Making a Cowgirl (Callahans of Copper Creek #1) Read Online Natalie Dean

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A new cowgirl. A seasoned cowboy. Both with trust issues. Neither willing to share their secrets…

Sarah Newton is beautiful, rich, and has a big secret. She won’t be spending this summer on her college campus. Instead, the sheriff has assigned her to community service at the Callahan ranch. But anything is better than spending time in jail or having her parents find out.
Or so she thinks, until she meets the handsomely irritating, almost-perfect cowboy who’s her boss…
Dax Heaton has worked on the Callahan ranch for years. After five years of sobriety, he’s now calm, cool, and skilled at working with horses. That is, until that stubborn brunette shows up on the ranch for the summer. The one he can’t stop thinking about.
Dax wants to know why Sarah is at the ranch, especially because she seems to be a magnet for trouble. Isn’t saving her life—twice—reason enough to tell him the truth?
Sarah is falling hard for Dax. But when her past catches up with her, will she tell Dax her secret and take a chance on love? Or will she run away in fear…




Dust swirled around Sarah’s legs as she bolted into the stable. Her face burned with the heat of embarrassment she hadn’t experienced since she was in middle school. The clamminess in her hands was just as irritating as the way her heart pounded in her chest.

What had she gotten herself into? She was trying to make up for what she’d done—and failing miserably at it.

Sarah strode about halfway down the aisle until she reached an empty stall. With both hands, she yanked the door open and shut it swiftly once she was inside. Her back dragged down the side of the stall as she lowered herself down and wrapped her arms around her legs. Unshed tears burned her eyes.

They were right. All of them.

Living here was harder than she’d expected. And doing it as penance for her wrongdoings seemed to only make it worse. She could feel it in the way Zeke, Adeline, and Brielle looked at her. Yes, Brielle had been more welcoming toward her, but the others seemed to be judging her with every move she made.

She rubbed her nose on her knees, grateful she hadn’t started crying. She was a lot of things, but she wasn’t about to show any of them her weaknesses. Her saving grace was that she’d only have to be here for the summer. And the requirement to visit with the sheriff every week didn’t seem so bad, but she couldn’t be sure.

Sarah heaved a heavy sigh, closing her eyes. It was only a matter of time before someone came looking for her to see where she was. That was all they cared about, it seemed—making sure she was doing her job and pulling her weight. She was allowed to take a break. But up until now, they had been breaks dictated by the owner. She might get written up with this one.

One week. She’d only been at Slate Rock Ranch for one week and already it felt like months.

And why? Because some crazy rooster chased her out of the henhouse? The heat that had dissipated filled her face once more. The one cowboy who’d witnessed her frantic screaming as she ran from the murderous chicken probably saw her escape in here. And if he was the one who came to get her, things would only feel that much worse. He was handsome, strong, and emanated cowboy vibes with his worn jeans and cowboy hat and boots. How embarrassing that he saw her being so incompetent at something that should be easy.


A startled yelp tore from her throat and Sarah scrambled toward the far side of the stall. Her head whipped up to find him. Derek? Declan? His name started with a “D,” right? There were too many people to keep track of here. On top of the seven girls who were raised by their single father, one of them was married, and then there was the staff. This place was so big that she wasn’t sure she’d even met everyone who worked at the ranch.

She swallowed as she gazed up at the cowboy. His black hat made it hard for her to make out the color of his eyes. There was a dimple on his chin and his eyes danced. She glowered at him. “What do you want? To laugh at me?”

Her embarrassment often came out as anger, and here on the ranch she found it was no different. She was going to have to work on that if she expected to make it through the summer.

He arched a brow, then lifted and rested his arm on the top of the stall door. “Me? I don’t want anything. But Chip here wants her room back.” He nodded his head to the side where a large brown horse stood. The animal nickered and bobbed its head.