Maverick (Alpha Geek #18) Read Online Milly Taiden

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A lioness must guard a geek who has a target on his back so big that the federal government is involved. Is this one case that the agency will have to hand over?

Pilar Douglas is a lion shifter working as a bodyguard while supporting her younger sister. She’d never thought that taking a job would lead to her finding her mate, until she steps into Maverick’s condo and her inner lioness screams mine!
Maverick Wilcox wants to find a cure for the disease that took his sister from him, but his efforts have been noticed by the wrong people. Now, a local group wants him to use his big brain for their own schemes, and they’ll stop at nothing to make him join them. But he’s not interested. All Maverick wants is to get to know the beautiful Pilar a little better and get her to date him.
When Maverick is poisoned, he’s ready to die instead of agreeing to help these bad guys. Even when they offer him the antidote, he says no. Fortunately, Pilar has the agency’s special serum on hand to neutralize the poison. Only now, Maverick is a big bad alpha shifter, and he’s the one calling the shots!




The music swirled through the crowd, mingling with the fake laughter and overly enthusiastic tones. Maverick held his champagne glass gently in one hand as he moved through the cramped spaces, nodding politely at every person whose eye caught his own.

He was used to events like this, but he didn’t enjoy them much. He was here tonight at the request of his new boss, Richard, but this was an important part of his work.

Almost as important as the actual science itself.

Maverick moved smoothly from the small open space where people were dancing and headed to the larger groups huddled near the tables on the terrace. Since he was in a mood and barely tolerating the party, he’d never manage to dance convincingly. He was here to talk it up with all the rich guys, so there was no point in pretending to enjoy the music.

It wasn’t that Maverick hated parties … far from it. It was just that an event like this, an overly luxurious gathering held on a hotel roof, with only specific people invited, did not really count as a party in his book.

Looks like a funeral, except someone forgot to bring the corpse.

It was true. Even though some people were laughing, it was clearly fake, designed to push the conversation, not an expression of actual humor. Most people were looking very serious, and far too many of them were looking at him.

Sizing me up, just like they’re sizing each other up. Everyone wants to outbid each other. It’s the only reason they come to these things.

Covering a sigh, Maverick joined a small group of very well-dressed older men. They all had to be ten to twenty years older than his thirty-two years, and he was looking for old money above all.

“Good evening, gentlemen,” he said, his easy smile covering his inner conflict over the event. “I’m wondering if you have any technical questions about the project? I’m here to smooth out any worries you might have. I guarantee you, your money is safe with us, and you will see a one hundred percent return.”

The men turned to face him, swirling their brandy glasses and squinting through the cigar smoke. Maverick smiled, ready for any question they could throw at him. He was going to unload on them about silicone cells and restrictions of viral growth in biotech-built limbs, depending on the strength of the antibodies, so it didn’t really matter what they said. He just had to impress them with tech speak and dazzle them with charm until they hurled money at the cause.

Across the room, his eye was caught by a flash of pink. He turned away from the group of excessively boring businessmen and looked through the crowd.

There was a short, slight young woman who was wearing a long, bright pink dress with a high, daring split. It was an unusual color compared to the muted tones most of the other women wore. She had black hair cut straight at her shoulders and was laughing with a friend … really laughing, not fake laughing like everyone else.

She looks just like Tessa!

He was struck by the resemblance. This young woman was almost a dead ringer for his older sister. The noise of the party faded away, and the movement of the people around him became a meaningless blur as he was drawn down into a well of memories.

But Dad, I want to watch wrestling!

I’m sorry, son. No one is happy about this, but we have to take Tess to the hospital.

Again? Why do we have to go again?

Maverick, please. Just do as I say. There are more important things to worry about right now than a wrestling match. You can catch up later.