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Mine on Christmas

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Sarah J. Brooks

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Niki thinks she can make me whole again. I’ve got three words for her.
Bah freaking humbug.

I hate Christmas. For the last 10 years, I’ve hated everything.
Except for my girls. Perfect twins with their mother’s eyes.
They want me to move on, but I’m too damaged to listen.
Until Niki.
Her sass makes my temper rise along with my mammoth… ego.
And when I see her delicious curves under that dress,
I want to bend her over her party plans and show her what’s waiting in her stocking this year.
But giving her what she wants means letting go of the past,
And I’m not ready to forget. I’ve got billions to keep me warm, I don’t need Niki too.
Except I can’t imagine life without her.
Time to turn my bah humbugs into Christmas kisses.

Even bums like me need someone to love. I just hope I’m not too late…

“Mine on Christmas” is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of steam and a HEA. I’ve also included a preview of my billionaire romance “Accidentally His” for you! – Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author)

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Chapter 1


“Your sister is here to see you,” Matthew said through the intercom from the lobby.

“Tell her I’m busy,” I replied.

The holiday season was here and although that didn’t seem like the high season for airplane parts, we were swamped with orders. Many of the companies we supplied were rushing to finish jobs before the end of the year. Plus, I had a lot of high-level executive staff who planned vacation time which meant I was handling a lot more of the day to day work than I was used to handling.

My sister, Ashley, had a knack for wanting my attention at just the wrong time. She would often stop by my office when she was in town and just expect me to have time for her. I loved her, there was no doubt about that, but I couldn’t stop my day without notice just to coddle her during her imaginary time of need.

“I can hear you, Thomas, don’t do me like that,” Ashley yelled as she stormed through my office door.

Matthew was close behind her with a pitiful look on his face as if he’d tried to stop her and was unable. She was half his size, certainly, he could have made a little more of an effort than just following her into my office.

I knew Ashley had pushed past him and left him no choice in the matter, but he was notorious for not putting up a fight when women came into the office to see me. My sister wasn’t as much of a problem as it was when women I dated decided to drop in and see me. Oh, how I hated that Matthew couldn’t just block their path and get them to leave.

“Ashley, I’m busy. That wasn’t some sort of line so I didn’t have to see you. Do you see all of this paperwork on my desk?” I asked and then didn’t give her a chance to answer. “This is real people work. I know you wouldn’t know what that is, but I actually have to get this done. So yes, I’m busy.”

“Shut up, Thomas. You might be my older brother but I’ll still kick your butt.”

Ashley and I had a unique relationship. She was the youngest and I was the oldest sibling. When she was younger I acted as her protector with the boys that were always trying to take her out but now that we were older I’d relinquished that job to her. She was more than capable of protecting herself now.

“You’re the size of a walnut, you’re not kicking anyone’s butt. What do you want? Make it quick.”

I knew the only way to get her out of my office was to solve whatever problem she had come to tell me about. I loved my family, but most of the time they avoided me and the rest of the time they just wanted me to help with some charity event or fundraiser they were involved in.

We were dysfunctional, like every other family in the world, but sometimes the dysfunction spilled over into downright insanity. My mother was obsessed with appearances, my father avoided all emotions, my sister was left to take the reins of the family as my brother and I tried to melt ourselves into our spouse’s families as much as possible. Well, I didn’t have a spouse any longer, I’d lost Rose, but I did still love her family very much.

“Christmas, I’ll do it. I tried texting you and calling you, but you’re too busy to return a text to your own sister. I wanted to stop by and make sure you were alright with me taking it for this year. I’ve got some amazing ideas and I can’t wait to get started.”

“You’re not doing the Christmas party. It’s my year.”

“You haven’t done it since Rose died. I assumed you were going to skip out on it this year too.”

“What? No, I’m looking forward to it. Jackson and Jenna are looking forward to it too. It’s my year and I’m doing it. And you know what you get when you assume something,” I snorted and laughed a little at the joke.

“Thomas, you said you were going to do it three years ago and then didn’t plan a thing. Mom and Dad ended up throwing the party at their house and it was terrible. I’m just trying to save everyone the stress of you not doing what you said you were going to do. Just let me do the party.”

In all fairness, Ashley was right. I was supposed to host the big family Christmas party every three years and I hadn’t done it in the last ten years. After losing Rose, raising the twins was exhausting. I wanted to throw the party. I intended to make it a huge hit with everyone, but time slipped away from me and the emotions of the season got the best of me the last time it was my turn.