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Mated to the Pack

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Sam Crescent

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Lucia is running for her life. Human hunters have destroyed her pack, and she has been ordered to run, to survive. She runs for two days straight without stopping—until she ends up crashing right into Luther Knight’s arms.

The Knight pack has five men, bound by their loyalty to each other, with Luther being their alpha, the strongest of them all. He knows what it’s like to be at the mercy of the human hunters and has vowed to kill all humans on his lands.

With Lucia in his arms, he knows she belongs to him, and not only does she belong to him, but she is the female for all of them. Even with the danger that surrounds them, they know what they want, and Lucia feels it, too.

However, the humans are closing in, and Luther’s desire for revenge, his need to kill every single one of them, grows. When Lucia says it’s her or the hunters, she is shocked when he tells her he doesn’t do ultimatums and walks away.

The hunters are close. Will the Knight pack make it out alive, or die at the hands of the monsters intent on abusing them?

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Chapter One

Even as her feet were aching, Lucia didn’t stop. She couldn’t. Stopping would mean failure, and she didn’t want to die. There was no one left from her pack, and they’d all been ordered to run, to get as far away as possible. To survive. For two days straight, she’d been running, and she knew there would come a time when she had to stop. The pain in her body wouldn’t let her sit or stop. She needed to keep on moving.

Survival was what kept her going.

That and fear.

The sound of the bullets.

The screams.

The cages slamming shut.

All of it had scared her.

She had seen the hunger in their eyes. Their need to hunt. The scent of death clung to their skin, and she’d clawed at the filthy human’s neck before running. Covered in blood. Soaked in sweat. Terrified to her core, she didn’t stop.

Lucia knew she was running out of time.

There’s no way she could keep on moving.

Collapsing against a tree, she tried to draw in breath. Her entire body was shaking. The image of her pack getting cut, shot, and thrown into cages was just too much. Tears ran down her cheeks, and she pressed her face against the trunk of the tree. She wanted to scream, but any noise that came from her could draw attention, which was the last thing she wanted.

Keep moving.

She couldn’t do it.

Just as she was about to run, though, she heard it. The sound of footsteps. She didn’t know if it was an animal or the humans that had been chasing her. She couldn’t risk being caught. Not now.

Heart pounding, she had a split-second decision to make, so she turned on her heel and ran.

Don’t want to die.

She kept running, going through the trees, her feet hurting. She must have cut herself because the pain was so intense.

After a few minutes she realized they were not humans running after her. There’s no way they could be with how fast they were going.

One quick glance behind her, and sure enough, she saw the wolves. Four of them. They all looked the same in that quick glance, and she cried out, trying to gain speed, but she couldn’t do it.

She was dead on her feet.

Taking a quick left then right, she dodged a fallen tree. At first, she thought she had lost them and a quick look behind her made her smile.

Only victory wasn’t hers.

She ran straight into a hard wall. Stumbling to her feet, she glanced up at the wall to see a man. A tall, large, muscular man. His arms were folded, his face stern as he glared at her. Her mouth went dry as his grey eyes stared right back at her. They shone amber as he tilted his head back.




Had the humans trapped wolf men to help them hunt the females?

It was all too much.

“You caught her,” another male said.

She turned quickly to see the four wolves suddenly turn into men. They were completely naked and didn’t do a thing to hide it.

“She smells like a human,” another said.

“She’s not human though,” the one in front of her said. “Are you?”

“Please, let me go,” she said. Begging was not beneath her. “I have to go.”

“Who are you?”

“Luther, bud, you’re doing that thing again where you freak us out.” This came from another man, but she didn’t dare look away.

“Please, I mean no harm. I just want to—”

“You’re the first wolf that has dared to enter our land in nearly three decades, and you think you’re going to be above answering questions?” Luther asked.

She figured his name was Luther.

His voice got darker, and the hairs on her arms stood on end.

“I mean no harm.” She got to her feet, staring up at the alpha.

For a long time, she’d been part of a pack of females. Very few males had been allowed in the pack. Only those that had been allowed to mate.

She’d been the child of one of the rare couples who’d mated. Her mother had once told her that the female pack was there to protect the women. That in the packs throughout the world, men abused their position, that females were vulnerable and exploited, but the pack she was part of, made her safe.

Until the humans came.

Her mother was slaughtered before her very eyes. Her mother had fought the human hunters like a wild beast. She’d been so proud of her, and now, Lucia was all alone.

Her father had been killed even before her mother. The hunters had come and completely ruined everything. She couldn’t even think of what she saw. Her parents’ last moments. The pain, the suffering. They would never be there for her again. Both of them were gone.

She didn’t back down to Luther. He may be an alpha to this pack, but he wasn’t to her. Straightening her shoulders, she stared into his eyes.