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One Night Boyfriend (Be My Boyfriend #3)

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Victoria Snow

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Why, oh why did my new boss have to be the same person who claimed my V-card a few months ago!

Alright, we were drunk, a little tipsy and I had been waiting for the perfect moment.

My best friend’s wedding seemed like that perfect moment,

Except that the guy that I hooked up with that night,

Turned out to be my best friend’s brother!

I can’t seem to get him out of my head,

Or my heart.

Okay, now I’m thinking that like all disasters this too shall pass.

Until, I meet my new boss – my one night boyfriend!

His impeccable mannerism draws me in – one more time.

The temptation to touch him is just too great,

And I can’t resist.

We had agreed that we would never meet again,

But fate has us face to face,

And all I care about now is bending over his desk and screaming his name.

Will I ever be able to convince my one night boyfriend to become my forever?

One Night Boyfriend is a steamy standalone forbidden boss romance, and part of the Be My Boyfriend series. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone. Just like all Victoria Snow books, this one also promises no cheating and guarantees a very satisfying happily ever after. Grab your favorite hot or cold beverage and get ready for the perfect romance to kick start this holiday season.

xoxo, Vicky

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Sasha – Tuesday

Powerful electric lust was pulsating through every inch of my curvy body as I bucked and gasped against my boss’s desk. The hard wood bit into my thighs but I barely noticed as Andy stood behind me, running his hands all over my body. My skirt was hiked up to my waist and my blouse was unbuttoned, leaving my tits to bounce and quiver with every touch from my gorgeous, amazingly sexy boss.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Andy whispered in my ear, his hot breath tickling my earlobe as his hands moved to my front and began pinching and playing with my nipples. It felt so good that I let out a low moan, conscious not to give us away, and pushed my ass against his muscular body. As Andy slipped his fingers under my chin and tilted my head to the side for a passionate kiss, I felt his cock probing between the cheeks of my ass. I was already soaking wet and I moaned again, writhing and pushing my body closer to his, desperate for his cock to slide inside of my pussy and make me his, once again.

“Mmmn,” I purred as I arched my back and guided Andy’s hands down my body, over the curve of my belly and between my legs. He instinctively knew exactly where I wanted to be touched: my hard, throbbing clit and I whimpered and bit my lip as he brushed his thumb over my most sensitive surface. I practically saw stars as he slipped two fingers inside of me and began to rock his hand back and forth, still pushing me over the desk. I gave in to the pressure and leaned over, bracing myself with my elbows down against the hard surface. Spreading my legs even further, I wriggled and thrust my ass into the air like a cat in heat. I wanted him so much — the way he was teasing me was killing me! – that I would have done anything in that moment just to feel his perfect cock once again.

“You want me, baby?” Andy growled. He tangled a hand in my hair and leaned down, close to my face, before giving me another passionate kiss. His tongue danced with mine, leaving me breathless, and I groaned and shook as his fingers brushed my clit harder and harder. The insides of my thighs were slippery and soaking with my juices and I moaned as Andy’s cock slipped between them and began to thrust. He was so close to taking me, so close to fucking me that I whimpered with frustration and bucked my body against his.

“I want you,” I moaned hotly, screwing my eyes closed and moving my ass against his body in slow, sensual circles. Andy took his hand away from my clit and I yelped with frustrated lust as the delicious sensation stopped rocking through my body. He put both of his hands on the cheeks of my ass and squeezed them together slowly before moving them between my cheeks and over my throbbing pussy lips.

“Good girl,” Andy growled. He put his hands on my hips and neatly flipped me over, so that we were face to face. Leaning in, he kissed me deeply and nibbled sensually on my lips as his hands moved to my thighs and lifted me onto his desk. I sat with my legs spread, eagerly waiting for him. Just the sight of his naked body was enough to make me go weak in the knees. His cock was throbbing and veiny and so beautiful that if I hadn’t needed him to fuck me so badly, I’d be dropping to my knees and sucking him dry. Andy moved closer, his cock bobbing up and down with every step. He put his hands to my tits and played with my nipples as I spread my legs further and leaned back on the desk with my thighs wide open, waiting for him. I braced my heels against the hard surface with my knees in the air, inviting him in. His office was heavy with the scent of our mingled sweat and my pussy juice and I blushed deeply as I breathed in the delicious scent.

Andy’s hazel eyes were dark with lust as he stepped closer and braced himself with a hand against my hip. He held the shaft of his cock in his other hand and his gaze locked with mine as he plunged his cock deep inside my waiting pussy. As always, he filled me perfectly and completely and I moaned softly as he buried himself to the hilt in my cunt.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby,” Andy groaned. His eyes rolled back in his head with obvious pleasure as we began to rock back and forth, his cock fucking me deliciously with slow, powerful strokes that sent shockwaves of pleasure through my curves. I arched my back and gave in to the heavenly sensations, letting ecstasy roll through me as I bucked and thrust against him. Every amazing thrust of his body made my clit rub against his taut abdomen and I shuddered, moaning and crying out as pleasure filled every inch of my pale skin. It felt so good that I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and when Andy dipped his head to my breasts and began biting and sucking at my nipples, a frenzied orgasm broke over my head. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as our bodies writhed together and I felt Andy explode deep inside of me, his cock throbbing as he filled me with his seed. My orgasm crested over me in several sharp waves that left me holding my breath and shrieking with delight as Andy leaned down to kiss me gently. Andy had always made me come, but never like this – I could have sworn that I was seeing stars explode right before my very eyes.

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