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Lost in You (Masters & Mercenaries The Forgotten #3)

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Lexi Blake

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Robert McClellan was forced to serve as a soldier in a war he didn’t understand. Liberated by McKay-Taggart, he struggles every day to reclaim the life he lost and do right by the men he calls his brothers, The Lost Boys. Only one thing is more important – Ariel Adisa. The gorgeous psychologist has plagued his dreams since the day they met. Even as their mission pushes him to his limits, he can’t stop thinking about taking his shot at finding a life beyond all this with her.

Ariel Adisa is a force to be reckoned with. Her performance in Toronto proved she’s more than just a brilliant mind, but Robert still acts as if she is a wilting flower who needs his protection. Joining him on the mission to Munich should be the perfect opportunity to test their skills and cement their relationship. She and Robert are an excellent match. But when a stunning secret from Robert’s past is revealed, their world is turned upside down and nothing will ever be the same again.

While they chase dark secrets across Europe, Robert and Ariel realize that the only thing worse than not knowing who you are could be discovering who you used to be…

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Masters & Mercenaries The Forgotten Series by Lexi Blake

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Paris, France

One Year before

Ariel Adisa looked down over the Place Vendôme and sighed. This job was taking longer than she’d thought and she absolutely had to make it back to London by tomorrow. She’d told her boss that she would be back in two days, and she wasn’t about to push his patience. It had been pushed enough lately. And there was the fact that she was supposed to meet with Robert to discuss the progress of a few of his teammates.

Robert. Even his name sent a thrill through her, and that was dangerous as hell because he was a patient. She was supposed to think about how she could help him, not how good it would feel to have his big, strong hands on her body.

It wasn’t professional but she couldn’t get him out of her head.

“Okay, who are you thinking about? You’ve got your ‘should I sleep with him or shouldn’t I’ face on.”

She glanced to her left, back toward the bed where the reason she’d taken the train from her home in London to Paris currently lay on her side, her head propped up in her hand. Kimberly Solomon was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt she managed to make look chic with black Louboutin flats and a simple Chanel necklace she’d probably bought at the store across the circle from the hotel. If anyone looked at her, they would see another pretty tourist enjoying the glorious Paris day in one of the most expensive parts of the city.

They wouldn’t see the CIA operative at work, and that was one of the reasons Kim was good at her job. She didn’t look like a lady who regularly got blood on her hands.

“I have that face? I was completely unaware,” Ariel replied. She had met the woman most people called Solo many years ago, in a life far, far away. It was good to see her again, but Kim’s reappearance and the favor she’d asked her to perform were reminders of why she’d gotten out of the spy game in the first place.

Not that she’d gotten far. When she’d realized she couldn’t go out in the field again, she’d found herself on Damon Knight’s doorstep. He was the former MI6 legend who now ran a security and investigative firm called McKay-Taggart and Knight. She was finally using her ridiculously expensive education for what it had been meant for—to help people. Oh, she was sure many of her fellow operatives would say taking down terrorists had certainly helped, but there was so much gray in that world. Gray that often bled to black and blood red.

Kim sat up, shifting her body with the ease of an athlete. “You definitely have that face. Remember when you weren’t sure if you should sleep with that incredibly hot guy in Shanghai? The one at the club we spent time in.”

She winced. Kim had often been her Agency contact when Britain and the States decided to work together. She rather thought the higher-ups enjoyed putting two younger women together and seeing what they could do—and who would underestimate them. “I was smart to not sleep with him since he turned out to be working for the North Koreans and nearly gutted me with a sword. Who uses swords these days? That was utterly ridiculous.”

Kim simply smiled. “Yeah, I saved you with a frying pan. Good times. Are you sure you’re out? Like totally out?”

Well she would be if Kim didn’t stop pulling her back in. “I’m absolutely out, and this has to be the last favor I do.”

The smile on Kim’s face turned upside down and she seemed a bit lost. “It’s all different now. I hate change. The chick who took your place at MI6 is boring. ‘No, Solo, we can’t get mani-pedis while we’re stalking a traitor. No, Solo, you can’t assassinate that Ukranian mobster just because he’s offensive and has BO.’ She doesn’t even do GNOs. She’s all about the job. Boring. She doesn’t even gossip. I have no idea what happened between Velma the analyst and Dick Face John.”

Kim always made her laugh. Often when they worked together they spent long hours watching and reporting on their targets. She’d wiled away the hours by sharing some good gossip. “Velma and John married two weeks ago, and I’m fairly certain he’s already cheating on her. But I can’t be sure. I’m getting everything secondhand since I left.”

She looked back to the plaza. It was quieter during the week than it would be this weekend, but it was never empty. The Vendôme Column rose from the center of the thoroughfare, the oxidized bronze making a brilliant contrast to the bright blue of the sky. It was a gorgeous Paris day, and she wondered how it would feel to walk around the parks with Robert’s hand in hers. They could stroll through the Tuileries Garden and enjoy the day. Maybe if they were away from London, they could be normal. Maybe they could pretend he hadn’t had his memory ripped away by a mad woman and she could pretend she’d never…