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Omega’s Claim

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Sky Winters

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As an omega, you must be obedient to your alpha.
But I won’t let him claim these babies as his own.

I won’t let Bryce be a father to my unborn cubs.
….No matter what.
He’s an abusive alpha, and a danger to our clan.

But now that I’m pregnant, he’s hunting for me.
And I have nowhere to hide—except with the wolves.
Mingling between wolves and bears is forbidden.
How could he ever find me here?

18+ only. Full length standalone romance with an HEA ending!

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Juniper Barnes ducked behind the far side of the bed as the crash sounded through the house. She closed her eyes hard, trying both to ignore it and to attempt to figure out what Bryce had most recently smashed in a fit of rage.

Sounded like lots of things, she thought. And there was a boom, too. Did he…?

“Juniper!” called out Bryce, his voice booming. “Where the fuck are you?”

She thanked her lucky stars that their house was big enough for her to have plenty of places to hide from him, if only for a while. It wasn’t a perk of being the omega of a bear alpha that she’d had in mind when he’d claimed her, however.

Silence fell, and Juniper peeked up from behind the bed at the shut door of the bedroom. She hadn’t locked it, and knew that Bryce could burst in whenever he wanted. And hiding behind the bed was far from the best hiding place.

“Come on down here and clean this shit up!” he called out, his heavy boots thudding on the ground as he paced back and forth.

Juniper shook her head in disbelief as fear gripped her. She knew this part of the evening was coming, when Bryce realized the extent of his anger and demanded that Juniper clean up after him, as if by getting rid of the wreckage left in his wake he could pretend that nothing happened.

He was good at pretending. It was one of the many things Juniper had learned about Bryce since he’d claimed her – like his anger and his manipulation.

“For fuck’s sake, Juniper! Quit hiding and come out!”

Juniper knew she had a choice. She could continue to hide and risk whatever might happen once Bryce had found her, or she could come out and hope this wouldn’t be the night when he’d finally laid hands on her.

The thudding of the boots grew louder as he came up the stairs. She knew that she didn’t have much time to decide.

“Last chance!” he called out. “This house may be big, but you can’t hide forever!”

Juniper’s heart thudded in her chest. She clenched and unclenched her hands over and over as she tried to decide what to do. The boot steps grew louder and louder as he approached the bedroom.

No sense in hiding, she thought. He comes in here, he’s going to find me.

With one last full breath she shot up from behind the bed and hurried with quick steps over to the door. She put her hand on the brass doorknob, turned it, and pulled just in time to see Bryce standing there, ready to enter.

“There you are,” he said in his low, gruff voice, his eyes burning with quiet rage. “What the hell were you doing?”

Juniper looked up at Bryce, the bear alpha towering over her.

The man was an alpha, through-and-through. Standing at nearly six-and-a-half feet, Bryce was built as solid as the logging trucks that often drove through their Wyoming town. His head was shaved down to a tight, fire-red buzz, his eyes so dark that Juniper often couldn’t see the pupil, giving him the soulless stare of a shark.

He was dressed in his usual outfit of a denim jacket and dark jeans, his chest hair sprouting out from under the gold-chain covered neckline of his metal band T-shirt. His beard was thick and red, his jaw wide and sharp underneath it.

And the smell of him was like nothing else. It was rustic and intoxicating – all alpha. Juniper hated the effect it had on an omega like her, how it’d made her look past all of the warning signs of his temper when they’d first met. She knew only a scent like that could make her think it was a good idea to let herself be claimed by an alpha she’d only known for a month.

And now, one season later, she regretted her decision like nothing else.

“I was…just getting something out of the bedroom,” she said.

His dark eyes shot down to her hands, seeing that she wasn’t holding anything.

“Better not be your phone,” he growled. “You know I don’t like you texting without me knowing about it.”

“Not that,” she said, her heart still racing.

“Then what?” he asked, his voice a snarl. “Because I’ve been downstairs for the last twenty minutes trying to find you, and you want to tell me you’ve just been looking for something?”

Before Juniper could respond Bryce sniffed the air. She knew what this meant – he was trying to figure out if another bear had been in here.

“Bryce,” she said. “When are you going to believe I’m not cheating on you?”

“Hush up,” he said, his hand shooting up so quickly that Juniper couldn’t help but flinch.

He sniffed again, his expression only softening when he seemed convinced that there wasn’t some bear or wolf or whatever else hiding.