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One Bride for the Mountain Men

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Jess Bentley

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Five reclusive billionaire mountain men, and they all want me.
Little did I know the end was only the beginning with these men.
Each Boen billionaire is more gorgeous than the last.
Plus, they’re willing to share.

I quit my stupid job after I did everything for my boss.
Well, everything to get the story: bartend, Uber, even strip on stage.
Now I’m getting the real scoop about some reclusive billionaires, and I have an ‘in’:
One of them was my high school sweetheart.

Only thing is, the end they’re preparing for might finally be happening,
while things between us are just starting to heat up.
The eldest Boen brother is strong and ruthless,
While my high school sweetheart is twice as sweet.
The twins are impossibly hot.
And the last cares about every inch of me.
The story I’m chasing might be unbelievable but the things I can’t tell are much hotter.

Until it’s all over, and it the truth has to come out. Can our relationship stand the whole world knowing our every secret?

This is a steamy standalone 51000 word novel with a HEA, and no cheating!

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Chapter 1



At first I don’t even recognize her. She stands in front of my brother, Wilson, wide-eyed and frightened, turning her head to face each of us in turn. Her perfect chest heaves with each breath. Her fingers flex. She blinks over and over.

The room vibrates with tension. She’s not supposed to be here. But now that she is, we can’t just let her go. Maybe fate brought her here. Maybe something more dangerous. No one knows right now.

Wilson’s hands cage her upper arms like big, meaty shackles. He’s being gentle with her, at least for now.

My youngest brothers, Leif and Lane, mutter with their heads tipped together. I can see the smirk on Lane’s face, and Leif nodding excitedly. They’re negotiating something. It makes sense. If we really are in a global disaster event, women like this are going to become a valuable asset. More prized than our stores of gold, even. More rare than a working tractor.

A woman like this… Those hips, those plush thighs. Nipped waist and a heaving, ample rack. The perfect female specimen. Healthy, strong, and most importantly, she’s here with us.

Her eyes flicker toward me, and my breath temporarily stalls in my chest. We have a connection, one that springs instantly to life. Somehow she twists away from Wilson’s grip and lunges toward me.

“Corey!” she exclaims.

My arms open automatically for her. She crashes into me, trembling, her lips finding mine immediately. I pull her toward me as though I’ve been waiting to do this, as though I knew it was going to happen. Like gravity. Like magnets snapping together.

She tastes like every summer we ever spent together. Her lips are sweet and soft, tinged with fear and longing, but also that summery bliss I know so well. Instantly my mind plays a montage of memories, flipping rapidly through them like a carousel projector run amok. Her body collapses onto mine, forming itself to me, so familiar and so welcome.

When I finally allow her to separate, my heart is beating double time. I realize I’ve been holding her off the ground, and she weighs practically nothing. She blinks in disbelief over and over, with a grateful smile that dazzles me speechless.

“Bex?” I whisper hoarsely. It’s all I can say. The only word that makes sense.

“You know each other?” Wilson barks from across the room.

I look around, startled to see that all of my brothers are staring at me with a mixture of expressions that range from shocked to pissed to confused. I turn to Camber first.

“Camber, it’s Rebecca.”

His eyebrows go up and his mouth falls open as he looks her up and down. Sensing an opportunity, I pivot to the side so I can do the same thing. Holy shit, has she changed. The first signs were there when we were fourteen, that summer where we became more than partners in adolescent crime, where we became… Well. Crazy horny teenagers, if I recall correctly. That summer, there were the signs that she was some kind of beauty. I know I was completely obsessed.

But I never thought she was going to look like this.

Her hair is shiny and bouncy, curling gently over her shoulders from the high ponytail that gathers it at the top of her head. Tendrils of sweat-dampened hairs stick to her forehead. Her finely arched brows are elevated slightly as she searches my face. I can tell that she is thinking the same thing that I am—how are we so different, yet so much the same?

My right hand is still on her waist, that tense narrowing before the generous explosion of her ample hips. I feel like I can leave my hand here forever.

“Holy shit, Rebecca,” Camber says, in awe. “You look… different.”

Leif and Lane glance curiously at Wilson, who is standing there like the Hulk, arms out from his sides, heels planted, ready for action.

“It’s Rebecca, Wilson,” I add cautiously, hoping to catch his eye and let him relax a little bit. He looks like he’s going to charge at her.

“She’s not supposed to be here,” he growls in response.

“Well, heh heh, let’s be reasonable,” Lane chuckles, holding his arm out toward her and tracing a line in the air up and down as if to say, this is quite a fine piece of equipment here, sir, don’t you think?

Wilson glares at him. Lane’s twin, Leif, shrugs theatrically, helpless.

“Let’s at least show her some kind of manners,” Leif suggests reasonably.

Rebecca shrugs, confused, and looks up at me. As our eyes meet again, I feel that same connection. Just like ten years ago I want to be all over her. But now that I’m a man, I mean that in a much more literal way than I did when I was fourteen.

“Corey? Is that really you?”

“Sure is,” I hear myself say in a joking way.