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Marked by the Alpha

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Aria Cole

Mila Crawford

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Gavin is the Alpha of the Bare Mountain Clan, and although he’s content, there’s something missing in his life.

His mate.

But when a snowstorm hits his area, he never expected to find her.

Alone, abandoned, and left to die, Liza was deserted by her pack in a strange territory. Always the lone wolf, her mismatched eyes and inability to shift has marked her as an outcast from birth.

But this unexpected adventure never prepared her for what she’d find.

Her mate.

Because what she’ll find out is that when a member of the Bare Clan mates… it’s for life.

Warning: Welcome to Bare Mountain. Pull on some cozy socks and light the fire, we’re going to the mountains with a growly alpha bear and his one and only mate!

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“Gavin, calm down. Shifting isn’t going to help anyone,” my second, Tomlin, said softly. He was being careful not to make any sudden movements, which was smart, because in the state I was in, I could have bitten his damn head off.

“I can smell her. She’s here alone.” The scent of her fear was permeating my nostrils and making my bear rage, desperate to be freed. I walked up to Tom, crowding him with my height. Instinctively, he lowered his eyes and looked away, but I still heard the hesitation in his growl. Tom was an alpha, so bowing down to anyone was hard on him, but he couldn’t deny that I was his superior. Maybe Tom didn’t approve, but all of my reason was gone; the man in me had been stripped away long ago, and the animal was crawling to get out. I would destroy anyone in my path in order to get to her. Fifteen years. I’d waited fifteen fuckin’ years for her, and I was going to do everything in my power to find her.

“Gavin!” Mercy called out to me from the forest. Her call was desperate and urgent, and the bear in me ran. When I got to the clearing, I saw Mercy standing there looking helpless, trying to coax the young girl to come to her. I leaped toward them, and for the first time in a long time, I finally heard the true center of my heartbeat. Her scent wasn’t foreign, but she wasn’t a bear shifter either—she was a wolf.

I would never forget the sight of her.. She was curled up on the cold ground, shivering uncontrollably, huddled up to a tree and blanketed by fresh snow. I knew, without a doubt, that I’d found her. My mate. She seemed fragile and helpless and didn’t look a day older than eighteen. Rage boiled within me. What kind of a pack leaves one of their own alone and defenseless? I walked up to her, careful not to startle her. I had to coax her; the scent of her fear may block her other instincts. She might not recognize my scent and run. If she did run, I knew I’d chase her. She couldn’t be left alone, no matter the cost. The bear in me wouldn’t let me leave her, and neither would the man.

“Hey, sweetheart,” I whispered softly. I was holding the growl at bay, but it was demanding to get out. I was trying desperately to keep the animal out of my eyes. I knew she needed to only see the man. She slowly looked up at me, and her eyes made me stop in my tracks. One was blue and the other green, and they were beautiful.

Out of nowhere, she leaped straight into my arms. Her fragile arms held on tightly to my neck. I cradled her against my body as the relief flooded through me and calmed my bear. She nuzzled her face in my jacket, and I could feel her petite body shivering. I opened my jacket and let her curl up farther into my chest, seeing as she’d already imprinted herself onto my heart. I looked down at the sweet angel in my arms.

“My name is Gavin. What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Liza,” she whispered softly. In that moment I knew she felt it too. She knew who I was. She knew I’d keep her safe and let her into my inner circle. She knew too that we were destined to be together.

Chapter 1


Two days had passed since my pack abandoned me in the middle of nowhere. One minute I was excited to go out with my father for a hunting expedition, and the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by miles of white, powdery snow with my pack nowhere to be seen. I was alone without any help in sight, and I believed that it was the end of me.

In my wolf pack, I was shunned as the only wolf born in over a century who couldn’t shift. On top of that, I had these defective heterochromatic eyes, one sapphire blue and one emerald green. My eye color labeled me different from the moment I was born, and my nonexistent wolf was the last nail in my coffin. They didn’t want me, plain and simple. My own family had agreed to cast me out like trash.

I’d given up, was ready for the darkness to take me, when I heard him. As soon as he spoke to me, I knew he was my salvation, and I would be his everything too. I knew about mates, how the initial call was so strong that the animal in you instinctively knew you belonged, but I had been alone and lost for so long that I didn’t believe I would ever find my own. Yet, when he scooped me up, I knew without a doubt he was my mate. I didn’t even know his name, but in his arms I felt safe for the first time in my life. I was home and finally understood what that word really meant—I was where I belonged.

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