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Mommy’s Boyfriend (Be My Boyfriend #1)

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Victoria Snow

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Five years ago, I surrendered my V-card to a man twice my age,

And today he’s back – as my mommy’s fake boyfriend!

Spencer has no clue about how I still feel about him.

Those gray eyes, his tempting touch.

He’s all I want.

And I want him all to myself.

But this will cause a huge scandal,

And scandal’s not something I can afford.

Not when I’ve been hiding a huge secret.

Fate has given us a second chance,

I know, it’s complicated.

But I want to make it simpler.

I want to tell him that he is my baby daddy.

Will he leave my mother for me if I told him the truth?

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Be My Boyfriend Series by Victoria Snow

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Prologue – Rylee

October, 2014

In all my life, I’d never seen a guy as handsome as the one who just walked into the coffee shop on that fateful Tuesday evening. I should have been concentrating on the order I was meant to be making for Mrs. Ebsom, but I couldn’t. Instead, I was peeking at the stranger who had become a regular at the coffee shop in Boise where I worked. There were stacks of paper cups littered in front of me on the counter which I could use as cover while I watched him. Meanwhile, my hands made the cappuccino order like they were on autopilot.

The stranger and I had developed a routine by now. He came in once or twice a week – always in the evenings – with his laptop to do some work. I would walk around clearing the tables and strike up a conversation with him. It would lead to a little harmless flirting and then he would disappear again. In spite of our small talk, I’d never yet managed to learn his name, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about him—even when it was just me and my vibrator late at night.

I knew it was bad that I was even interested in this guy. For starters, he looked like he was twice my age! His dark, thick hair was tinged with streaks of gray just above his ears and he had a more mature air about him, but I didn’t care. If anything, that only thrilled me more. I was at college and I was so used to dating immature boys who didn’t know a single thing about women, but this guy… I knew he’d be experienced.

The thought alone was enough to send a shiver shooting through my spine. It took me a moment to realize that I was overfilling Mrs. Ebsom’s cup, distracted in thought. I cursed under my breath and wiped the ceramic clean before turning and handing it over to the regular on the other side. She was the last customer in the queue and finally, I was free to stare longingly at the handsome stranger once again.

This time, I took in more details about his appearance. Though he was sat down at a table, I could see his long, denim-clad legs stretched out underneath and I knew he was tall. He was wearing a tight-fitted black t-shirt that showed off his bulging biceps and his well-muscled chest. I couldn’t help fantasizing about what those strong arms would feel like wrapped around me and then it happened.

Gray eyes met my own blue ones and I found myself unable to look away. In that moment, I felt as though he was a cool glass of water and I had been lost in the desert for years. Something in his enigmatic gaze made me melt and I could feel my body warming all over, my cheeks blushing furiously. He began to smile at me and I could feel the crackle of tension in the air between us. In spite of my hesitance and the fact that I was still a virgin at twenty, I decided in that moment that this handsome stranger would be the man to make love to me for the very first time.

When I looked around, I realized that all the other customers were long gone by now. It was just me and this mysterious stranger, alone in the coffee shop, so I swallowed my anxieties, took a deep breath, and approached him. Over our time casually flirting, I’d learned that this sexy Adonis was funny as well as handsome. He always found a way to make me giggle in a way that I never had with boys my age. Somehow, I just knew that he was the one I wanted to finally take my v-card.

I tried to think of something funny or witty to say, but the words died on my tongue. As I got to his table, the stranger was still engrossed in his work and I couldn’t think of a way to grab his attention except to say, “It’s closing time now, sir.”

The silver-haired fox looked up at me with a faraway look before he shook his head out of his daze and my words seemed to catch up with him. “I’ll just finish up and go then,” he told me with a frown before looking back down at his laptop.

Now that such a perfect opportunity had presented itself, I would have been a fool not to take it. “You don’t have to,” I told him with a nonchalant shrug of my shoulders. “You can stay if you’d like.” Before he could say anything, I rounded his chair and placed my hands on his shoulders with confidence before running them down to the top of his chest, slowly, sensually, and then bringing them back up to his shoulders.

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