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Possessive Doctor’s Christmas

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Flora Ferrari

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I’ve only got one wish this Christmas…

My dad’s best friend, the hot doctor, underneath the mistletoe.

But will Santa bring me the one thing that’s on my list when his list has all the reasons why he shouldn’t…
One: He’s an older man and I’m a younger woman.
Two: He’s my dad’s best friend.
Three: Christmas is all about giving, not receiving.

Well, Santa…that’s why I’ve been saving a very special gift just for him, my very first time. I’ve been nice my entire life and now I’m ready to get naughty this Christmas with my dashing doctor, the only man I’ve ever wanted.

But who will be more surprised?

Me when I find out just how possessive this doctor can be, and the secret he’s been saving too?

Or my family when my dad’s best friend asks me to not only help put up lights on his Christmas tree, but tells me he wants me to be the light of life…forever?

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One week before Christmas

I hobble into the ER, my dad holding the door open with one hand and steadying me with his other.

I should be freezing in the sub-zero temperatures, but my skin burns red-hot.

I should be in pain from the fall I took when I slipped and fell on a piece of black ice while my family was singing Christmas carols to my grandparents outside their home, but I feel no pain at all.

Only excitement, and that scares me.

You’re not supposed to have these kinds of thoughts about the hunky doctor you’ve had a crush on for years…when he’s your dad’s best friend.

I hear the door close behind us as I slowly make my way into the entryway. Turning to my right I see him. How could I miss him?

He looks up from his clipboard, his entire body freezing, and by entire body I mean all six feet five inches and two hundred and thirty pounds of muscle.

It’s like his shoulders practically take up the width of half the hallway, before tapering down into a perfect V-shape right at his waist.

He’s got on his blue medical scrubs and even from here I can see his eyes widening just before they bulge as his Adam’s apple moves through his throat as he swallows hard, his eyes locked on mine just before his clipboard falls straight from his hands clanking onto the tiles of the sterile hospital floor which his feet seem to be stuck to.

“Madison. Mike,” he says with a panic in his voice as he takes off in a dead sprint, jumping right over his clipboard and darting down the hall towards us.

Seconds later I feel his hand on my arm, causing my back to straighten from my bent over position as a bolt of energy shoots right through me.

His fingers are thick, firm, and easily engulf my entire forearm.

He places a hand gently on my back, causing it to arch, as he leans in close, offering me his entire body like he’s a boulder to lean on.

He’s a rock all right. He’s been my dad’s for years. He’s not only my dad’s best friend, but also the only person he ever turns to for advice when he has to make a tough decision.

Now I’ve got a tough decision of my own. Continue hiding the crush I have on him which started when I turned eighteen and has only gotten more intense, more urgent, these last three years, or tell him how I really feel?

But how can I put him in that position with my dad, let alone be honest enough to admit all the positions I’ve dreamed of him putting me in?

I left town to study out of state hoping it would help me get my mind off of him.

It’s only made matters worse.

Burying myself in my schoolwork didn’t do the trick. Trying to involve myself in campus activities was a complete failure. Meeting people my own age turned out to be a huge disappointment.

How can you spend one second with boys more interested in who can do the longest keg stand and who has the most Tinder matches and Instagram followers, when you know exactly the one and only man in this entire world you want? He’s the only one I ever wanted, and still do.

Something has to give or I’m going to go even crazier than I already am.

“What happened? Where does it hurt?”

“I fell on the ice. My tailbone is throbbing and I think I’ve got a bruise.”

I watch as his eyebrows narrow and his lips purse as if he feels my pain right along with me. A good doctor sympathizes. A great doctor empathizes.

He feels my pain with me. I watch an anger take over his face like he wants to rip that pain right from my body right now and make it all better. Like he’s angry at the world for what happened to me.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to fix it. I’m going to make you better, I promise.”

I nod. Oh yes you are.

“Can you walk?”

“I can, but it’s painful.”

“Only in the tailbone area?” he asks.

I nod.

Without saying anything else or asking another question he scoops me up in his arms, the pain in my back immediately dissipating now that I’m not standing.

“Nurse!” he yells, the booming, matter of fact, deep timbre of his word echoing throughout the entire building, as the weight of my entire body rests across nothing more than his forearms.

I look up at his face. He’s not even straining. It’s like I’m light as a feather to him.

“Coming doctor!” she says as she literally slides down one hallway and into another before running towards us frantically.

“Get, my best friend Mike Moore a cup of coffee while I examine his daughter,” he says.

“Yes, doctor.”

“Thank you, Nancy,” he says.

“Don’t worry, Mike. You’re in good hands, and I’m glad I was scheduled for tonight because you can rest assured your daughter is in good hands too. Mine.”