactly mine, but that’s another story. It belongs to a guy I sort of work with. Worked with. While I’m here in Europe, I’m free to come and go as I please.” He took a step toward her, his golden-brown hair slick from the shower. “But I’m probably going back to the States soon.”

That surprised her. “I thought you were riding McDonald’s coattails all the way to the top.”

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