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Love Someone Like Me (Trillium Creek #4)

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Silvia Violet

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I’m not a typical omega. I like control, and I’d rather take than be taken.

After years of fantasizing, I finally find an alpha who will submit to all my desires. Our connection is beyond intense. My wolf says we’re fated for each other, but I know better.

Even if a test strip says I’m pregnant, I don’t want a mate. No matter how submissive he may appear, I won’t link myself to an alpha.


I’ll never live up to what my pack thinks an alpha should be.

I don’t want to order omegas and betas around. In fact, I’d prefer to hand over the reins and enjoy the bliss of surrender.

I jump at the chance when a dominant omega asks me to share his heat. Once I get a taste of him, I know a few days together won’t be enough. I want it all: a mating ceremony, kids, the future stretched before us. He wants to run as fast as he can, but I’m determined to show him I don’t want to confine him—I want to set him free.

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Trillium Creek Series by Silvia Violet

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I glanced over at my laptop screen when an alert let me know I’d gotten an email. I was waiting for a response from a friend who might be able to help me with an investigation I was working on, but the email wasn’t from them: it was from Mac, a Dom I’d met at The Slick Knot, a kink club in Charlottesville. I clicked on it and started reading.

You still looking for someone to spend your heat with? There’s a submissive alpha who’s been coming to the club for a few months now. I’ve played with him several times. He’s hot as fuck, and, even better, he’s a good person. The other Doms he’s been with agree. I think you’d be a great match. Let me know if you’re interested.

I hadn’t met many alphas who’d qualify as decent people until I’d joined the Trillium Creek pack. And to find one who was submissive too? I’d basically given up on that.

My heat was due any day now. I’d meant to spend some time in my favorite online kink group to continue my search for a submissive alpha, but I’d been too caught up in my work for the pack. I’d spent my last few heats with Mac. He was a great guy, and he respected that I wasn’t truly submissive, but I couldn’t expect him to change his own nature. While the time spent with him satisfied my most basic need to be fucked through my heat, it was less than truly satisfying. I longed to be knotted and bred by an alpha who’d let me take charge, one who understood that I could top him while he put his cock in my ass. It would be even better if the alpha craved domination. If he would submit to me, even as my body pushed me to crave things I usually didn’t, like an alpha’s knot. What would it be like to spend my heat with a man I could command, a man who would serve me and my body’s needs?

I’d been with an alpha submissive before, but not one I trusted enough for my heat. Most of my partners were betas or other omegas—at least in more liberal packs, omegas could fuck each other without having to hide what they were doing. But the stigma against submissive alphas was so strong many of them never admitted what they wanted.

Not that being an omega Dom was easy. I’d had my desires dismissed plenty of times. I’d also had a few narrow escapes from alphas who wanted to teach me my place, but that was true for any omega who stood up for himself. I trusted Mac. I’d been with him during my heat several times, and even though our desires didn’t line up well, he did his best to make sure I was comfortable and satisfied. If he thought this guy was what I was looking for, I wanted to at least meet him. I typed out a quick response.

If this alpha is available in the next few days, I want to meet with him. My heat will be here soon. Thanks.

I really didn’t have time to make the hour-long drive to Charlottesville, not with the investigation I was working on with Cory, my pack leader’s mate. But my heat would come whether I was ready or not, and if I truly had the chance to be with an alpha who would fill me just the way I told him to, then I had to take it. I deserved that. If it meant I didn’t get much sleep in the days before or after, that would be fine. I’d gone without plenty of times before. When I got deep into hacker mode, I rarely knew how many hours had passed as I kept peeling back layers to find what I sought.

That meant I needed to get as far as I could with my investigation today. Several young omegas were in danger, and I was determined to do everything I could to help them. Oaklawn was the closest pack to ours, and Hanson, the leader, was known for his conservative beliefs and strict pack hierarchy. The betas and omegas in that pack were expected to conform to their traditional roles. Hanson arranged mates for the omegas once their heats began, and he didn’t allow any of them to use heat suppressants. Taking suppressants throughout heat wasn’t recommended because the omega would never be fully satisfied and would be left with a suppressant hangover, but it was better than forcing an omega—especially an underage one—to mate with an alpha he hated.

Conservative views like those weren’t in themselves illegal, but recently, several omegas had fled the pack after suffering abuse, including Rory, who was barely sixteen when he went into heat, and his older brother, Cam, who fled after being held captive by the alpha he was given to. Cam was now a member of Trillium Creek, and he was mated with both Ryder, an alpha, and Brett, a beta, who was also a former member of Oaklawn.