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My Addiction

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Hope Ford

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My Addiction – An Alpha Older Man and Curvy Younger Woman Romance

I knew the second that she ran into my bar that she would be mine. I entered the speed dating event just to get close to her. But I had no idea what all she was dealing with – a cheating boyfriend and no place to live.

So I helped her. Not just because I wanted her, but because I wanted to protect her, to take care of her.

She may not know it yet, but she is my new addiction.

And when she finally begins to trust me, it’s my past that may break us apart.

This is a Steamy, Sweet, Short Story Romance! No Cliffhangers! If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.

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Chapter 1


Walking to my boyfriend’s apartment—well, our apartment now—I can’t shake my uneasy feeling. I look around to see if someone is following me, but even as I scan the area, I realize that is not the nervousness feeling. It’s something else.

Honestly, I know what it is. I shouldn’t have moved in with my boyfriend. Tonight will be my first night there. He was supposed to have finished bringing everything while I was in class today.

Drew and I have been dating since high school. I am now a freshmen in college. We went to the same college and it seems like we have been friends forever. It was his idea to move in together. I worried about it. We have been more like friends recently than boyfriend and girlfriend and so I worry that I am making a mistake.

But he was pretty convincing. “We can save money,” he said. Which to a girl that has had to work for everything she has, it made sense.

The closer I get to his – I mean our—apartment, the more the uneasiness increases. But there’s nothing I can do about it now. My apartment is already rented out; as a matter of fact, the new tenants were sort of pressuring me out the door so they could move in.

When I open the door, I walk in and throw my purse and keys down on the table. Drew is not in the living room or kitchen, which I can see from the front door. All of my boxes, still unopened, sit in the corner. I walk down the hallway and, hearing voices, I slow, unsure of who it is.

When I hear Drew’s voice, I open the door and am instantly stunned at the sight before me. My heart lurches in my chest and I grab onto the door jamb like it’s going to hold me up, gasping, “Oh my God!”

Drew and the woman he is with don’t even know I’m there. His back is to me, and her knees are on the bed as he thrusts into her from behind. I want to retch. I slept on that bed, my head on that pillow – the one that she has her face crammed into trying to silence her screams.

I don’t even say a word. What could I say? I slam the door shut, and that finally does it; they finally realize that I was here, I’m sure.

I run to the front door and rip it open. The tears already streaming down my face, I grab my purse, slinging it over my shoulder and running out the door.

As I sprint down the stairs, I hear Drew above me hollering my name and for me to stop. But I don’t. I just keep going.

When I get outside, I run down the sidewalk toward downtown. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I try to focus on where I’m going, even if I don’t know where that is right now. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I trust my gut? I knew there had been something off between us for a while. But it doesn’t make sense. It was his idea for me to move in.

Lost in thought, I don’t realize it until he’s close, but I hear Drew hollering my name again. I take off running again, because I know that I can’t deal with this right now. I don’t want to face him.

I see a bar up ahead and run even faster to get inside the door. When I run in, I almost bounce off the man in front of me.

“Is someone chasing you, Miss?” he asks me.

“No. Yes. I’m fine. He’s fine. I just don’t want to talk to him right now,” I tell him as I’m trying to catch my breath. I’m bent over, almost wheezing to calm my breathing.

“Don’t worry. Have a seat. I’ll take care of it,” he says and walks out the door I just walked into.

I look around the bar and realize you can almost feel the nervous energy in the air.

“Honey, the boys will go wild for you. Fill out this form, pick your number and have a seat,” says a slim man dressed head to toe in designer wear.

“Wait. What? What’s going on?” I ask him, confused.

“Speed Dating. Go ahead and have a seat. You’re late. You can just fill it out at the table.” He starts to lead me to a table. I almost brush him off, and then I see Drew through the front window and decide, what will it hurt to sit for a minute? Maybe one of these men will get me a water. I’m dying after running through downtown in ninety degree Tennessee heat.

As soon as he gestures to a seat, I sit down. “Don’t forget your number,” he tells me as he slaps the number seventeen on my chest. Nice. What have I gotten myself into?