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My Ex-Best Friend Can’t Get Enough

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B.B. Hamel

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My gorgeous ex-best friend is back.
I ruined things once, but I’m about to make it right.
I’m finally taking what I want….
…. Even if she hates my guts.

We were kids the last time I saw my gorgeous best friend.

Alicia was everything I wanted: smart, beautiful, sexy. She was getting out of our small town, but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

Back then, I was trouble. Bad kid from a bad family. I knew I’d just drag her down… so I had to let her go.

Stupid mistake. Now I’m older, wiser, and a heck of a lot richer. When Alicia comes back to our small little town, I’m not about to let history repeat itself.

She’s even more gorgeous than I remember. Those lips, those eyes, it all drives me absolutely wild and makes me feel like a teenager again.

Except I’m a man now, wild with desire.

I’m going to show my former best friend what she’s missing. Even if it makes both our lives way more complicated than we need… I can’t let these feelings stay in the past.

This is me under control… but she’ll love it when I let go.

Here we go! This steamy friends-to-lovers (or is it hate-to-love??) is over the top and satisfying in all the right ways. Watch these two fall in love all over again… and enjoy all those naughty sparks! As always, there’s no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily-ever-faster is guaranteed! Enjoy! xo, BB

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Back in Fallswood again.

I sit behind the wheel of my rented Honda Civic and stare at the familiar road stretching ahead of me. It’s raining lightly, just a little sprinkle, but enough to make my windshield wipers whip across my field of vision.

I’m barely seeing anything but the road and what’s ahead.

Fallswood, Indiana. I haven’t been back here in so long, not since I left for college. I know, that’s terrible. It’s been six long years now. My father’s flown out to Philadelphia to visit me at least once a year, but I haven’t been able to drag myself back to this place.

Not until now, at least.

There are too many memories. Maybe it’s like that for everyone, I don’t know. But my small town holds so much and I just…

I haven’t wanted to face it.

Now though, I don’t have much of a choice. When your father calls and says he’s selling your childhood home, and he wants you to come help him move stuff out of it, you can’t really turn him down.

Even if you want to.

I sigh and keep barreling forward. There isn’t much on either side of my car, mainly long, rolling fields and farmland. There’s the occasional tree, but off in the distance, and I can’t remember the last full-on town I drove through.

Fallswood is about as small as it gets. The cliché about everyone knowing everyone else’s business is pretty much true about Fallswood, except everyone also sort of hates everyone else, too. That just about sums the denizens of Fallswood up nicely: gossips and haters.

As I start to drift again, thinking about my old life, about how happy my father was back before my mother died, about what life could’ve been like, a suddenly car-thumping bang rips me from my reverie.

“What the—”

Suddenly, the car starts shaking.


The whole car is vibrating like mad. I grip the wheel.


There’s nobody else around, but the road’s slick. I slow down, freaking out, heart racing. I don’t know what’s happening but I manage to stop and pull over on the shoulder. It’s wide enough that I’m not in the road anymore and not in a ditch, either.

I sit there, heart hammering, trying to get myself together.

“What the hell was that?” I whisper softly, sweating a little bit, palms a little shaky.

I grab my phone and text my dad.

Me: I think I’m having car trouble. Might be late.

Dad: You think? Or you are?

Me: Both.

Dad: You need to be specific, honey. Do I need to come out and help you?

Me: Maybe. I don’t know. I’m sorry!

I sigh and toss my phone aside. Dad’s going to be annoyed, but whatever. I don’t even know what happened yet, I was just giving him a heads up.

Still on edge, I flip the hood of my jacket up over my head and step out into the drizzle. Fortunately, my jacket is somewhat weather resistant, so I’m not instantly drenched. But it is cold and ugly out as I walk around the car.

When I reach the back, I let out a groan.

Sure enough, the back right tire’s completely flat.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I say, looking around.

I see a field with wilting corn, most of it harvested already. I see a long fence, missing a few posts. I see what might be a farmhouse out in the distance.

I look back the way I came, a frown on my face… and spot someone coming toward me.

I think about flagging them down, but no, there’s no point. Nobody would actually stop in this. No, I should get back in my car, call my dad, and tell him where I am. I’m not too far from home, he could probably be here soon.

Just as I start to walk back to the driver’s side, the car starts to pass…

Then starts to slow.

I stare in bewilderment as it stops maybe fifty feet away. I watch as the reverse lights turn on and it slowly rolls back toward me. The car’s black, with dark tinted windows. I don’t see an emblem anywhere, but it’s clearly new and fancy and sleek. It doesn’t really fit this area at all.

As far as I know, the only cars they sell around these parts are actually trucks. And they’re all beat up somehow.

The car stops across from me. I stare at it, blinking at my own reflection in the tint, before the window rolls down.

“You need some help?”

A man’s voice, low and resonant. I frown slightly and think it sounds vaguely familiar, but no way I know someone that drives a car like this.

“Uh, I don’t know,” I say. “I have a flat tire.”

“You know how to change it?” he asks.

I shake my head, looking down and craning to see in the car.

He smiles at me and I blink rapidly. The man has a beard, trimmed and neat. His eyes are a sparkling blue and his hair is pushed to the side and back, cut short on either side.

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