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More than a Fling A Romance Collection

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Jillian Quinn

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Falling for my best friend’s little sister wasn’t part of the plan…

Mia was the last person I ever wanted for a roommate. But when the apartment I shared with her older brother flooded, we needed a place to crash. Being so close to Mia stirred up old feelings that neither of us could deny.

Our living situation changed everything.

A stolen kiss when her brother wasn’t looking was only the beginning. We both knew what we were doing was wrong. But our forbidden romance felt too good to stop.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for my best friend….

Kat was the one girl I could talk to without thinking of sex.

The one person I could trust.

Until one night changed everything.

One mistake created a divide that lasted for months.

She kept a secret from me that could bring us back together.

Her secret is also what had torn us apart.

I just didn’t know it.

Until now.

From best friends romance to dating his best friend’s sister, this romance collection from international bestselling author Jillian Quinn includes More than Friends and More than Roommates, two full-length steamy romances for you to enjoy.

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More than Roommates

Chapter One


My body aches from practice, the pain settling into my skin and burrowing deep inside my bones. Every time it hurts, I try to ignore the throbbing sensation that spreads down my thigh. But the darkness always wins out, and I never fight it. Because I like the high I get from the adrenaline that courses through my veins.

I need the reminder that I’m still alive, even though I feel like I died a long time ago. I should have died. It should have been me. Now, I’m left with the guilt and the pain and a constant reminder of how much I fucked up. The scar above my left eyebrow—another reminder. Every time I look in the mirror, I have to confront my past. If only I could embrace it before it conquers me, eats me alive from the inside out.

By the time I pull into my driveway, it’s dark outside, with nothing more than a sliver of moonlight illuminating the front of my house. My parents didn’t even bother to leave the light on.

I blink a few times to clear my vision and get out of the Mustang, a late sixties Fastback my grandfather had left to me in his will. I was born into a family with old money, the car being one of the many toys I’d inherited from Grandpa Joe along with a sizable trust fund. They say money can’t buy happiness. I know that more than anyone. Because even money can’t erase the parts of my life I want to forget.

Leaning against the door, I stare up at the old Colonial I moved into last year with my parents. After what had happened back in Boston, they forced me to leave my friends and relocate to Lower Merion Township, an upscale area just outside Philadelphia.

My best friend and teammate, Will Roman, and his far too tempting little sister, Mia, help me get through the days. She’s my precious little lamb. The one girl who sees all the darkness in me and welcomes it. She doesn’t judge me. And I never have to hide from her.

For once, the light isn’t on in my father’s office, yet he’s home. That’s a first. He must have drank himself to sleep. I can only hope. When the house is still, I like to sneak in through the back door to avoid my dad. He hates me for all the trouble I have caused. I know he wishes I had taken Erik’s place.

I have trouble keeping my eyes open, the weight of my day and everything that came along with it hitting me at once. As I cut through the hole in the bushes and into my backyard, I glance over at the Roman’s house. It has the same brick front and painted shutters as mine, only a little more worn down. I look up at the top floor to find Mia sitting on her windowsill. She smiles down at me, her mouth open so wide it reaches up to her pretty blue eyes.

A girl this sweet should not go anywhere near a monster like me. If I were her brother, I would keep me as far away from Mia as possible. But Will has no idea how much Mia means to me. He never will.

I stop dead in my tracks, my vision slightly blurry as I look at her. She gives me a tiny wave, which I return, before she tilts her head toward the shed in the backyard. Most nights, I meet Mia on the swing set on the opposite side of the shed. It’s sort of our own little retreat from the world. If only I had the nerve to tell her everything. But I fear she will grow to hate me, just like everyone else does, and I can’t have that.

I nod in acknowledgment to communicate that I will meet her later. She has to wait until Will falls asleep before she can sneak out. I wave one more time, with the promise to see her, and remove my cell phone from my pocket. Using the light from the screen, I jam my key inside the lock and push my shoulder into the door. The damn thing sticks when it’s hot outside, making it harder to avoid my parents.

Luckily, the lights are off in the kitchen, so I creep through the darkness and head toward the stairs. I left my hockey bag in the trunk to avoid making any unnecessary noise. Drawing attention to myself in this house only gets me in a world full of trouble. For the most part, my dad is harmless. He mostly yells and screams, taking out his frustration over the past on me. I allow him to dig into me. Because I deserve every bit of his anger.