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My Fake Forbidden Boyfriend

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Lindsey Hart

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Revenge is a dish best served cold or smoking hot if it's in the form of Adrian Builder, America's No.1 top model!
I can already see it… the headlines for tomorrow's tabloids. Female CEO of world-famous clothing line gets dumped for a model at her own label. Damn it. If only there was a way to exact revenge on my slimeball of an ex, And also save my reputation at the same time.
Oh, wait…maybe there is. What if I can change the headlines? Female CEO of world-famous clothing line dumps her ex for America's Most Sexy Heartbreaker.
There is only one problem though. How do I get America's Most Sexy Heartbreaker to fake it with me? Especially when he is on a huge spree turning down all deals from my company. The Jerk.
But maybe the nth time is the charm… yeah, right. Honestly, I fully expected him to refuse this time as well… Until he actually signed on the dotted lines. Seems like he is interested in our contract… if there is me thrown into the equation.
Not that anything will happen with the smartass. It's all pretend. And access to my heart is Forbidden. No way am I letting another man in, especially one who could make panties burst with just a glimpse of his nuclear smile.
But when faking it gets a little too real…
Can I stop myself from falling for the big bad wolf of the fashion industry?
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Lindsey Hart



“Are you crazy? You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve finally lost your mind. Straight into the trash can with your common sense. Totally. Absolutely. Bat shit crazy.”

“Alright, I get it.” I roll my eyes so hard they nearly drop out of the sockets and fall to the floor.

I’m good at it, but no one beats Arabella in an argument. Also known as Impossibella by all her close friends, since once she sets her mind on something, there is no way in hell to sway her from it. She hates her name and goes by Aria to everyone she actually likes. Using her full name is like a big eff you straight to her face. We literally cringe whenever we hear someone do it because the Impossibella monster in her always comes out.

And Aria is currently looking at me, her sky-blue eyes bulging out of her perfect face. Everything about Aria is perfection. She’s a fifteen on a rating list of ten. Tall in a way that makes people take notice, proportioned to make men salivate. In short, a goddess.

Aria literally stamps her foot, which somehow, though she’s wearing sky-high fuchsia pink pumps, still echoes through her living room. I wince when her heel comes down, but by some miracle, the crazy expensive, dark brown hardwood floor remains unscathed.

“Fine, Rin. If you want to end up unidentified in some alley somewhere, then do it!”

“Why would I be unidentified?”

“I think she’s trying to say that jogging by yourself is really dangerous.” Our other sister from another mister, Cassie, clears her throat. She might be the exact opposite of Aria in just about every way—darker where Aria is fair, but she’s also very gorgeous. Like off the charts, immeasurably beautiful.

“Thank you!” Aria throws up her hands. She flicks her long blonde hair—done in wavy curls—over one slender shoulder. It’s seven in the evening, and as per usual, Aria looks like she’s ready to roll out to the club for the evening, even though she’s just kicking back and having wine with her besties. We have designated bestie nights. It’s our thing. Tuesdays and Thursdays are all ours, no matter how busy we are with our careers and relationships.

Aria sits down on her leather sectional with a huff. She kicks off her heels and wraps her long, slender legs underneath her matching fuchsia dress. Cassie joins her a second later. She plops down, crossing her denim-clad legs in a much more dignified position. Cassie is naturally shy, whereas Aria is just about as outgoing as it gets. I honestly don’t know how we’re best friends seeing as we’re all so different from each other, but then again, maybe that’s what makes it work.

Best bitches for life. That’s us. We have been since we were twelve, back when we all ended up at the same boarding school from hell. Okay, it was just some all-girls thing. It wasn’t half bad in hindsight, but at the time, we thought we’d been sent to the far reaches of the fiery netherworld.

“It’s dangerous, alright,” Aria keeps at it. She thrusts out a hand and inspects her flawlessly manicured nails. She always goes for something long and sparkly, and for the life of me, I don’t know how she operates with those bad boys on the end of her fingers. “You could be mugged or stabbed or murdered or worse!”

“What’s worse than being murdered?” Cassie asks.

She wrinkles her nose, the slight smattering of freckles there bunching up. She has jet black hair, so long that it actually looks like a curtain behind her. Today, she has it done in a fishtail braid. She constantly bemoans the fact that having hair so dark really ruins the overall effect of any hairstyle, but she would never change it to another color. Cassie actually hates anything finicky. She hardly wears any makeup—not that she needs it. She has that creamy, flawless kind of skin that most women try and look for at the bottom of a foundation bottle, plus the longest, thickest eyelashes on the planet, velvet brown eyes, and full coral lips. Yeah. She doesn’t need any enhancement.

“I hope you’re packing to shoot,” Aria tells me, ignoring Cassie’s comment.

“Packing? Like… are you kidding me? I don’t even know how to use a gun.” I fold my arms over my chest and stare at my friends, aghast.

“Not that kind of packing. Good lord. I know you don’t know how to use a gun. You’d be just as likely to shoot your foot off than scare your attacker with it, even if the damn thing wasn’t loaded.”

“How the heck would you actually shoot someone with a gun that wasn’t loaded?” Cassie sounds bored now. She’s the voice of reason to Aria’s wild embellishments. If they were food, they’d be like… a fine wine with a good cheese pairing. A burger with pickles. Ice cream with caramel sauce. You get it.