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Next Door Daddy

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Victoria Snow

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My new boss, the single dad next door, is handsome as sin.

A ten year age gap doesn’t matter either,

Neither the fact that he’s the first guy to ever touch me!

The only thing that matters is that he makes me feel good – really good.

And now, I can’t stop dreaming about a family with him.

Yep, no prizes for guessing I am the new nanny,

And totally in love with his adorable, little daughter…(and him J).

The billionaire’s given me a billion reasons to smile.

But everyone says he is broken, damaged, scarred.

Well, I’m determined to bring a smile on his face,

To help him live life once again.

Only if he lets me…

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The sun shone brightly in the morning sky as I wiped the sweat from my brow. Loading all of my stuff into a pickup truck entirely by myself was a pretty daunting task, but I had done it. I felt so utterly exhausted but proud as I smiled triumphantly in the rear-view mirror. It was a good look for me after so much stress with my hasty move. My caramel brown nose crinkled up, wiggling my freckles, my eyes catching in the light like an emerald suncatcher. If I wasn’t so bone tired, I might have taken my cell phone out to document what was a pretty momentous occasion, but it was in the bottom of my purse next to me and I just didn’t have the energy to spare.

As if to enforce that it wasn’t the time, several of my ebony waves were blown out of my bun by the wind from the window. I managed to tuck them behind my ear, but I knew I would have to do something more permanent at the next stop. I had a long journey ahead of myself, and while a messy bedhead bun was the least of my worries, I didn’t want to obscure my vision.

After all, I was leaving Oregon which had been my home the past few years during college for the hustle and bustle of Corona de Mar. It was more than a little bittersweet, to be entirely honest. I would miss the rain gently clinking against the roof. The fragrant forest around me billowing the scent of pine and cedar in the misty mornings. The trills of the of chickadees, and the songs of the local sparrows serenading me as I sipped my morning coffee. Oregon was truly my second home.

It had given me peace in an incredibly stressful time of my life. College hadn’t been easy, and I had rushed to graduate early. I wasn’t the most academically gifted, so I worked hard to always make the dean’s list. Too many late nights studying and fretting over tests, trying to make sure I was never at risk for losing my scholarship.

As I went to start the beat-up old truck my dad had bought me long ago as a going away present, the phone rang unexpectedly. Panicked and jarred from my thoughts, I fumbled momentarily to unbury it from the bottom of my purse. I almost dropped the stupid thing right out of the truck, but thankfully I caught it before it hit the ground.

That’s all I’d need today; I couldn’t help but grouse to myself before breathing a sigh of relief that I hadn’t actually dropped the expensive thing as I hit the answer button.

“Espie!” My mother’s voice exclaimed excitedly from the other end; I could almost hear the crinkles in the corner of her eyes with her classic motherly smile. “I just wanted to make sure that you have the right address!”

“Yes Mama, I have it right in my phone- GPS has been set. I am just about to head out now, was just putting a few more things in the back of the truck”

“Just remember, you have to get buzzed in at the gate. I told the butler you’ll probably be in late.”

“Yes Mama, I know. Do you need anything before I get there?”

My mother rattled off a few items she needed for my father from the store, which I quickly scribbled onto the invoice for the truck rental. Since his accident, my mother had been pulling double as both nurse to my father and housekeeper to a wealthy man, and though her voice sounded as happy and bubbly as ever- there was a tired undertone to it as well. Taking care of Papa was a handful and a job all on its own. He had always been a very loving but independent man, and I could tell that working both jobs had been taking a toll on my mother. So, I offered to move in with them to help. It would be a little weird not being back in the family home, but my mother assured me the pool house they had converted into an on-site living quarters was more than sufficient for everyone. To my surprise, rent was included in my mother’s pay, but I decided that once I settled in, I would find a part time job at the very least to help pay for groceries and any bills they might have. It was only right.

“Don’t drive the whole sixteen hours straight- take breaks, Esperanza”

I rolled my eyes and smiled. Always the worrier.

“Yes Mama, I will take breaks to eat and if I need to nap.”

“Okay just don’t rush to get here, take your time.” She insisted. She told me she loved me and to be mindful of jerks on the highway before hanging up.