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Maverick (The Black Hornets MC #2)

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Savannah Rylan

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She’d do anything for her family. But I want her to do me.
Gabby is on fire.
I want to get close, but not burned.
She thinks I’m just a joke, the lunatic of the club.
But I’m crazy about her.
I’ll do anything to make her mine.
Even defy her father, her family.
And bring her into mine.

Maverick is the second book in the Black Hornets MC Series.

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The Black Hornets MC Series by Savannah Rylan

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Chapter 1


Every single one of us had been on high alert since the brick came through Jace’s window. Since Leti killed Sebastian. And the second fucking part of that phrase was one I still had issues digesting. Despite the fact that it had been a little over three months since that occurrence, I still couldn’t get that moment out of my head. Leti’s dull stare. The anger that flowed through her movements. I’d never seen a woman do that before. I earned a ton of fucking respect for her that night. With how she aimed that gun right at that bastard and pulled the trigger without even thinking. And in the grand scheme of things, it was probably good she didn’t think about that shit.

It was really bad when someone thought about that shit.

That night me, Duke, Colt, and Thor, took care of the bodies. We cleaned that damn house down, top to bottom. After dealing with the cronies Sebastian had, pulling bits and pieces of information from them all night, we had more than one body to bury. After all the information was gathered, we went back to that house in the middle of the night and cleaned it down. Bleached it. Scrubbed that fucking kitchen counter and practically burned the chair. We disposed of bodies the way we disposed of guns. We took it apart and cast it all over the damn town. We didn’t have to do it often. Like with the gun. But when we did, we did it right.

And none of it required sinking that shit into any sort of water.

Honestly, that was the worst way to dispose of a body. A very high risk of the current dragging it along and washing it onto a shoreline somewhere. But burying it deep into the ground? Or getting in good with the town cremator? That was where the real shit took place. I knew I’d be disposing of a body that night. I was honestly shocked we didn’t dispose of more bodies than we did. But I didn’t think it would be Jace’s girl that got us that body.

Fucking hell, I’d never mess with Leti.

I couldn’t blame her though. The more we all got to know her and the more of her story we figured out, the more respect I gained for her. She’d been under the cartel’s thumb for damn near longer than anyone I’d ever known. She was lucky as hell, too. Most people being owned by the cartel like that didn’t last more than a few weeks. And she had managed to do so well that she lasted two months. They kept her under their thumb. Manipulated her and threatened her with the life of her brother after they’d already killed him.

Honestly? Had she not put a fucking bullet in Sebastian’s head, I would have.

Had anyone done shit like that to my sister, I would have fucking flipped. No one messed with my family. No one. And I was guilty of killing for my family. Hell, my sister still didn’t know her abusive ex was six-feet underground on the outskirts of town. And she didn’t need to know, either.

All she needed to know was that I’d made sure no one would harm her again. With the help of Jace, of course.

That was why the two of us were so close. That was why I had Jace’s back in all this shit. With him screwing around with a client and taking her home and shit like that. Because when I’d needed it the most, he’d been there for me. When my sister came running to me that night with a black eye and a bloodied nose, Jace picked up the fucking phone and rode with me that night.

And when I beat that motherfucker in his face until he stopped breathing, he handed me a baby wipe to clean myself up before helping me dispose of that body, too.

No one messed with my family. Especially the women in it. And now? Leti was part of our family.

Which meant no one messed with her, either.

“Thanks for coming, guys. Time for us to pool information,” Dean said. “Jace, you and Leti are all set at the safe house, right?”

“Yup, we are all settled.”

“Good, find anything by your digging?”

“Rock helped me rig up my place with cameras. Since the brick, no one has tried anything there. So, my guess is that was just a scare tactic. Something to rattle Leti.”

“No other chatter online?” Dean asked.

“Not from what I can find. And I’m logged into just about everything. My laptops and my desktop are running day and night. Nothing’s coming up. And if it is, it’s very buried,” Jace said.

“Well, keep digging. The brick may have been a scare tactic, but my guess is that they aren’t just going to leave it at that,” Dean said.