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Mine – A Man Who Knows What He Wants

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Flora Ferrari

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Since I met Aubrey on her eighteenth birthday, she’s all I can think about. I’ve been obsessing over that shy, curvy woman for three years…and now I’m back to make her mine for good. Her father might be my best friend, but I’ll do anything to make his daughter mine in every sense of the word…

I’ve been in love with Nathan for as long as I can remember. He never noticed me, but on my eighteenth birthday, something changed. Now, he consumes my every thought. He’s so tall and handsome and completely out of my league…not to mention twice my age…but maybe for the first time, I’ll get what I want.

*Mine is a short, standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

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Three years ago

I close my eyes, blow out the candles, and make a wish. Applause from my guests fills my ears, and when I open my eyes, I see him.

I’ve never seen a man look so good. Funnily enough, I was just wishing for a strong man to come and sweep me off my feet. Now, he’s standing right in front of me among the other party guests. I’ve never seen him before, and I didn’t invite him to this, my eighteenth birthday party. He must be one of my father’s friends.

I can’t help staring at him. He’s dressed in a tight white shirt that shows off the rippling muscles hidden beneath it. He’s taller than most men I know and much better looking, despite the obvious age gap between us. I let out a small gasp as I take in his stubbled jaw, his strong demeanor and his smoky blue-gray eyes which seem to be fixated on me. I watch in awe as his eyes slide over me seductively, taking in every single inch of my body…

No. It’s not possible that he’s checking me out. I’m not some skinny pretty girl that is likely to catch his eye. I suddenly feel the urge to fold my arms around myself to hide my body. My curves feel like a curse to me right now. My confidence has never been particularly high, but seeing this man in front of me who could clearly have any woman he wants, I’ve never felt so insignificant.

“Cut the cake, darling,” my father tells me, breaking me out of my daydream. He must’ve noticed the way I retreated into myself. He’s always been good at picking up on that. But the last thing I want to do is cut this cake. I don’t want this man in front of me to watch me do it. I don’t want him to judge me for the six-layer cake in front of me. I don’t want him to think I’m some greedy girl who can’t control her appetite. But my father would be upset if I declined so I pick up the knife and slowly wedge it into the cake, cutting the first piece. I hand it around to the guests and try to pretend I can’t see the man watching me intently.

I vow not to eat a single crumb of my eighteenth birthday cake.


She’s perfect. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, in fact. She’s got my cock hard just looking at her. She doesn’t have to do a single thing to turn me on.

Her rounded, rosy cheeks are framed by blonde curls. Her sparkly green dress hugs every single curve of her body, showing off her incredible figure. Her eyes are like two diamonds and her smile is so tantalizing that I can’t stop looking at it…at her mouth…at her lips.

I need to get a grip. She’s my best friend’s daughter. What the hell am I thinking, drooling over her at her eighteenth birthday party? If Derek catches me looking at his daughter like this, he’ll absolutely kill me.

It’s too late. As I’m following Aubrey’s frame around her living room, I look up and catch her father glaring at me. I clench my fists. All of a sudden, I feel territorial, as though Aubrey is mine and not his. I feel the need to own her, to possess every inch of her beautiful skin, to claim her and never let her go. But I guess Derek has other ideas. I watch him stalk over to me, rolling his shoulders back as though it’ll intimidate me to see him square up to me. I clench my teeth together, taking a dominating stance as I stare him down. I realize in an instant that I’ll do anything to get to Aubrey…even if it means going through my best friend.

“Why are you staring at my daughter like that?” he asks me through gritted teeth. “You’re not going anywhere near her…do you understand?”

I don’t reply, balling my hands into fists. I could knock his lights out right now and follow where my instincts are taking me. I could floor him and then push through the party to find his perfect daughter and snatch her up for my own. I could fuck her right here and now and not regret it one bit. It feels worth risking everything else in my life just to have one moment alone with her. But I don’t do any of those things. I simply straighten up to my full height, squaring my chest up to Derek.

“I wasn’t staring at her,” I snarl. “She’s the birthday girl. She’s meant to be the center of attention.”

“You don’t fool me,” Derek hisses. “I know that look in your eyes…you think I can’t see when a man wants a woman? Well, she’s my daughter. You’re never going to have what you want from her.”

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