But I didn’t mind.

Slate was a good man, and honestly, I knew that Izzy was happy that he was going to be here.

And me? I’d do just about anything to make my woman happy, and that included letting her convict, former cop brother live with us for however long he wanted to stay.

“Slate!” Izzy cried loudly, squeezing her brother tightly.

Slate caught her awkwardly and buried his face into her hair.

“God, it’s good to hug you without chains, sister.” Slate sighed.

That was when Izzy started to cry.

“This is one of the best days ever!”



I bet you didn’t know that you would end up changing my life, but you did.

You’ve made everything in my life worth living for, and I want you to know that I’d be sad if you weren’t here anymore.

Now, hurry and wake up. I have a hungry toddler to feed, and she only likes her daddy’s scrambled eggs.

Love you,

RP’s Biggest Fan


RP’s Biggest Fan,

I’ll have you know that your eggs taste exactly the same as mine. You just don’t put them on the correct plate. Next time, try the Toothless plate, and she’ll probably like them.

I bet you didn’t know that you continue to change my life. Each day I wake up, I’m convinced that I’m living a dream. That at one point, the anger and the fear is going to come screaming back.

But, with you lying beside me, that pain—though not gone—is controllable. You’ve given me people to live for.

You know me. You don’t mind spending three hours a week at a gravesite with my son so our baby can learn about her big brother. You don’t complain when I have days that I hurt more than most. Hell, you don’t do anything but love and support me, and for that, I owe you the world.

There’s not one single thing in this world that I could ask for that you haven’t already given me.

Love you more,


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