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My Favorite Mistake

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Sarah J. Brooks

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Vegas screwed me.
That’s the only way to explain the ring on my finger and the man attached to my hip.

Sure, Cody’s hot.
I could rip his clothes off and lick him like an ice cream cone.
But it’s not about my heart pounding lust or the magical night I can’t remember.

We’ve got a problem. Two problems, actually.
One, he’s my best friend’s brother. And she’s about to murder me.
Two, I’ve got a television contract that voids everything I’ve worked for if this leaks to the press.

But hey, annulments are easy, right?
Except Cody doesn’t want one.
He needs me to get his billion-dollar inheritance.

If he wasn’t such an jerk, maybe I’d help.
But he teases me. Makes me think he really cares.
Really loves…

This isn’t a game. Cody’s gonna have to choose. It’s me or his money. He can’t keep us both.

“My favorite Mistake” is a full length accidental marriage standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a gorgeous protective alpha male, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA.

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Chapter 1


“I’m sorry you can’t come with us. This trip is going to be so much fun,” I said to Missy as by phone as I sat in the back of Pamela’s bachelorette limo.

“Vegas isn’t really my style right now. I’m sticking close to home and enjoying my time with Scott. It still feels like we are newlyweds.”

“You are newlyweds. I think you get to say that for the first two years or so,” I laughed. “I’m so happy for you, Missy. You two are so cute in all your social media pics.”

“Thanks, I didn’t think I’d find the right guy and then bam, there he was.”

“Okay, let’s stop with all this mushy talk about the right guy. I’m already depressed enough about not having a decent guy in my life and going to this bachelorette party.”

It was a bit of a joke and a little bit true. So many of my friends were finding guys and getting married. Pamela was a friend from work and we weren’t even that close, but I still had a twinge of jealousy knowing that she was about to get married. I didn’t necessarily want to run off and get married, but I would love to have a nice guy to go on dates with and get to know.

“I thought you didn’t even want to get married. Plus, you just got that new show Single in La La Land. You can’t exactly be in a relationship if you’re on that show.”

“I am excited about the show,” I said as a smile crossed my face. “It’s going to be so fun going out and dating and having the cameras following me and stuff. That’s the only good thing about being single right now. At least it’s helping me get seen in Hollywood.”

After landing background roles and random commercials for years, I’d finally managed to get a good part on a show. It was billed as a reality show about dating in Los Angeles, but even reality shows are guided and scripted a little. I’d signed my contract and couldn’t wait for filming to start. This felt like the big break I’d been waiting for. Most reality stars end up transitioning into other work and that was exactly what I wanted to do. I planned to keep my wits about me during filming and show the world what a kickass woman I was.

“We really do need to get together soon,” Missy said as the girls in the limo started getting so rowdy that I could hardly hear her. “But maybe something a little less exciting than Vegas?”

“Yes,” I yelled back into the phone. “I’ll call you next week and we can do something. Miss you tons, talk to you soon.”

I wasn’t sure she even heard me over the noise in the limo. Missy was one of my dearest friends. We had both gone to UCLA and roomed with one another all four years. She had a couple of older sisters and an older brother that had attended UCLA as well so Missy knew her way around and helped me out from the very first day I arrived.

The anxiety I felt on that first day was horrendous and sometimes I teased Missy that she was the only reason I made it through school. It was the truth in those first few days though; I would have dropped out if she hadn’t been around. Everything overwhelmed me back then and I seriously would have flunked out of classes if Missy hadn’t walked with me to a couple to them the first few weeks.

School just wasn’t my thing. Even though I managed to graduate with decent grates, nothing about college drove me to work hard. I went to classes and paid just enough attention to learn what the teacher was trying to teach. All I could think about throughout college was acting jobs. I daydreamed about getting parts. I spent my free time doing extra work. Being in the movie industry was my real passion, it was what I’d waited for and now things were finally coming together for me.

“How is your friend?” Pamela asked. She moved from her seat and squeezed in next to me at the back of the limo.

“She’s good. She’s sorry she couldn’t come.”

“Oh, I totally understand. I’m sure when I’m married I won’t want to come party with everyone.”

“Yeah, maybe not.”

Pamela wasn’t really my friend at work, we were more like acquaintances. My actual friend from work, Jacqueline, was the one who was friendly with Pamela. In fact, Jacqueline was one of the few people Pamela actually hung out with at work so when I got invited to the bachelorette party I tried to say I had plans with my friend Missy and couldn’t come. Of course, Pamela wanted more people to show up so she told me to invite Missy. It was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard of, inviting someone to come to your bachelorette party that you didn’t even know, but then again, Pamela was a little weird.