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My Fireman's Secret Baby

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Jamie Knight

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He saved my life, so I gave him my heart. I’m not sure if this is a long-term thing, but now a baby is on the way.
I’ve never been the type of girl to get the hot guy. However, when a fire burns down my home and vet clinic, I find myself in the perfect fireman’s arms.
Tall and strong, Kyst is the hottest and kindest man I have ever met. He used to be a movie star, but now he’s fighting fires in rural Montana. When I have no where to go, he offers up his guest room.
No one has ever treated me so lovingly, so, I decide to give in to my feelings. Now a home isn’t the only thing we share.
But should I tell this hottie that I’m carrying his child?
Am I destined to live life as a single mother?
Or will the love that burns between us ignite into something more?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One - Mylah

My dream has finally been realized. As I look around at my immaculate new office, I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. I have just opened my own in-home veterinary clinic. This is the first time I will have my own place and my own practice. I’m not concerned with being a success. I just want to help animals. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Even when I was little, I would find an injured bird or squirrel and do my best to take care of it. I don’t think my parents ever paid attention or noticed, which was okay. They weren’t around much.

After taking a cleansing breath, I make sure everything is squared away in the clinic. I’m definitely proud as I take another glance around. I’m making my dreams come true all on my own. The house may be a little old and quaint, but to me, it is the perfect place for something like this.

As I look out the window, I notice it’s a nice day. The sun is out, but there is a slight breeze—perfect weather for a stroll or a hike. I grab my keys and sweater before walking outside, tying the sweater around my waist. Instantly the breeze whips through my hair. I pull out a scrunchie and secure it in a ponytail, giving a satisfied nod before walking away.

The dirt crunches softly beneath my boots. I love living in rural Montana. Everything is all about nature and the outdoors. It’s the perfect place for an animal enthusiast like me.

I don’t really have a plan for my walk. Downtown Fort Benton isn’t far away, so I’ll probably stop at the local coffee shop for a snack and warm coffee. Maybe I’ll take it to go. I like to do that sometimes; I just stroll up and down the main road and enjoy my coffee. Montana really is a beautiful place. It’s very picturesque.

When I reach the part of the road where the town begins, I look around. The general store and the café are on my left-hand side. I move to the sidewalk, walking towards them. A scraping noise gets my attention. I stop and look around. It’s coming from behind the store. Cautiously I make my way over there to investigate. I look around the area, but at first, I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I hear the noise again right in front of me. It’s coming from in between the trash cans. I crouch down and look.

I gasp loudly in surprise. Five cute puppies wrestle around at the bottom of the bins. “So you were the commotion,” I say, smiling.

The puppies look up at me. One rushes forward and gives me a series of adorable barks. That makes my heart melt. I reach out and pet him. The others come forward and start licking my hand, then sniffing it, causing me to laugh out loud.

Suddenly I get the feeling that I’m being watched. I turn around and see the mother dog. She cautiously walks over to me, moving forward and back, like she’s afraid.

I turn away from the puppies and hold my hand out to her. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.” I say sweetly.

After some gentle coaxing, she walks forward and lets me pet her. The puppies run over to her and start whining cutely. I watch them starting to feel nervous. I can’t just leave them out here. They need food and shelter.

Scooping them all up, I manage to carry the puppies, all five wiggling in my arms. The mother dog follows me, and we make our way back to my house. My morning coffee is forgotten. I need to take care of these animals.

I lead them inside and to the back, where the vet clinic is set up. The first thing I do is set the puppies down in the bathroom. I spend the morning washing them and checking them for injuries. Once they are clean, they run out of the bathroom and wrestle around on the floor, causing me to laugh happily. The mother dog is calm as I wash her up next. Afterward, she goes and sits beside her babies, keeping a watchful eye on them. I frown for a moment trying to come up with an idea.

I leave the clinic area and go to my bedroom. I dig around in my closet, finding a worn-out but comfortable blanket. This will do, but I need something else. I carry the blanket into the kitchen with me and look around. In the corner of the room is a large box that my vet supplies came in. I grab the box and drag it to the dogs. I spend a few minutes fixing it up with the blanket and making it comfortable. Afterward, I put all of the dogs in the box. They instantly snuggle up with their mom and fall asleep.