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RAFES Her Fated Wolf

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Theodora Taylor

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Protect my country. Marry the most elegant and sophisticated she-wolf my team could find. Control my beast, so that no one ever finds out what’s underneath my cold exterior. Remain the most powerful wolf in North America. I had it all planned out.

Then she showed up.

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Part One

Big mistake…Possibly the biggest one she’d ever made



The late 80s, Detroit

There was nothing…read her lips…nothing in the world Wilma Greenwolf regretted more than her decision to eat a huge lunch before coming here to try out for All-American Wrestling.

Yeah, it had made sense at the time. It was a full moon night, and she’d had no idea how long the tryouts line for All-American wrestling would be. Possibly a little long, but also maybe really short. Professional wrestling used to be huge in Detroit back in the 50s and the 60s, but times had changed for real. Now, the city had gone from mostly white folks driving Cadillacs to mostly black folks driving whatever they could afford. And most of Detroit’s other pro wrestling promotions, like Big Time and All-Star Championship Wrestling, had shut down.

So when Wilma decided on that big ass lunch, for all she had known, she’d be the only female in all of Detroit who’d be trying out for one of Detroit’s few remaining wrestling promotions today. Truth be told, she could still barely believe she’d decided to try out after seeing that neon yellow flyer stapled to a power pole the last time she was in Detroit proper getting her perm touched up.

But she was determined to do this. Ever since she’d turned twenty a few months ago, she’d been getting hit with the same thought—life as she knew it was about to be over now that she’d reached heat age. And if she wanted to take any chances, make any of her own choices, she had to do it now, because once her father found a legitimate prince to take his otherwise useless daughter off his hands, there wouldn’t be a later when it came to deciding what was next for her own life.

However, the tryouts were taking place at a community rec center in Lincoln Heights, some random part of south Detroit that Wilma had never been to before. And no matter how fired up she was to live her life while the living was good, she couldn’t just ignore the fact that the one chance to make her secret dream come true was scheduled on the same day as this month’s full moon. After a whole lot of squinting at a map she’d bought at Triple A, and a few weird phone calls to Michigan’s Park and Recs Services, she’d managed to identify a recently closed summer camp in Dearborn just a few miles away from the rec center. She’d be able to shift there if she didn’t have time to drive all the way back to her pack’s kingdom house in Hidden Hills before moonrise.

But shifting was no joke. Wilma often woke up starving the morning after even when she’d eaten a huge dinner. She didn’t want to be stuck in Dearborn on a totally empty stomach. So on the drive south, she’d decided to make an hour detour into downtown Detroit to scarf down five chili dogs—from Lafayette Coney Island of course. American Coney could suck a dick. Wilma was a Lafayette gangsta FO LIFE!

Big mistake, though. Possibly the biggest one she’d ever made.

Wilma had been feeling like she might barf ever since pulling up to the Lincoln Heights Community Center. And seeing that the line for tryouts already wrapped all the way around the sprawling beige brick building didn’t help her nerves either. Shit, shit, shit, she’d cursed. Because apparently, she wasn’t the only 70s kid whose eyes had lit up when All-American announced they wanted girl wrestlers.

It had taken nearly four hours to reach the front of the line, which might not have felt so bad if she was like any of the other girls in line: nimble gymnasts, tall blonde and light-skinned models, or hulking dark ethnic girls waiting for their chance to try out.

Her being here felt all kinds of stupid now.

Standing five foot nine in wrestling boots with ebony skin, she wasn’t tall, skinny or light-skinned enough to model anything in a Spiegel catalog. But she also wasn’t short enough to compete in any gymnastics competitions, or huge enough to convincingly play a villain, like Matilda the Hun from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling–the new show that just started airing on Channel 50.

If she was real with herself, she only had two true strengths when it came to pro wrestling. The first thing was her over-the-top passion for the sport. She and her older brothers, Wilford and Wilton, had continued watching the Big Time Wrestling matches on Channel 7, no matter how far they pushed airings into the wee hours of the morning, all the way up until the promotion shut down. And even after Wilton and Wilford had started spending their weekend nights with the other males in their pack, Wilma had continued memorizing wrestler stats and fervently following every feud.