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No Good Doctor

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Nicole Snow

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Dashing. Jacked. Bad tempered. My new boss, everybody.
Now what’s the cure for smitten?

Pinch me. I can’t believe I’m working under him.
Dr. Gray Caldwell. Hottest, swooniest, stormiest bachelor ever.
Insanely tall. Unfair perfection. Intimidating abs and X-ray glares.
Doc puts the animal back in veterinarian.

My dream job should be all puppies and kittens.
Turns out, my new boss hates three things:
1. Small town drama. Baby, we’ve got tons.
2. Pets in distress – and he’s their hero every time.
3. Anybody poking around his past. Like me. Oh, crud.

But how could I resist the best mystery in Heart’s Edge?
I wish I had. Unraveling Gray is a dangerous game.
One wrong move could end our little town.
Plus this gorgeous, complicated grump plays for keeps.

I barely recognize the man he becomes vowing to protect me.
A beastly shield who sets every rule on fire.
Then one stolen, five alarm kiss sends my whole world spinning.
Hello, trouble. Farewell, sanity.
What if it’s not the good doctor who claims me – but the bad one?

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – two hearts on the line and a whole town’s fate. A badass vet slays his demons, saves pets, and makes the firefly he swore he’d never chase his. Full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After worth the purrs and wagging tails.

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Nicole Snow Books


Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Ember)

I’m really confused right now.

It’s my first day on the job, and I’ve already seen three animals that aren’t even sick at all.

I mean, I’m glad. I never want to see animals in pain; it’s part of the reason I became a vet tech.

But this doesn’t make sense.

None of these critters have come in for a routine checkup, new vaccinations, or any of the usual reasons you bring a healthy pet in.

Every last one of their owners is so worried about Mr. Lucky’s gout or Purrbles’ upset stomach or any number of other ailments. And every time, it turns out to be nothing, a figment of their imagination.

Basically, I’ve got a waiting room full of women with fat, happy cats, dogs, birds, even one lizard, every last one of them in perfect health.

Every last one of their owners hoping to be seen by someone other than me.

And the woman waiting right now for me to finish checking her St. Bernard for a nonexistent splinter in his paw looks extremely disappointed that I’m not the good doctor she came for. I’d say Arielle Christianson is one annoying client, but she’s kept it tame compared to a few who came through earlier.

She’s only asked me three times when he’ll be in, after all.

Dr. Caldwell.

“Doc” to everyone in Heart’s Edge. I don’t think anyone knows his first name, and I doubt he’d tell me if I asked. He’s the strangest man I’ve ever met, for all two seconds I’ve spent talking to him.

Did I say this doesn’t make sense?

Maybe it’s more that I just don’t get it.

I don’t get stuffing your pet into a carrier and ferrying them across town just for a slim chance you might get to flirt with the hottest vet ever.

But half the town’s female population is here trying to catch a glimpse of him.

God. It’s like being on a season of The Bachelor, only I’m not in the running.

I’m a camera tech or something, watching with a kind of confused fascination as they try to win the attention of Heart’s Edge’s most eligible bachelor.

And I try not to be too obvious now, watching as the door to the exam room opens, and Doc comes striding in.

He’s tall. No-nonsense. Honestly, kind of intimidating.

He’s got this almost militant stride, and shoulders that could pop out the seams of his lab coat. When he moves, the air goes electric, and it’s like half the freaking universe grinds to a stop waiting for his every word.

The woman waiting next to the table, tapping her foot impatiently and surveying her nails, perks immediately, straightening up, arching her spine in a way that makes her chest and butt thrust out in opposite directions. She smiles with her eyes so seductively half-lidded and her lips just a little bit pursed I want to roll my eyes right out of my head.

Before Doc even gets a chance to say anything, Arielle pushes herself forward, laying a hand on his arm and pouting up at him. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re here, Dr. Caldwell. She—” a little pronoun spoken like a dirty curse, “—said there’s nothing wrong with my Jake, and I just know I saw him limping this morning.”

Doc glances toward me, his green eyes cutting and sharp. Whatever else about him makes pulses race around this man, there’s no denying the power of those eyes.

They’re as clear as sea glass. Just as reflective and strange, like he’s washed up on shore here in Heart’s Edge filled with all the secrets of the deep.

I immediately look away, focusing on the St. Bernard, trying to pretend I just somehow never heard the conversation going on right over my short little head.

“You’re fine, aren’t you, Jake?” I murmur to the dog. He lolls his tongue happily when I scratch behind his ruff, working my way up to the sweet spot behind his ears. “You’re just getting a little old and probably had a bit of vertigo this morning.”

Doc remains silent for a moment but maneuvers smoothly out of the woman’s grasp, making it so elegant it doesn’t even seem like an insult. “Ms. Delwen, your assessment?”

Suddenly all eyes are on me, and my stomach drops out. I bite my lip, keeping my gaze on the dog. “Well…you noticed him limping when he stood up, right?”

Arielle sniffs, lifting her nose in the air. “Yeah, but what does that have to do with it?”

I smile. Just because she wants to be rude doesn’t mean I have to be rude back – and I can’t be, anyway. This is my job, and the customer is always right.

Plus, I want to make a good impression on my first day, even if I haven’t had a chance to do more than run interference for The Bachelor so far.

Although to me, Jake here – with his soft, clean-smelling fur and lovely lopsided doggy grin – is more my customer than his owner.