Point Blank (Lawmen Deadly Intent #4) Read Online Cheyenne McCray

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A free spirit with a zest for life, Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona. She has family, friends, and owns a popular small art gallery. She does a little traveling to tradeshows around the country, where her merchandise sells like crazy. Things couldn’t get any better.

Special Agent Brooks Allen is pissed as hell when he learns that one of his friend’s in-laws is suspected of trafficking drugs. Big time. She’s been selling merchandise that is filled with illegal narcotics. Her prints are everywhere and suspected drug dealers are snatching up her merchandise. Brooks has been assigned to follow her to Colorado and get close to her any way he can.
Natasha runs into Brooks when she’s in Denver for a tradeshow and spends time with him. She enjoys the company of the man who works with her cousin’s husband, and damn, but he’s hot.
At the tradeshow, Natasha discovers by accident that the merchandise she’s been selling contain cocaine. When she makes the discover, not only is her life threatened, but every member of her family is in danger.
Brooks is certain Natasha is innocent, then discovers the tangled web she’s caught in. He’s determined to make things right. Along the way he loses his heart to Natasha—now he just needs to make sure he doesn’t lose her permanently.



If Natasha Simpson was guilty of smuggling cocaine, Brooks would nail her to the wall. So far, things were not looking good for Christie’s cousin.

Natasha had been selling large quantities of western statuettes at tradeshows across the country. The statuettes matched a pair that ICE agents found stuffed with cocaine, and Natasha’s fingerprints were the only prints on the coke-filled resin art pieces.

A special agent with DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Brooks Allen found himself in a position he would never have imagined. It was his job to assist ICE in taking down a friend’s closest family member.

He clenched his teeth, his body tense, as he held back words that didn’t come close to expressing how he felt at that moment.

Brooks pushed up the brim of his Stetson as he tore his gaze from the iPad displaying Natasha’s electronic file and met his Resident Agent in Charge’s intense dark eyes. “Natasha’s prints were in the database?”

Sofia Aguilar, the RAC of the Department of Homeland Securities’ ICE office in Douglas, gave a single nod. “She worked as a dispatcher for her local police department for a few years in Indiana, before she inherited a chunk of money and bought a craft store.”

Brooks Allen’s jaw tightened as his gaze returned to the tablet with the file his RAC had transferred to his device. He swiped the screen, briefly scanning a few documents. He paused to study a surveillance photo of Natasha with a suspected drug supplier, Mark Okle, who was believed to work for the Jimenez Cartel based in Mexico. Okle allegedly trafficked cocaine and marijuana across the U.S., under the guise of a legitimate art dealership in southeastern Arizona.

They had countless surveillance photos and video of Okle dealing with individuals who were known associates of the Jimenez Cartel.

And then there was Natasha.

The one time Brooks had met Natasha was when he was best man in Trace and Christie’s wedding almost ten months ago. Natasha had been a bridesmaid. Thanks to a car accident on the way to the reception at Bisbee’s Copper Queen Hotel, Natasha hadn’t made the event, so Brooks never had the chance to get to know her.

In the short time since she’d moved from Indiana to Arizona, he had yet to run into her. Considering Bisbee was fairly spread out, with a population of over five thousand, it wasn’t surprising. Still, he’d thought he might see her at Christie and Trace’s home, but it had never worked out that way.

He studied the surveillance photo, cataloguing details he wasn’t familiar with. She was a beautiful woman who had been described by her cousin as a free spirit with a mischievous side. Even though he had barely met Natasha, he remembered the sparkle in the brunette’s stunning blue eyes that were so like Christie’s. Hell, the women could have been twins if Natasha was a redhead like Christie.

He had felt an immediate attraction to Natasha when she’d walked up the aisle during the wedding, but that interest had gone nowhere thanks to her accident and subsequent return to Indiana.

How the hell did a woman like Natasha get involved in drug trafficking? He mentally shook his head. Sometimes the criminals who possessed the greatest air of innocence were the worst of them all.

“Is this going to be a problem for you?” Sofia’s voice drew his attention from the photo to his RAC. “Out of any agent in the office, you have the best opportunity to get close to Natasha.”