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My Highlander (Cree & Dawn Series Book 4)

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Donna Fletcher

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He awoke from a dream into a nightmare…

Every morning for the past three months, Cree has risen to the heart-wrenching reality that Dawn is dead, drowned in a horrible accident. Neither his begging to nor railing at God has brought back his beloved soulmate until…

When a crumpled body found in the wooded area beside the keep turns out to be Dawn, Cree is left with more questions than answers.

Now Cree is on a mission fired by rage and hell-bent on revenge against those who would harm his wife. As information comes to light, it sparks a murder and leaves Cree asking, who in the clan knows more than they’re saying?

If that isn’t enough for Cree to deal with, there is unrest between two clans, Clan Macardle and Clan MacLoon, one of which is under his protection and he must see it settled or a battle could ensue.

Cree and Dawn work together as tensions mount, relying on their love and trust to help them uncover the truth, expose secrets, and find the strength to face a situation they fear could cost them more dearly than they ever imagined.

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Cree & Dawn Series by Donna Fletcher

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Donna Fletcher Books

Chapter 1

The Highlands, Scotland late 1200s

* * *

Cree turned and draped his arm over his sleeping wife’s waist and wrapped his body around her naked one. She felt good, so very good, warm and soft. He could melt into her and forever feel at peace. He pressed his face in her tousled, dark red hair, the familiar scent of lavender tickling his nose.

God, how he loved this woman. She had stolen his heart, a heart that had turned cold and felt nothing. Dawn had changed all that. She had made him feel, something he had never expected to do again.

He smiled, running his hand down over her stomach, the familiar slight roundness not noticeable to the eye only his touch, leftover as a reminder of the beautiful son and daughter—twins— she had given him almost two years ago.

Life was good, so very good.

He smiled again and with a gentle swipe of his face moved her hair away from her neck so his lips could nibble along her silky soft skin and begin to stir her awake. His hand drifted down along her slender body, his fingers settling in the triangle of red hair nestled between her legs, finding that small bud of pleasure he loved to tease and stir to life.

Another smile surfaced when she stirred against him. He could almost hear her soft moan, though one would never slip from her lips. It made no difference to him that Dawn had no voice, though there were times it angered him that she had been born that way. It had been so unfair to her, never able to speak a word and yet there were times he felt she made herself heard more than someone with a voice.

She made herself known through gestures, ones he easily understood now, though when vexed, her hands moved rapidly and he found himself lost as to what she was saying. She could have a temper, when warranted, otherwise she had an even nature, which pleased him since he was aware that his own scowling nature could prove difficult.

He smiled again when she dug her bottom against his manhood, which had sprouted to life as soon as he had wrapped himself around her and now fully blossomed against her tight backside.

That was another thing about Dawn, she made him smile, but then he had had little to smile about before she came along. Endless battles, death, and destruction had been his constant companions. No more. He had paid with his soul to finally get a title and land, and a home for his faithful warriors. Now he battled only when necessary, his days spent with his wife and children, keeping them and his clan well provided for and safe.

Always safe.

She turned in his arms, her eyes still closed as her arms went around his neck and her lips settled on his. It was no tender kiss, but then he had teased her passion awake well before she woke, leaving her aroused and in need, just the way he liked her.

He returned the kiss with equal desire while his hand gripped her backside and pushed her tight against him, his hard manhood eager to settle between her legs.

Lord, but he could not get enough of his wife. whether they coupled, simply kissed, or their hands joined, he found his need to have her near him had grown with time. Where some men found their wives irritating, he found pleasure in every moment he spent with Dawn.

Need grew in Cree like a man starved far too long from coupling with his wife. He had to have her now. He could not wait. He needed to be inside her, deep inside her, and feel her wrap snug around him.

“I need you now,” he said with a hunger so strong he feared he would hurt her if he did not temper it.

Her dark brown eyes opened wide as she nodded vigorously, her need matching his.

Cree turned with her in his arms, covering her with his body, spreading her legs with his knee, and settling between them. His need to enter her grew so rapidly that he thought he would burst with pleasure before ever getting inside her.

He thrust his hips forward, having felt the wetness at her entrance, eager to slip in and become one with her. He groaned, impatient for that moment when he would feel her wrap around him, hug him tight, and finally be where he belonged.

A crack of thunder had Cree bolt up in bed—alone—his hard manhood throbbing for a wife that was not there and would never be again.

He tossed his head back and roared with a fury that had not left him since the day he had lost Dawn, three months ago. That day was forever burned in his memory. He had kissed her that morning in early April, feeling a bit jealous that she was excited to be off to help Lara and Elsa, the clan healer, collect some healing plants. He hadn’t wanted her to go, had almost stopped her, but the twins had been demanding of late, not to mention his own demands, and he saw that she needed time to enjoy others besides her family.