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Married by Mistake (Alphalicious Billionaires #1)

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Lindsey Hart

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What do you do when you wake up in bed next to an Adonis god with a wedding band on your finger and no recollections of the night before?

Except for maybe one single memory where you lost a hand of cards to the sexy stranger and agreed to marry him. Seriously, how drunk was I?!

Well, whatever the case, you sure as hell do not agree to stay married to the Greek God and be his wife!

I mean what if he had a crooked dick or something. There was bound to be a catch, right?

Because why the hell would he want the plain-Jane-ME as his wife?

Ah, he did say he needed to get married and it would save him all the work of actually having to find someone, date them, propose, and go through months of wedding planning.

But like how the freaking hell is that a valid reason?!

Well, he did ask for a weekend to prove to me that we were perfect for each other. Should I agree? Especially when my body was reacting all on its own and going into instant combustion every time he touched me.

Hey Loves, this is the first book in the new series Alphalicious Billionaires. Come meet those sexy men loaded with more than that cash package and so ready to claim their not-so-reluctant heroine. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order. And don’t forget, we are team HEA all the way!

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Alphalicious Billionaires Series by Lindsey Hart

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Holy mother of Hannah- whoever that was. Waking up with a splitting headache compliments of an epic hangover next to a burly, handsome, ash-blonde giant of a stranger was one thing. Waking up with a hangover, no memory of the night before, a stranger, and a simple gold band glistening on her left ring finger was quite another.

June Lashinsky bolt upright, which was hangover rule number one mistake. She never took her eyes from the glistening ring, not even when she leaned forward and dry heaved nothing but glistening lines of spittle onto the white hotel sheets.

The beast beside her stirred and let out a caveman worthy groan. “What the fuck?” he mumbled sleepily, confused. He stared at her until she managed to get her rolling stomach under control. Thankfully nothing came up. The sour taste in her mouth lingered disgustingly. Obviously, it was the least of her worries.

The caveman with the strong brow, the square jaw, the straight nose, full lips and piercing dark midnight eyes, ran a hand through his long, already disheveled ashy blonde hair. Even half sitting up, it was obvious that he was over six feet of pure jacked sin. He was bronzed. Bronzed. He probably had dimples when he smiled.

Even through the pain knifing through her head, the gut twisting tornado she had going on and the wall blocking her memories, June realized the guy was handsome. Not just handsome. Total fuck worthy material. Which was… well… obviously the case. She didn’t even need her drunk goggles to want to jump his bones. He was the kind of guy that could walk into a room full of women and up the estrogen production tenfold. What the heck am I doing in bed with a guy most women would give their left tit to have a baby with? He probably causes spontaneous pregnancies just by breathing.

A jolt of hot electricity burned its way shamefully up her spine. June gripped the sheet and tugged it up when she realized the beast was eyeing up her naked breasts. Oh god. Oh god. Is that what we did last night? “What the hell?” she asked harshly. Unfortunately, the sheet slipped down, revealing an already pert dark bud. “You are a pervert or something?”

The guy ran a meaty hand through his hair again. His flawless bronzed brow crinkled in confusion, pulling his brown eyebrows closer into the bridge of his nose, which was a nice nose, solid and straight and strong. “Uhh… honestly, at the moment, I don’t know. I hope not though.” He looked her up and down and June burned under the frank inspection. “Judging from the fact that we’re both naked and this is Vegas and my head is splitting, and you look to be in the same boat, I would say it was consensual.”

June let out a low moan. “Why on earth would you say that? Do you ever have non-consensual sex?”

The guy’s frown deepened, and something knifed through his azure eyes. Eyes the color of a dark abyss you could get lost in. What the hell. Seriously? I’m already Grade A pathetic. I don’t have to make it worse.

“Never. Why would you even say that?”

“Because of what you said!”

“I thought you might be an escort or something, okay!”

“An escort!” She choked. “What- that would still have to be- consensual.”

“I’ve never had any sex that wasn’t consensual!” The guy barked. “Jesus!”

“What does he have to do with it?”

The guy rolled his eyes. “I’m hung over as hell at the moment. All I have is a blank sheet in my mind about what happened last night. I have never, ever, ever forced a woman to have sex with me.” He nailed her with a direct stare. “Do I look like I need to?”

“Oh, that’s just great!” June threw back the sheets and exploded out of bed. “Not only did I just spend the night sleeping beside some kind of pervert, I also picked the most humble man in all of Nevada.”

“I’m sure they’re in abundant supply here in Vegas. And I’m not a pervert.” The guy’s icy eyes raked down her body, her naked body, appreciatively. “None of that was what I meant to say. I meant instead of consensual, I meant- god, I can’t think of the word. Mutual, that’s what I meant. And I don’t know where the escort thing came from. I guess I just wanted to see what you’d say. You never know…” He had the nerve to flash her a charming, witty smile. A smile! As if it was funny!

June gasped and hurried over the black puddle of material on the hotel room floor. She glanced around the room as she picked it up. It was nice. Obviously, a suite. It had a hot tub style bathtub, whatever they were called, in the corner, a huge TV mounted on the wall above a bar with a mini fridge and actual cupboards, a leather couch, a desk and chair, a small table, and a huge king-sized bed. The carpet was black, the bedding was black, though the sheets were white beneath. Everything looked new and expensive. It smelled new and expensive.

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