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Loved by Mistake

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ChaShiree M

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Parker came into my life, at a time when I had no direction. No purpose.
Being with him, gave me both. Too bad, I still don’t feel good enough for him.

He is perfect, kind, sweet and is planning to change the world.

He says he loves me. I think that’s a mistake.

So why does it hurt so bad when he leaves?


Felicity is everything!!! Smart, beautiful, funny and sexy as hell.

I love this woman. But I don’t know how to make her see it.

She thinks our love is a mistake. I think it was fate.

It’s time to make her see what I do.

She was made just for me.

Fans of Cinnamon have been asking for Felicity and Parker’s story. Well, it has arrived. Join them as they find their happily ever after. And yes. You get to catch up with Cinnamon and Brad too.

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I am so glad I waited to have this grand opening. If I’d have had to do this by myself, I probably would have passed out by now.

See, we have been open for the past three months. Business is great and going strong. But my big sister Cinnamon had her second baby three months ago and she has been a bit overwhelmed with two kids under two.

Don’t get me wrong, her husband Brad is amazing. Extremely supportive, hands on and present. But my sister tries to be supermom and well, she does it to herself every time. Now, of course I could have had the grand opening anyway, but considering she gave me the startup money and her husband is one of two silent investors, I want them to not just feel a part of the celebration, but to be a part of it. Plus, Cinn made me promise not to have the party until the fragrance she made to be sold exclusively at my shop was ready to unveil.

Officially, twenty minutes ago ‘Vixen’ by ScentSations was launched and like anything my big sister does, it is a hit. People have been dabbing it on themselves ever since and raving about it.

“Felicity. Sorry to bother you, but I can’t find the box of Bacitracin.”

“No worries Meridien. It is in the supply closet behind the cotton balls.”

“Thanks boss.” I smile watching one of my tattoo artists walk away. I decided that for today, and today only, we would do one free tattoo per person for anyone who donated $100 or more to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A representative is here from the organization with a donation booth and ‘Golden Tickets’ good for one tattoo. This is a cause close to my heart.

Growing up, my grandmother Imelda was my favorite person. I have always been a bit of a rebel. I never liked normal girl things. Dolls, lace, delicate colors, did nothing for me. I have always been loud, vibrant and full of spunk as my grandma used to say. She always stuck up for me when my mom and dad would hound me.

When I was thirteen, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and she died a few months later. I was so angry for so long. Then a little under two years ago, I had an epiphany. I love tattoos. Hence the reason I have more than a couple. And also explains why I traveled from Chicago to New York to be trained by the best in the business. Why not combine the two loves. Thus, the Tattooed Vixen was born.

I cater to the elite. Don’t get me wrong, we service everyone. But, because my clientele is high end, it gives me leeway to be able to close my shop to those same people on Sundays and open it only to Breast Cancer Survivors. We offer free chest tattoos to those looking to cover surgical scars. I also have a wig seller come in and fit each of them who are interested with their own custom wig free of charge. I have a contract with a foundation called Brides Against Breast Cancer. They donate or loan wedding dresses to survivors who are getting married. Helping these women is my proudest achievement. My parents are even on board. Not to mention Parker.

Parker is the little brother of Brad. He and I have been seeing each other. Nothing serious. Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself. The truth is, we have been seeing one another for about as long as Brad and Cinn have been a couple. Though we are exclusive, he has been pushing for more of a commitment, but I have been reluctant.

It would be easier if I didn’t love him.



3 months later

The atmosphere here at work has been weird. If not a little tense. I am more than positive that something non-work related is going on between Star, one of my other tattoo artists and Meridien. Don’t get me wrong. They are still doing their work without reproach. They are on time, don’t call off and the customers love them both. But, when they are in each other’s presence, I sometimes don’t know whether to get a fan or take shelter.

Guess that is what I get for having a mostly female staff. I say mostly because I hired a male artist to take on the rather…not in their right mind clients. Can’t have the clients getting handsy with my girls. I am almost finished restocking the shelf when I hear the chime above the door.

“Thank you for choosing the Tattooed Vixen. Someone will be right with you.”

“Well, I’d rather you be right with me.” I jump down off my ladder, a genuine smile on my face. I’d know that voice anywhere.

“Vanessa. What are you doing here?” I say as I hug my friend who also happens to be in investor.