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Pure Bliss (Nights in Bliss, Colorado #6)

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Sophie Oak

Lexi Blake

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Re-released in a second edition with new content.

The town of Bliss, Colorado, offered Hope McLean a second chance at life, a gift she cherishes every day. Her past was dominated by dark secrets and regret, most of which centered on a man named Christian Grady. All of that was behind her now, years of horror distilled down into the occasional nightmare or a random feeling of being watched. Surrounded by new friends, she tried hard to leave the past where it belonged—in the rearview mirror.

Raised together, James Glen and Noah Bennett were the best of friends. They dreamed of growing up in Bliss, finding love, and settling down to share their lives on the Circle G ranch. James would manage the day-to-day operations of the ranch while Noah served the town as the resident veterinarian. Everything was perfectly planned out, until a woman came between them and their future shattered. Noah left Bliss for New York City and James was left to struggle to keep the Circle G alive on his own.

Noah returns to Bliss on a mission to rebuild his life. When he sees Hope, he knows his return home was meant to be. Hope’s kindness shines like a beacon calling him to her. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only man interested in Hope. James is also interested in the beautiful girl with a mysterious past. He can’t be forced to choose between the woman of his dreams and his best friend again.

As romance begins to bloom, a dark specter from Hope’s past returns to claim her. To save Hope, and themselves, James and Noah will have to rebuild the relationship they lost and fight for their future with Hope together.

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Nights in Bliss Colorado Series by Sophie Oak

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Five years before

James looked at his brother, his heart in his throat. They didn’t share a drop of blood, but they’d shared every damn thing else since the day Noah’s father and James’s father had decided to marry the same woman. For almost seventeen years, it had been him and Noah and the odd family their parents had created.

How could Noah walk away when James needed him most? How could he not understand how much trouble they were all going to be in soon?

“You promised to come back here and start a practice.” James had said the words about three hundred times since his brother announced he was leaving Bliss at his father’s funeral the day before. James was down a dad. How the hell was he supposed to get through this? Brian Bennett’s grave was in the small private cemetery on Glen land. Their mom died the year before, and he didn’t give his own biological father more than a year or so. Fred Glen already looked lost without the two people he’d spent his life with. He wouldn’t eat. He barely slept. His dad was going to fade away.

And then he would be utterly alone with a huge herd. He was going to have to keep the ranch going all on his own. So many people depending on him. So much history riding on his dumbass shoulders. He wasn’t ready for it. He needed his brother.

Noah frowned, but he didn’t stop shoving clothes into his suitcase. “I can’t, Jamie. You know how bad I feel about this. I can’t let Ally go all the way to New York without me. You know I’ll do anything else I can to help out.”

Ally. Ally was the reason his whole world was falling apart. And he had no one to blame but himself. He’d been the one to bring Ally into their lives. She was a gorgeous raven-haired beauty with a banging bod and an open mind. He’d thought she was the perfect woman to share with Noah. Seemingly fun loving, and with a healthy enough sex drive to keep up with two men, Ally was a good-time girl.

Except she’d decided to play some nasty games with them. And Noah had bought it hook, line, and sinker.

“You know she hit on Rye Harper two days ago. Callie saw it happen.” James believed Callie Shepherd. Callie had never lied to him, had no reason to. Rye had turned Ally down, but it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they couldn’t trust her.

Noah’s eyes narrowed. “That’s a lie. The way I heard it, Rye hit on her. I should never have let her go into that bar alone.”

“She didn’t even tell you she was going.” Ally didn’t tell Noah much. And Noah was being disturbingly stubborn. Noah was the smartest man James knew, but he was being damn dumb when it came to Ally. How could he not see that Ally had gotten serious about him once she realized Noah had recently come into a ten-million-dollar trust fund?

“It doesn’t matter. I should have protected her. She can be very naïve.”

James felt his fists clench. Noah was the naïve one.

It had been six months since James had brought that gold digger into their lives, and Noah still couldn’t see what was right in front of his face. For months, James had been forced to watch his brother fall under this woman’s spell, and he was utterly helpless to stop it. He hadn’t joined them in bed in the last three months, not since he’d caught Ally making out with a biker at Hell on Wheels. He’d overheard her telling the biker all about how she’d found two rich boys to fleece. He’d told Noah. They hadn’t spoken for weeks. “Can’t you see what she’s doing? Why the hell won’t you believe me? I heard her. She’s using us for money.”

Noah’s face flushed. He was only a year younger, but he’d been so smart he’d managed to graduate in the same class as James. Noah had a brilliant mind, but a wickedly stubborn heart. “You’re mad because for once a woman loves me more than you.”

And that was the goddamn heart of the matter. Ally was smart. She’d seen the weak spot in their relationship, and like the cancer she was, she’d zeroed in and started a festering sore between them. “Noah, I don’t care about her. I never really did. She was fun, but that was all she ever was to me.”

Noah’s face went red, his shoulders squared. “Yeah, I get that. You just wanted to fuck her.”

“Don’t you talk to me like that. How many women have we gotten between us? Hell, Noah, I can count on one damn hand how many times I’ve slept with a woman without you. Why won’t you believe me?”