Ready for You (Falls Security #2) Read Online R.K. Thomas

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Lily Reynolds has intrigued me since the first moment I saw her, covered in flour, making cupcakes in my sister’s kitchen.
Now she’s opening her bakery in my building, right next door to my office and my intrigue has turned to obsession. I’ve never wanted a woman this much, but is she ready for everything I want to give her? Is she ready to take on a single dad?

Little Falls became my home after years of running. My dream of owning my own bakery has finally become a reality and it feels like I’m settled after all this time. If only I could have prepared myself for Grayson James. His gorgeous blue eyes drew me in immediately and his adorable daughter has stolen my heart. I find myself wanting to be a part of their little family, I want to have it all.
But I’m not as safe as I thought…
One man has never forgotten about me and thinks that I belong to him. Will I be able to live out my dreams with the people I love or will I have to give it all up to protect them?




It had to be tonight.

I stuffed my meager possessions into my old backpack with one hand and pushed my scratched glasses up my nose with the other. There was a hole in the side of the bag and one of the straps no longer stayed tightened, but it was all I had. Moving quickly to the dresser in my bedroom, I shifted the heavy piece of furniture as quietly as I could and lifted the rotten floor board underneath. My fingers brushed glossy cardboard and I pulled out the shoebox I’d hidden what felt like ages ago.

Quickly counting the money inside, I stuffed it into the backpack next to my clothes. It wasn’t much, but it would have to be enough. My hand trembled as I reached back into the box and pulled out the bus ticket that Kate had given me earlier. Staring at the piece of paper that held my freedom, I thought back to everything she’d told me.

“You get on the bus and you don’t look back,” she said, pressing the ticket into my sweaty palm. “The cameras will be off and there’s no record of which route you’re taking. Just get to the terminal in Dallas, Sarah will find you and give you the next ticket. I won’t know where you’re going from there and she won’t know the stop after that one. It’s the way it has to be.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I hugged my friend tightly, “How will I ever be able to thank you? You’re saving my life, Kate.”

“Not yet, Lily. I’ve given you the means to get out of here but it’s up to you to save yourself. You run and you keep running. Don’t stop, don’t look back, don’t talk to anyone except your next contact. Just. Keep. Moving.” She gripped my shoulders and shook me slightly, her voice just on the edge of manic. She shed her own tears and we embraced for the last time.

I’d met Kate at the local women’s shelter, one especially bad night. Every night with my father was a misery but on this particular day I’d overheard his side of the phone conversation that would change my life.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be ready. Lily turns eighteen in a week and by then there ain’t a damn thing anyone will do for her unless I report her missin’.” He laughed loudly at something the other person said and the blood in my veins went ice cold. “She ain’t got no friends to report her neither. Trust me, no one will notice she’s even gone.”

Bile rose in my throat and my skin grew damp with sweat. I didn’t know exactly what my father did for a living but it was definitely not legal. There was no leaving to go to the office every morning and he had more cell phones than he should be able to afford. The one time I asked about his work, it got me a backhand to the cheek and I made sure to never make that mistake again. The men that he laughingly called his co-workers came in and out of our dilapidated trailer, looking at me eagerly, smiling, only to show off holes where teeth used to be. The fact that he wouldn’t let them touch me led me to believe that maybe he cared for me deep down. Oh, how wrong I’d been.

A creaking noise drifted from the hallway and I froze, holding my breath for fear that my racing heart would give away my attempt at escape. The toilet flushed in the only bathroom we had before his footsteps retreated back into his bedroom. He was still drunk, of that I was sure. I’d spent almost eighteen years with the man and he was drunk every single night of my life. Pretty soon, he’d be passed out on the bed and wouldn’t stir again for hours. Hopefully by then I’d be long gone and he’d never be able to find me again.