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Playing With the Biker

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Sam Crescent

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Dale fucked up. He allowed himself to become scared, and in doing so, he nearly pushed away the only woman he could ever truly love. He has to try to fix their relationship.

Mandy wants Dale, but she doesn’t want him to own her. She’s not one of the women who sleeps around with the club, and she won’t be treated like it.

Dale’s need for Mandy is so great that he comes up with a plan. One of the sure ways to keep her in his life is to get her pregnant with his child…

When Mandy discovers the truth, she’s hurt, and she pushes him away. He now has to fix what he broke … again.

Mandy knows she loves Dale. She wants to be with him for life, but after this, can she trust him again? Can she do this alone? Does she want to do this alone, or can she find it in her heart to forgive him?

At first, it was fun to play with the biker, but now, she really can’t walk away because he owns her heart.

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Chapter One

Dale had never met anyone like Mandy. She worked for his dad, and was so fucking fiery that just being in her company for a few minutes was enough to have him hard as a freaking rock. She didn’t have a filter, and she called him on his shit. Not to mention she wasn’t some young hot ass intent on fucking the entire club. No, Mandy was a woman who demanded respect, and he’d nearly fucked it up with her, and now he was having to pay the price. He hadn’t fucked another woman, but she had caught him dancing with one.

He’d been an asshole to Mandy, yelling she had no right to think just because he’d fucked her pussy she had a right to him. Mandy laughed in his face and walked off. Since then, he couldn’t get a single conversation out of her. Not even a hello.

She slept with him, would fuck his brains out until he couldn’t think, but every single morning, she was gone, and she’d act like she hadn’t been riding his dick the night before. It drove him crazy.

There were no other women, and he couldn’t think of how to get Mandy to go back to being the one who laughed with him, hung out, and was this fun-loving woman.

“What are you doing here?” Doc, his father and president of the Nowhere Men MC, asked.

“I’m looking for Mandy. Where is she?”

“She’s gone shopping for the afternoon with Jo.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He dropped the flowers onto the desk. A couple of the petals fell off, and he growled, not interested one little bit.

“Is that a problem? Was Mandy supposed to be meeting you or something?”

He glared at his father. He hadn’t asked Doc for any help in years, not since his first girlfriend gave him the cold shoulder in kindergarten. This was one of the many reasons why he tried to avoid having anything to do with women. They were a mystery he rarely wanted to involve himself with. He was happy being kept in the dark.

There were plenty of club sluts willing to ride him and suck him off; only none of them appealed to him now.

It was like Mandy had fucked the blindfold right off his face. Now when he saw one of the club women, he couldn’t help but wonder who’d she’d been with minutes or hours before.

“Don’t worry about it. We weren’t supposed to be doing anything. It’s fine.”

“You don’t look okay.”

“How do you do it?”

“How do I do what?”

“Keep up with Jo? I know she’s nothing like Mandy, but I can’t seem to get a grip on that woman!” He left the flowers, heading toward the door.

“This thing with Mandy, it serious?”

“Of course it freaking is, why?”

“Does Mandy know you’re serious?” Doc asked.

Dale gritted his teeth. “No. I keep trying to peg her down, but she’s always doing something. Unless she wants me to scratch an itch, she has no use for me.”

“Do you want her to have a use for you?”

“What are you trying to get at?”

“The flowers. I believe yesterday it was chocolates. The day before, it was a bracelet. She sent it back, in case you were wondering.”

Dale cursed.

“Son, you need to talk with me.” Doc sat down.

“Who is she shopping with again?”

“Seriously, you’re stalling. Jo, who else would she be with?”

“I don’t know. Another guy.”

Doc laughed. “She’s a free spirit, but I don’t think she crosses the line of best friends shopping. You never come between a woman and spending money.”

“I fucked up with her, Dad. I was dancing with Casey, and she was there, watching. It was just some harmless dancing. I had no intention of fucking the woman. I hated the way Mandy looked at me, all betrayed and shit. I told her she had to get her shit together, no one was going to hold me down.”

Doc winced. “Oh, dear.”

“Yeah, since then unless we’re fucking, she has nothing else to do with me.” He ran a hand down his face. “What do I do to make her care? To make her want me? I don’t know what else to do.”

“And all you’ve done is send gifts, and given her sex whenever she wanted it?”


“I thought I raised an intelligent boy.”


“Look, I can’t tell you how to win Mandy. I’m not the one who wants her. Now if you were to ask with Jo, I’d know, and no, I’m not going to tell you. This is for you to work out. Think about Mandy. What do you know about her?”

Dale frowned. He wasn’t about to tell his father how she liked her hair being brushed, or him washing her in the bath. She even loved it when he read to her, or sang.

“You have an idea, and I don’t need to know. Believe me. You’ve got to think of one of the things you know about her, what will make her take notice of you. What will make her stop treating you coldly,” Doc said.