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Oh, Holy Knight (Wicked Knights)

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Amelia Hutchins

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Erie isn’t having a great week. Her time of freedom is up, and the Templar Knight who comes to claim her is an overgrown, broody, alpha a-hole who kisses like sin, and is determined to have her. What’s a girl to do other than teach him that she cannot be owned by him or his kind?

Callaghan will stop at nothing to save his race. Bound by the Templar Code, he has stood as protector of humanity; a witness to the countless wars that forged the world. Too much depends on his ability to catch one female, and create a life before time runs out. If the hour glass finishes before he succeeds, both races will fall to the curse placed on them by ancient witches have been awakened from the eternal slumber.

With two races hanging in the balance, he’s going to have to get creative to trap the little she-wolf who seems to be as elusive and untamed as her name claims her to be.

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Wicked Knights Series by Amelia Hutchins

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Chapter 1

I watched the Fae inside the club, dancing and celebrating the coming holiday like they didn’t have a worry in the world, when they should. Mages were thicker now than ever before. Not even the druids ignored the threat. Not with the walls of every world failing and allowing monsters to slither into ours.

I palmed my weapons and turned away from the club, lifting the hood of the jacket I wore and pulling it tightly around my head to protect me from the biting cold air that nipped at my flesh.

“They’re preoccupied,” I informed the Paladin watching my slow approach.

“For how long?” he questioned.

“If you like, I could ask them?” I snorted as I stopped mere feet from where he stood in pristine armor that glinted in the moon’s gaze.

“I am your superior, Erie,” he snapped coldly.

“So you are; still doesn’t change that I cannot foresee when they will finish for the night, Arthur,” I grumbled.

“And the Guild; is it empty?”

“I am not a seer,” I chided softly so as to not upset his superiority complex. “I cannot tell you it is if I am not inside it, now can I? If you’re afraid, I can go with you.”

“Drop the tone, druid,” he ordered as he crossed his arms and stared down his nose at me.

I knew what he was after, but I also knew it was no longer hidden within the Guild anymore. When the Guild fell, we’d taken it. They wanted what was ours, and even worse, they wanted to use us to obtain it. As if druids were no more than the creatures who bowed at the feet of the ancient Knight Order.

I crossed my arms over my chest to ward off the chill; little puffs of steam and smoke expelled from my lips as I stood in the garbage-strewn street waiting for him to decide if I had to go play fetch.

“I will retrieve it myself; you’re dismissed,” he said as he slid his faceguard into place and slowly slithered back to the shadows from which he’d come.

I exhaled the breath I’d held as his power reached out to touch against mine in a show of force and strength. A warning of who was stronger.

As much as they hated us, they needed us. We helped them keep the balance. There was also the little issue they had with a curse placed upon them for meddling where they shouldn’t have. They couldn’t procreate without female druids. The problem with that? I was the only female druid ever born. And I loathed them with a capital L.

Dropping my arms, I turned and found Callaghan watching me from the shadows. Another Knight? What the hell had I done to piss off the Gods? I bared my teeth as the male approached me, his gait surefooted and cocky as he moved towards me.

“Erie, as beautiful as ever,” he murmured. His tone was as cocky as his stride. “Arthur needing assistance, or do you get off on sending men to their untimely demise?”

“The Fae would not dare,” I replied coldly. “Play with him, yes. Kill him? No. They have enough war to deal with. I don’t think they’d ignite your wrath as well. You’re all so over dramatic as is. The entire world knows it.”

“You are a mere druid, Erie. Born of the magic of the cauldron of drahgar to serve us and this world,” he said silkily.

“I serve no man,” I grinned impishly letting him see the whites of my teeth.

Callaghan was unlike the other Paladins he served with, but his pride was a bane not even he could ignore. His bloodline was pure; his heart, on the other hand, was a lost cause. He had it stolen long ago in another time by someone who had wanted to break it. Now, now he worked with the Fae King and Queen to serve the Order’s needs.

His ocean blue eyes slowly trailed over the skintight suit I wore with a look I couldn’t name. Lust? His silver-blond hair glinted beneath the full moon as he slowly perused my body without care. My eyes rolled once, and then unbidden, they roved over the unique tattoos that covered his neck and slipped below the tight t-shirt he wore. My gaze dropped to linger at the amulet he wore that amassed power, pulling a constant flow to him for use.

“Like what you see, Erie?”

“You are rather pretty,” I admitted. “What do you want?” I asked, tearing my gaze from his to stare at my chipped nail polish.

“You are aware of the prophecy in which you were created for.” He stepped closer, invading my personal space. “Your time is near. You will be mine whether you like it or not. It’s time we do our parts to protect our people.” He continued talking as he backed me up until I was pressed against a brick wall. “Them or me, Erie,” he growled huskily. “If you’re mine, they’ll never dare to touch you. I will lead them one day; they respect me. You’re running out of time, and they are running out of patience. Do you know what Arthur seeks tonight?”