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Misgivings (Death Dwellers MC #7)

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Kathryn Kelly

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Dr. Jordan Will is looking forward to the birth of her baby and a happy future with the private investigator, Cameron Baptiste, a gorgeous man who’s sworn that he will love her child as his own. But when her past comes calling, Jordan is forced to turn away from Cam.

Cameron Baptiste wanted the gorgeous doctor from the moment he met her. He managed to win her over—only to have her lock him out of her life. Worse: Outlaw Caldwell, president of the Death Dwellers MC, is growling about protecting Jordan from danger.

What Outlaw doesn’t understand is that Jordan is his, and no one is going to kick the ass of any danger to Cam’s family except for him. He’ll do anything to protect Jordan and the baby. Anything.

This is a friends-to-lovers story, filled with sexual tension, intrigue, action, and the most notorious MC president around.

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Death Dwellers MC Series by Kathryn Kelly

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“Blank plus blank equals blank,” Dr. Jordan Will read from the black card in her hand. Cards Against Humanity had become her absolute favorite game, since Cameron Baptiste introduced it to her a few weeks ago. She glanced at her friend, Roxanne Doucette. “You have to draw two cards from the deck, and then hand me three.”

“Shit, girl,” Roxy grumbled. “I have fuck-all in my hand.”

Her boyfriend, Knox Harrington, snorted. “That means you have nothing that mention dick, pussy, cum, or something sadistic.”

“Fuck off,” Roxy said without heat. “Who was the motherfucker yawning a little while ago because all the answers were logical?”

Knox scowled, and Jordan hid a grin. Roxy and Knox were as unlikely a couple as Jordan and Cam. The thought made her frown at the card in her hand. The words she’d read moments ago blurred. Cam was just a good friend. Nothing more. Never mind the fact that she felt a flash of heat every time his hand brushed hers. He was Knox’s partner at B & H Investigations. That’s why he was with them tonight. Not because…not because of her. He couldn’t be more than a friend.

How could he be? She was pregnant with another man’s baby. No matter what type of snake-in-the-grass Sulley had been, she couldn’t bring herself to go to the next level with Cam, while she carried Sulley’s child. Despite the heat and tension between her and Cam. Despite the fact that he’d shielded her from Sulley’s wrath and become her best friend.

Despite the fact that he was a good guy with bad boy qualities. His motorcycle, for instance. As soon as she recovered from the delivery of her baby, Cam had promised to take her for a spin.

She couldn’t stop herself from looking at him. Their gazes met. The light reflecting in his eyes showed their brown color. It told her that he felt the sparks between them, too, but respected the boundaries she’d placed on their relationship.

Roxy snapped her fingers in front of Jordan’s face, breaking her stare-off with Cam. “Hello, stop eye-fucking the man and play the damn game, sugar. My pussy has a date with Knox’s dick and you’re holding us up.”

Cam chuckled, but a tinge of red crept into Knox’s face. His crooked nose and broken teeth softened his arrogance. He intended to get plastic surgery and false teeth to repair the damage he’d received to his face, a few weeks ago, during a fight.

“Jordan!” Roxy called.

“Oh, um, I need your cards,” Jordan managed. She couldn’t become too attached to Cam. Her baby would consume her time, then she’d return to her medical practice. There was no space in her life for a man.

What she and Cam had going was good, but their daily calls and enormous amount of time they spent together couldn’t last. In fact, she should probably break it off.

“Fuck, I quit,” Roxy said in disgust. She threw her cards down and stood. “My pussy’s been suffering for hours and I intend to put the bitch out of her misery.”

Knox covered his face. “Jesus Christ, Roxanne.”

“Don’t pretend you’re embarrassed, Knox,” Roxy retorted. “We’re all grown. Besides, your dick’s about to bust your zipper.”

Cam guffawed, and threw his cards down, too. “I win,” he declared.

“Bullshit,” Knox said, ignoring Roxy for the moment. “I win. I have four black cards.”

“So do I,” Cam announced. “Since I won the last round, I’m the winner.”

“Oh, for God’s sake,” Jordan bit out. “Let’s finish the game.”

“We better,” Roxy agreed, returning to her chair. “Someone can win fair and square, and these two can shut the fuck up.”

Cam leaned back in his seat across from Jordan. The smug look on his handsome face sent amusement through her.

Jordan looked at the nine white cards, all face down, and in piles of three. She hadn’t been paying attention, so she didn’t know which combination belonged to whom. “Raise your hand as I read the cards.”

“I already know I’m the winner,” Cam gloated. “No one can beat my combination.”

“Want to make a bet on that?” Knox challenged.

“No!” Jordan and Roxy chorused.

“Read the cards, sweetheart,” Cam said in his silky-smooth voice.

Jordan squirmed in her seat, desire roaring through her. It embarrassed her, so she pretended her pussy wasn’t wet and ready. For Cam.

“Jordan, I swear to God, if you don’t read those fucking cards, I’m going to scream in this motherfucker,” Roxy threatened, then held up her hands. “No, wait. On second thought, let’s get this shit cleared the fuck up.” She narrowed her light brown eyes. “Sulley was a motherfucker. He didn’t deserve you. Shouldn’t have fucking had you. He deserves to be right the fuck where he’s at.”

“And where might that be?” Knox asked.

Roxy flipped Knox off. They’d first met when he’d come to gather information on the MC Roxy’s son-in-law belonged to. In the process, they’d fallen in love. They made a beautiful couple. He was tall and golden-haired with sky blue eyes, while Roxy was shorter and caramel-colored. She still wore wigs to cover up her short hair, lost due to her battle with cancer. She was ten years older than Knox but looked to be his age, which was thirty-four, like Cam.